Friday, July 8, 2011

It's Funee Fryday.....(that's Funny Friday)
by LuLu & Baby Flora

Before the little girls begin posting I wanted to share this with you.  I won this beautiful necklace at Heike & Henry's Blog.  I am so excited and I will NOT be sharing it with Prudence.  Heike & Henry thank you so very much.

Here come the girls...
We're shy, but we really want to take over for Prudence.
Hi Everybeary,

We feel so bearportant, being able to take over for Prudence.  We did ask Mom to check our spelling, sometimes we make beary big goofs.....and she said, "of course, little ones", ya gotta love her....

Here goes....(we're nervous).
 "Flora, what do we write about?"
 "I dunno" (don't know).
 "Let's start by showing Mom's Tree House."
  "Okedokey." (Pretty sure that means okay)

"Oops, how do you work that picture thingy?"
"Thank you, Mom.  Look, Flora, it's our Blog!"

This is sooo cool &  fun.   Giggle.  I wanna type, I do....

"Ouch, stop it, Flora"
"Not  fair, Lulu, no biting!"
Here she comes, now STOP....Ma, can you help (quit it Flora) us with the picture of the Tree House?  Lulu, you spit at she comes.
The Tree House
Mom made the floor too.  She took wee bitty pieces of wood stripes and glued them on a sub-floor and then sanded & finished them with a satin matte finish.  So pretty.  She made the furniture too, from kits by BJ Miniatures-Quarter Scale Specialists .

 Mom said if we stopped fighting we could help her with her new mini box, "Grandmother's Wedding Gown", she is even putting vintage lace in the box.  So we decided that this is more fun.
Hoppy Weekend (Happy)
LuLu & Flora

"I want my name first"
"No, I'm older"
"So, I'm from Australia"
"So what?" 
The Welcome Corner

Welcome Jody

Tumbleweed Trails

Thank you Jody for joining us, we WELCOME you.  Jody has a wonderful Blog, filled with lovely photography and other interesting things.  Please drop by for a visit,  it's like walking through an art gallery.
Welcome Valerie

Hi Valerie, WELCOME to our little teddy bear family, we thank you for joining us.  We hope to make you giggle with our silly stories & adventures. 


  1. Dear Joyce,
    I don't know how you cope with those little bears sometimes. Please tell Flora that I am disappointed with her bickering and that I expect her to behave like a young lady, not like a ragamuffin.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your new mini box.

    Warmest hugs,

  2. Lulu & Flora ,you start to look like Prudence,don't fight all the time!But it was a funny story,you behave like my girls when they were very little....LOL.
    I love the tree-house!

    And Joyce congrats with winning that lovely necklace!!!

  3. Hi Sandi,

    Hopefully those two little ones will behave now that they are helping me with my mini boxes.


  4. Hi Leny,

    You made me laugh out loud about LuLu & Flora. They are beginning to act like Prudence.

    Thank you for your lovely compliments. Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend.


  5. LuLu & Baby Flora are very sweet blogger!! And it´s a very nice post with a funny and lovely story!
    And Congrats to your beautiful necklace, enjoy!
    lot´s of sunshine to you and all the bloggers in your home and a wonderful weekend

  6. Hi Lulu and Flora. You did a good job with the post. Maybe when Prudence gets back from camp she'll take turns with you two now that you have proven you can handle the task. Tell Mom I love the tree house. Have a nice weekend, and try to get along.

  7. Congratulations, Joyce, on winning the necklace--it's beautiful (you really deserve it!). And I LOVE your treehouse--well done!!


  8. Wow what a beautiful necklace you won! I wouldn't share it too if I were you...LOL.
    Great story about LuLu & Flora...oh they are becoming very naughty....ggg....great story though. My weekend starts well with when I see those pictures. Thx for your lovely stories!!

    Have a nice weekend. XOXO Thea

  9. Hi Miss Maddyrose,

    You live at the North Pole? And you know Santa? WOW!

    LuLu & Flora

  10. Hi Thea,

    Yes, they are a handful. Thank you for visiting, and have a wonderful weekend.


  11. Hi Cheryl,

    Thank you very much. Have a wonderful weekend.


  12. Hi Astrid,

    Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.


  13. Congratulation to your beautiful necklace. I like your tree-house ;O)
    Lulu and Flora make a god job;o))))
    Have a nice weekend.

    Greetings Andrea

  14. Congrats on the win, how exciting. Darling little treehouse too. Hope you have a happy weekend. Hugs, Kim

  15. Dear friends,
    We are so happy about your winning candy from Henry.
    Lulu and Flora fight constantly, they are like trolls, but they are lovely. We love those little ones.
    Kisses and blessings. Have a great weekend.

  16. Hi Andrea,

    Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend.


  17. Hi Kim,

    Thank you. And you have a wonderful weekend too.


  18. Dear duendes,

    Thank you. I am still laughing about LuLu and Flora being like trolls. (o:

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  19. love the dollhouse!! love that the bears are helping out with the next one!

  20. Always a pleasure to visit lulu & flora! Love your win,congrats. Hugs,Tee

  21. Hi Tee,

    Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend.


  22. Hi Carrie,

    Thank you and have a wonderful weekend. We'll see about "my helpers" and how much they help or make a mess. (o:


  23. So precious! It's always fun to visit the bear's blog...and we know they love each other and don't really argue and fight! heehee! ♥

  24. Hi Lavender Dreamer,

    Thank you. Yes, they love each other but I think writing through their eyes shows the "real" me. Wonder if that is good or bad? (o:

    Hugs & have a beautiful "lavender" weekend.

  25. Oh, you girls! I haven't been around much lately and I have missed your funny antics!

    Big hugs, Nicki and LT

  26. Hi Nicki & LT,

    So glad you dropped by for a visit. We have missed you.


  27. Hoffentlich haben sich Lulu und Flora bei ihrem Kampf nicht weh getan.
    Liebe Grüße
    Heike & Henry

  28. Hi Heike & Henry,

    Thank you for dropping in. No, LuLu and Flora didn't hurt each other. They just miss Prudence & Sissy and get grumpy.


  29. Now girls, play nicely or we'll have to take the keyboard away altogether!

    Love your wee tree house, so cute!

    LT and the ragtag remnants of the Clan that's not at camp...

  30. Hi Lt, Hi Clan;

    LT - now who's fault is it that the Clan are not at camp?

    Good idea about taking the keyboard away, I never thought about that.

    Hugs, and thank you for dropping by. We enjoy your visits.

    Hi to Jack.

  31. Hello my friends,

    Congratulation for winning the snecklace of Henry. You deserved to win!
    Oh Lulu and Flora always make me laugh, they are so much fun!
    have a great new week.
    Woof, woof,


  32. Mami is sad .. no one will vote in my paw board maybe you are lying, but she's thinking and that people do not believe ..
    You can go vote in my paw for her to be happier?
    Turrinhas of

  33. Hi Kika,

    Don't be sad....we did vote for you.


  34. Hi Chicco,

    Thank you. We are glad that you enjoy our Blog, and that we make you laugh. That makes us happy.

    Hugs, sweet puppy, lots of hugs.

  35. Hay,

    This is a very nice post...with a funny story with you lovely bears..
    It's so nice to visit your blog.



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