Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

"One Nation under God...."

 May your day be filled with remembrance and thankfulness for those who have and who now defend our great Nation.  God Bless our Troops.

News from Camp Good seems that Prudence's friends over at
The Thistle Patch Clan
were quite upset with LT when they found out there was a summer camp for bears and that it lasted all summer.  So I sent LT the application and I believe that today The Clan are motoring their way to Camp Good Bear.
And... Abby over at Abby Blabby Bears Blog 
will be arriving sometime this week.  WOW, it's going to be quite a summer camp.
The timing is perfect, the girls are having a bit of "missing home" so I will travel up this week and surprise them with a visit.  What I am hoping is that when they see The Clan & Abby they will forget all about missing us.   More to come...


  1. Okay, so the 'ones that were left behind' (aka Bunch and LT's adoptees) have a question for Lulu and Flora, homework if you like.

    They would like to know why this date is memorial day for you guys. In the UK it's the Sunday nearest 11th November, which is the anniverasry of the end of WW1, and in Australia Anzac day is 25th April (and in NZ too) which is the anniversary of the first military action the ANZACs saw in WW1. So for our little British and Aussie bear pals, we want you to find out why it's this weekend in your new home...

  2. Hi LT, Clan, Jack & adoptee's;

    LuLu & Flora are way too little to know these things, and Flora is from Australia so she has to learn all about our history.

    I sent you a page about our Memorial Day.


    From LuLu & Flora,
    What's homework?

  3. Happy Memorial Day. Pray for our soldiers and may GOd keep them safe.

  4. Dear Pam,

    Happy Memorial Day to you & your family.

    Yes, they are in my prayers. GOD BLESS THEM, and keep them safe.



  5. I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day. Hugs to you and Ms Prudence and friends.

  6. Thank you, Kim. We did & I will send your hugs to Prudence & Sissy.



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