Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Thank you for joining us, we are thrilled to have you as a friend.
Each time we see that we have a new follower we call Mom.  And it's always the same, she says: "Girls, it's not you they enjoy, it's me".  And we come back with: "Oh Mom, it's us, you are so boring and don't have a "flare" for writing.  It's all about us".  Then we all giggle & hug each other.  We are VERY thankful to have all of you as friends.

We ALL welcome you and hope you enjoy our silliness.

Thank you for joining us.  We wish you a day filled with sunshine and happiness.
Prudence & Sissy
(Mom, especially)


  1. Don't feel too bad... one of the bears that lives at my house has convinced me to let him have his own blog entirely... doh!

  2. Hi Heather,

    They can be a handful, but you just "gotta love them".

    I can't wait to to read his Blog, please let me know when "he is posting" so the girls can before a follower. (o: I'm going to drop in on you now....


  3. Oh, Dot is quite the active poster for a little bear XD Here is a link to his blog :)


  4. Hi Dot,

    I'm Prudence and this is my sister, ^#?@<$%)$(K, (she is too little to type, heck - she can't even spell yet). Her name is Sissy.

    Mom signed us up as one of your "friends" and we asked her to include your Blog on our list. (o:

    Now we can write back & forth. And maybe we will hear from more bears out there who have started their own Blog. That would be FUN. "Bears take over Blogging", giggle. Mom calls us the "giggle sisters, we love to giggle.

    Have a fun day, and don't forget to ask for some honey (yum).

    Prudence & Sissy (giggle)


Thank you for writing, I love to receive mail and comments on my posts. Thank you for dropping by and have a most blessed day. Hugs, Prudence