Monday, July 26, 2010

~~ IT'S A GIRL ~~
I have very dear friends "across the pond" whom I have known for a year now.  We met through me buying a "z scale" train set from their e-bay store. (Their link"AllZanDone" is on my website @  on the "links" page.)
Last week I received in the mail adoption papers for Dinda who was born at Monkey World (UK) on June 7, 2006.

Bob & Jane adopted her in my name and now I am responsible for this little one.  Each year I will "renew" the adoption which keeps her very well cared for and safe, living her life at Monkey World.
Dinda in Indonesian means "Darling".  Her name certainly comes to life in that sweet face.
The day that Bob & Jane adopted her they took a picture to send to me. She was said to be misbehaving and a little naughty (gee, just like me) but it sure looked like she was having fun swinging on a limb.  (o:
Bob donated his entire monkey collection to Monkey World and it is on display for visitors to enjoy, and he is currently beginning a new collection for himself.
Prudence & Sissy are busy picking out a frame for Dinda's picture which means MY computer is ALL MINE for now.

Friends are a special blessing from God.
Love & hugs,
"The Mom"
From P&S - "huggies & kissies"


  1. so you've gone to the "monkeys" I always knew there was another side to you! ;-)

  2. Miss Tabitha,

    You are one of the "bad" girls. Just like us - "ain't" it fun? (o: Where do you think we get our silliness? AND we LOVE bananas. Giggle, giggle.

    Prudence & Sissy

  3. Not "bad" just giggling... I love monkeys! and Dinda is so cute. Can we bring her to Tally? Just kidding I know we cant but thanks for sharing pictures

  4. Giggles? We LOVE to giggle. Mom says that we should go to the UK & we could all work at the rescue. Now that would be fun. And they have all the bananas that we could eat. Yummy. (o: Teddy bear tummies RULE. Hahahaha



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