Friday, September 17, 2010

 It's Funny Friday
hello...can anybody hear me?  its me sissy, P's little sister mom is letting me type on the puter all by meself i feel like a big girl bear  how do i make a smileyface, mom  (o:  thank you mom P is bein punished cause she was mean to me and mad me sit on the pumkin and said i couldn't get off  mom, i don't think i want to write more.

Oh boy, Mom is typing so now I can talk.  I'm little and don't know how to spell so please forgive me.  Anyway, Prudence was very disrespectful,  R E S P E C T
 oops, that's a song, giggle,
 to Mom and is being punished and can't use the puter.
I don't know how to tell funny stories.  Oh, Mom said Prudence can join in - goody.

Okay, I'm back.....just a little tiff with Mom, no big deal. You can leave now, Mom.  Actually I do have a funny story, yep - my favorite subject "make fun of Mom".  And this is a true story.

Mom's friend, Cynthia Howe, was giving an online class on a miniature project and she scheduled a chat session for a Saturday afternoon (our time).  During the week they had been talking about a computer cam, and us getting one so they could talk back & forth during the class and of course Dad surprised Mom with one.

Oh, you're saying this isn't funny.......WAIT.  Mom doesn't have a clue how it worked but clipped it on her laptop and was all set to go (NOT).  Cynthia came on early so she and Mom could talk for a few minutes.

I'm going to start laughing so hard I know I am going to cry.  So, there Mom sits, Cynthia is talking, waiting for Mom to answer and nothing, zip, this point Mom almost has the cam in her mouth, screaming into the computer.  Sniff - hahahahahahahahaha, I can't go on.......

Okay - I'm back, giggle, this goes on for about 10 minutes and Dad comes in wondering what the heck is going on.  He sees her, I thought he was going to trip over furniture trying to get away so he could bust out laughing. Sob.....sniff - I'm okay...
Mom gets up, walks into the family room and announces "I don't think that fool cam works".  Dah, "you mean you figured out how to hook it up to your computer?" Dad said.  Silence. Dead Silence.
Trying to save herself from total embarrassment Mom turns and says, "I'll go check the connections" (what connections, she didn't have a clue) so she comes over with the cam in her hand and the little box with the connector and instructions (nice save, huh?).  Very patiently Dad hooked it up and got her all settled in with the chat session.  To this day she doesn't have a clue that we know what happened.  Let's keep this "our little secret, okay?"

Heaps of Hugs
Prudence & Sissy
"no P, me wants ta sin mez onw name
love kizzses
sissy" (o:
Little Sister with her very own miniature quilt.


  1. Oh, little sister, your quilt ist just gorgeous. You're happy about it, I'm sure ;-) Tell mom she has done a good job!!!
    Hugs and happy and creative weekend!

  2. Sissy, you did a great job on the "puter". I can't believe you told that story on Mom about the video camera and connecting it. Thank goodness for Dad. I hope you girls have a wonderful and creative weekend, and Mom, too!

  3. Aww, Sissy you did very well, especially after your great trauma, and that quilt is lovely. Prudence, LT says that was mean to laugh at your mum like that, but we'd have laughed at her. She says she wouldn't have made that mistake as she has a degree in computer science, but we know LOTS of things she can't do tee hee hee

    Hugs and sticky, honey covered kisses

    M&M, Beech, Birch, Tupelo, Oakley, Maisey, Lilac and Lulu

  4. hi friends,ohhhh how cute that blanket over everything here ...big hugs

  5. Ohhh wee sister, your quilt is quite adorable and very it sew it smells nice too..
    blessing ms

  6. You are too cute, Sissy. :o)

    Love the story about the webcam, Prudence. (Hope you don't mind that Prudence told us about it, Joyce.) ;o)



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