Friday, September 9, 2011


It's Funny Friday

See Spot, see Spot run...
Spots before your eyes...
Spot on...
Spot remover...
Spots on LuLu & Flora


Well, now they went and did it....they have Chicken Pox.  Goof grief, I see spots 
before my eyes (hahahaha).  What a mess they are, and we can't stop them from scratching, they are even scratching each other.  It's gonna be a L O N G weekend.

Sissy and I have to play with them (ugh) and keep their fiberfill minds off how miserable they feel.  They look terrible and I do feel so sorry for them.  You can see in their little eyes how awful they feel.  Mom promised them if they stop scratching we can have ice cream and that got them thinking.....

So, off I go - what on earth am I going to do to make them feel better?  They don't want to do crafts, they don't want to.....WAIT....I know just the trick.  THE CONTEST.  Yup, I'll tell them all about the contest.  You see, we never told them cause it was going to be a surprise.  That will make them feel better.

(About the CONTEST was on my September 2 post.)

  And this afternoon I'll pick out their favorite Christmas movies and we'll watch all of them.  I'll get their favorite blankie and we'll all snuggle up, nice and cozy.  YES, this will work!!!

I think we'll start with Charlie Brown.

I'll see ya next Friday.....
Mom, would you please make us some popcorn?

Heaps of Hugs
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  1. Ohhhhhhhhh poor little bears, chicken pox..hmm that itches horrible.Do what mom tells you to,don't scratch ..a little menthol powder will help...

    Be better soon,

  2. So lovely of you to comment and follow my blog and I'm delighted to find your blog and look forward to Prudence's thoughts and insights.
    Your bears are so adorable but chicken pox -ugh! - hope the spots disappear v. soon!
    Best wishes

  3. I clicked over from a comment on your mother's blog. So sorry to see that things are not well at your house. I know some good movies will help.

    I am in love with a cat in your header. Are there others up for adoption?
    I wish we had talent like yours at local craft shows.

    Then you tempt me with all the wonderful pictures and links to your friends. I could spend all weekend here with you myself.
    When my computer is doing better I hope you invite me back for a visit.

    I hope you all get well soon.

  4. Aww, poor wee babies. We think you also need chocolate. And honey sandwiches, maybe some marmalade ones too. We've come up with a plan for the name though, we'll reply on the other post

    Lots of hugs and sticky, honey covered kisses

    The Clan and Jack

  5. Oh my goodness! The Itch! The Itch is a terrible thing, but yet you mustn't scratch. The only answer is lots of movies and especially lots of popcorn to keep your paws busy and full so you can't scratch.

    Poor yous! We're sending hugs.


  6. You poor little babies. I think you should request some honey about now. Try not to scratch to avoid scars. Have your Mama rub you with Calamine Lotion.
    Remember sick little ones need lots of extra attention and treats!

  7. Oh poor LuLu and Flora. It's no fun being sick and the chicken pox are the worse sort of sick. Mom told me if you scratch it can leave scars so don't scratch. Tell your mom that Gold Bond powder is good to stop the itching. That and frozen honey yogurt popscicles should make you feel better while you watch your Christmas movies. Get well soon.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  8. I sure hope they are all better now! Hopefully they could just hibernate for a few days until the spots were gone! Give them some HUGS! ♥♥♥


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