Friday, February 18, 2011

It's Funny Friday


Boy, golly, gee, have I missed you guys.  So sorry about the "sad" Funny Friday postings.  I have told you several times that she has no talent or flair for writing.  Now do you believe me?  Huh?  BORING....

I finally got over Darth Vader - don't tell her, but when I go past him I spit at him.  Boy, does that make me feel empowered.  WOW!  Sissy follows behind and wipes him off, the spit build-up would give me away.  (o:

I have been behaving myself --- sorta......kinda, oh heck, you know me, I just can't not be "me".  Look who made me.  Ya know, nobody ever thinks about that. Who gave me my personality?  Hm? She did.

 See, it says "Mum" on the little Bear's shirt.

Center square for the March Mini Quilt. 

I thought I would show you the picture that "I" took for the March Miniature Quilt.  I made M change the ribbon colors and add a little "Irish" on her hat.  On March 17th my name will be "Prudence O'Clearwater".  (o:

See ya soon, but until then -HEAPS OF HUGS & HAPPY FRIDAY


  1. HI Prudence, it's great to have you back, but you've got to behave. Darth is there for good, and you'll just have to live with it.

    I think the mini quilt will be good. As for Paddy's day, you know you guys make more of it than we Irish do (even if I live in England). Enjoy it anyway.

    I have completely recovered from playing in the snow last weekend. You would have loved it too, but crampons may not be too good for a bear :-)



  2. Hello Mr. Alan,

    Thank you, and yes I missed all my friends. Darth - there is good in him? Ha. Not a chance. Just live with it? You said that to me? Psst - you're in BIG trouble. But I still love you. (o:

    Thank you for all the great snow photos, she linked them to the Grey Squirrel photo on my side bar.

    Hugs to you and "The Hug"

  3. I have missed you, too. Surely Prudence O'Clearwater will behave in time. How can Mom not adore you when you are wearing a T shirt that says Mom on it.

    Have a good weekend and hugs to you and Sissy and M.

  4. Listen, Prudence? I've been looking in my cache of bears..for a friend for you? But...none of them feel good enough to join in. NONE are handmade (that's VERY classy you know) so at this point in friend. Sorry. I thought of holding a little contest with just them and me and taking photo's and sending them to you so you could perhaps pick someone...but NO ONE would agree to here I am once again...joining in all alone. Just me. *sigh*
    I thought of my oldest bear but he is so tiny and so very old and well..WILL NOT take a bath. Says he is just FINE the way he is!
    So, that's that!
    Love and hugs,

  5. Oh Miss Mona, what am I going to do with you? Bears don't have to be handmade to be loved. Friends are just that "friends" and we are all different. Hey, look at Mom, talk about different. Whoa. Hahaha

    Happy hugs & heaps of weekend (hahahahahaha)

  6. Hi Miss Pam,

    Well, I think I am going to really just be a good teddy bear from now on...oh, I will make trouble and get into mischief but I don't want to go in "time out" again. She ruins my Blog.

    Heaps of Hugs

  7. Prudence you are always so full of mischief, I don't know what your mumma is going to do with you. I think if you were mine and continued to misbehave I would sit you in the corner!
    Maybe one day you will realise just how much your mumma loves you.
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Ess D'Ess Bears and Bearly Sane Studio

  8. Hi Miss Sandi,

    Wellllll, M has a mischief side and I think it just carried over when she sewed me up. (o:

    Put me in the corner - oh really!!!

    HELP, teddy bear abuse - that's what I would scream.


  9. Hey girls. LT is a little giddy at having a whole day off tomorrow. She's creating some new Clan members in time for the fair in 3 weeks time...

    Hope you have a great weekend

    Heaps of hugs and sticky, honey covered kisses

    The Clan

  10.'re not "home alone". Hope you have a bunch of fun this weekend. Make silly faces and make LT giggle.

    Heaps of Huggies with honey & peanut butter. (o:

    Prudence, Sissy & LuLu

  11. Love your stories!Always a treat to read!


  12. Hi Leny,

    Thank you. Have a glorious Sunday.

    Heaps of Hugs

  13. Hello dear friends, Thanks for always visiting us. I'm so happy that Prudence came back.
    The quilt will be very beautiful.
    We love you, hugs.

  14. Dearest Elves,

    Yes, I am back and being a very good teddy bear (sorta) giggle.

    Thank you for your sweet compliment, and we love you back.

    Heaps of Hugs

  15. I just came over to say "hi" and hope you're doing fine!!!

  16. Hi Cindy,

    Thank you for dropping by, we are all fine, and enjoying some milder weather.



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