Monday, September 20, 2010

Ho-Hum, Another Monday
Hi, is anybody there?  Well the weekend certainly flew by, and we are waiting for the arrival of the "First Day Of Autumn", yippee.  We think everyone is looking forward to a change in the weather.

Not much to write about, Mom has managed to stay out of trouble and embarrassing situations (not to worry, it won't be long before she does something "brainy").  Not to worry....

We wanted to show you M's next little quilt - and this one is MINE, not for Sissy, Mom, or anybeary else.  It is all mine.................(o:

Heaps of Hugs
lovey dovey smooch kizzez
sissy xoxoxoxoxoxox

(Well, Sissy doesn't want me to "speak" for her, so this now is my very own Blog.  I could not be happier.) 
See ya.....


  1. Your minis are wonderful...what do we have to add to make them larger? lol
    blessings ms

  2. Very cool new quilt! Oh dear, is there a rebellion in the blogging ranks?



  3. Your mini quilts are perfect accessories for teddy bears.
    I have tried three times now to follow you, with no success so I will give it another go now.

  4. Love that you got Zeke & Zeebat on the quilt - so very cute. Can't wait to see the finished product.


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