Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Funee Funny Friday
On our way....

Hi Everybeary, it's us - Lulu & Flora. We have some exciting news, we are leaving today, tomorrow is Bearents Day at Camp Good Bear and we are going with M&D.  Prudence sent us a list of things they need and Mom said we will bring some mushmaloows (marshmallows) & we can toast them with the big bears.  Oh boy....we can't wait.

"I wanna hold the snacks!" 

"No, cause you'll eat 'em."
"How long is the ride, Mom?"
"Lulu touched my elbow, quit it LuLu."
"Did you forget anything, Mom?

"Are we there yet?"

"I have to go to the bearthroom."
LuLu & Flora
"hahahahaha, so there - LuLu SmuLu!"
"Yuck, Flora made a stinky!"
"Did not!"
Mom thinking: ("headache #100,385)
Dad thinking ("how does she cope with them?")
The Welcome Corner

Welcome Susana
Thank you for joining our "growing" teddy bear family.  We are honored to meet you and call you "friend".  We hope to make you laugh with our silly stories and wild adventures.
(We are so excited, we have almost 100 friends.  We are keeping this a secret, Prudence will have a homecoming surprise when they return from summer camp in August.)


  1. I hope the trip to Camp Good Bear went well...and you did not fight anymore,little Lulu & Flora..give my love to Prudence and Sissy (mis them).Be good to Mom!!


  2. Hi Girls!
    Just popped in to wish you as well as M&D a wonderful weekend away...sending you heaps of hugs, and take a few hugs for Prudence too!

    I'll be off line for a little while...laptop has a few problems and it's too cold in this room to sit for too long.

    Remember to be good for Mum and have fun!

  3. Whoopie! the girls are coming home. It sure has been quiet since they went to camp.

    safe journey and I look forward to hearing all about camp.

    Hugs to all.

  4. Love the picture of their car trip. Had to go to bear room what a surprise... Have a good day, Hugs Kim

  5. Enjoyed seeing the girls and know how tiring it can be traveling with young ones. Hope Prudence and Sissy are having a great time at camp. Can't wait to hear all about their adventure. Have a good weekend.

  6. Awwww adventures! Don't we all love adventures? Sooooo darn CUTE! Lookin' forward to read MORE!

    A visit in the best bear blog all over the world makes me smile for the rest of the day!! Always!

    Big fuzzee bear hugz, Biene, the bear bunch & Lilly & Pookz :O)
    Oh and have a fabby weekend! LOVE!

  7. Hi Lulu, Flora & Mom! I hope your trip was enjoyable! Can't wait for the detail of events while @ camp! Hugs,T

  8. Hey girls, we're really sorry it's taken us till Monday to comment but SOMEONE *cough LT* has been trying to catch up on all the blog posts she missed while she was away. She tried about 3 different methods, and we think we actually saw her head spin. Twice. But she's finally caught up *phew*

    We hope the trip went well at that everyone got there and back in one piece, sanity excepted ;o)

    Lots of hugs and sticky, honey covered kisses

    The Clan remnants

  9. Dear bear friends,

    This sounds so exciting!!! I´m sure you will have a lovely time there!!
    Your pictures are so cute!! :)

    Have a wonderful summer!!!

  10. These two sound like my boys did when we'd travel...mommmmm he's looking at me!!! lol I wonder if they've seen the giant marshmallows you can now get? I swear one marshmallow is as big as they are! lol I hope you all had a fun time...without the headache:-) xoxo

  11. HI all, I'm sure you had a good time on Bearents day and I hope Lulu and Flora slept all the way home.

    I know you've been following Jack's adventures, but I thought I ought to tell you that Becca went too and had a great time. She really enjoyed France, but unlike Jack, she was sensible enough to stay away from the wine (most of the time).

    I'll put up a gallery or five so you can see some of the 1,000+ photos I took.



  12. Hello friends,
    I can't wait for our friends Prudence and Sissy come back to home. I'm curious to receive news. But it's very pleasant know better Lulu and Flora.
    Have a fun week.

  13. Hi Everybody, i hope your trip was great ;o)
    Your pictures are so cute :o)


  14. Yesterday was day friend
    You have a stamp on my blog for you
    Ronrons of

  15. Hello my friends,
    Lulu and Flora are a so nice comic couple!! I smile a lot reading their adventures!
    Have a nice weekend.
    Woof, woof,



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