Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Funny Friday

Well, here it is another Friday, with the holiday it was a short week.  Not that that matters in the teddy bear world.  But we understand that humans like short work weeks.  Okay, that's okay.

We have been keeping a LOW profile this week, after our little "drama" trying to make BBQ sauce.  Actually, Mom is still grinning when she talks to us about that.  We noticed that on her grocery shopping list there is peanut butter and honey.  TeeHee, guess we used all there was, or maybe we should see "we wore" all that there was.  We were a icky, sticky mess.  (o:

Mom finished her little quilt and we thought you would like to see...(oops, no it isn't done but here is a picture of "almost done)".  She still has to measure and sew the border, here it's just pinned.  You could say it's "a little rough around the edges", giggle.

We think it is wonderful for her very first attempt at quilting.  She has another one ready to sew, it's for fall.  We think it's pretty "cool"  that she is using pictures of her miniature  bears/animals for the center square.

And as always, we wish you a happy weekend, filled with Blessings & sunshine.
 "Icky & Sticky"  (Giggle)
(from Mom:  Now they are fighting about who is Icky & who is Sticky, good grief.)

WELCOME to our new friends, Fairy Light of Fadas de Luz.

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Prudence & Sissy
This is the center square for our fall quilt.  That is Mom's little bear, Zack, with his little bat friend, ZeeBat.  They just came back from the pumpkin patch with their perfect pumpkin.


  1. oh my , Mummy did wuite well for her first attempt...has she been bitten yet? You know by the QuiltingPox..?
    You be good while she tries to recover if that is the case, 'cause she may never be well again...blessings ms

  2. I love your back ground. I spent yesterday decorating for fall inside my home. I love all things fall.

    I can't wait to see your fall quilt.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Sweet hugs to you bears and Mom, too.

  3. Oh gosh, all of this is way too adorable!!!

  4. Thank you, and know that we love you.

    All of Us

  5. Making teddy bears wow. I love bears. Saw you on Cindys blog, and thought I would drop by, come see me sometime. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Oh Miss Kim thank you so much. We hope we will bring a smile to you with our silly stories. Yes, we will visit you.

    We love you....

    Prudence & Sissy
    (Mom too, of course)


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