Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Cleaning

It's Funny Friday
A gift for Prudence

Bellamine, Prudence's "bestest" friend over at Santa and The Mrs. sent Prudence this wonderful drawing of herself.  We are just a smidge bit jealous, but to keep the peace M is framing it and hanging it where we all can enjoy it.  Well, okay, we guess....but we like prezzies too!

by LuLu & Flora

Another mini project

Mom and Prudence are off doing errands so it's all up to us.  We think they are bringin' home a little cooking pumpkin for Mom's famous (we think) homemade pumpkin pies.  She is sooo funny - she doesn't care  for sweets and never eats what she makes - but that's okay, there is more for Dad.  Oh, does he love her pumpkin pie.
It's that time of the year - fall cleaning.   Oh, it isn't so bad, Mom has a routine and of course Prudence helps (?), that's another story.  Giggle.
All she has left is washing and ironing the curtains.  

We have a funny story to tell you.  Do you know what a "snood" is?  Well M&D watch White Christmas on the eve of Christmas Eve every year and there is a scene with Bing Crosby asking Danny Kaye if he put the train tickets in his snood.  Year after year they would laugh and say "what's a snood"?  Oh, they guessed it was underwear, a girdle, and the list goes on.... 
One day Mom was catching up on reading her favorite Blogs and there it was - A SNOOD.  Our sweet friend, Shelley over at  Simply Shelley
had posted a picture of the hat (Snood) that she had crocheted.  Sure enough, the good old Internet has pictures of them.  Why M&D never looked there is beyond us.  So that mystery is finally solved.  It will be funny to see them watch White Christmas this year, wonder what their comment will be about the snood?  They're a hoot....that's pretty obvious - look at the foxy picture. 
Yuck, window cleaner

Ya know what Mom told  us?  She said he was lookin' at us and thinkin' "what a tasty morsel".  Give us a break!!!!  NOT.

LuLu & Flora


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Thank you for joining us.  We hope that we can make you smile with our silly stories & adventures.


  1. Oooh, lucky girls getting that picture all to yourselves :o)

    As for a snood, obviously M&D missed that fashion in the 80's when it came round again lol LT can remember having one to wear to school when she was little.

    Enjoy your pie! We had fresh mussels from the seashore outside the cottages last night, but no sweet things :o(



  2. I love the drawing!! Lovely gift you have Prudence!!Sweet baby's helping with pumpkins! ( but they sure like the pie)
    And the story about the Snood that was fun too!
    I love the picture,window cleaner,LOL!
    Big Hugs,Leny

  3. Prudence was a very lucky girl getting the lovely painting from Santa and the Mrs. You will all enjoy it if it is hanging up.
    Now you two rascals you had better not too many stories about the family. They may get a little upset.

  4. Hi LuLu & Flora,

    I asked Mom to paint a picture of me and Wendy so I could send it to you cause now I feel bad that there was only one I could send but she says she is too busy right now and maybe she will do one later. She's always too busy. Sorry about that. Are we still friends? Moms make good treats. Ours made a green tomatoe cake. Funny sounding but really good. She makes good pumpkin pies too. Tell Prudence I said Hi.


  5. Hey Prudence! Love the picture of your friends. Pumpkin pie sounds delicious. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Luvs ya,

  6. Hello babblers, great post today. Pumpkins are starting to be more available in UK shops but I think they mostly get turned into Halloween lanterns rather than pies! When I was a little girl (long, long, LONG ago), we used to hollow out turnips (you might call them swedes?) for lanterns instead - they were small and solid and really hard to carve but my Dad never failed me. The smell of burnt turnip will always mean Halloween to me!

    Happy thoughts and hugs from Nicki, Little Ted, and Daisy, xx

  7. dear friends,
    that beautiful picture of our beloved pumpkin pies.have a nice weekend.
    love and blessings.

  8. hello again,
    the window cleaner is lovely...but I think I prefer a good detergent!!!big hugs

  9. Hi Lulu and Flora,
    When Prudence comes back from running errands be sure to tell her we think the picture is really beautiful. What a lucky bear she is.

    Pumpkin pie sounds so yummy. Our mama told us that years ago she made pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving dinner. She set them out to cool and went to town to do some errands. When she returned her cats had eaten the filling out of them. We would never do that! We are good boys. :)

    We think that foxy picture is pretty funny!

    Be good little bears and have a wonderful day.

    Thank you to all of you for making our day so very special.


  10. Hi, Lulu and Flora, how do you like blogging? Prudence is such a good bear
    helping mom with the errands. You will all love the pumpkin pie. It's a favorite in our house year-round, but
    especially now with Fall and Thanksgiving upon us. The drawing is a treasure, I'm glad you will all get to enjoy it.
    Warm Regards,

  11. Hello girls, Wil here. So you all got a giftie too. Thanks for visiting with me and tell your Mom that Mama says she needs to be doing some "Fall Cleaning" too.

  12. Abby's Mom here...
    I have to tell you, I am just plain flabbergasted that Prudence allows the babes to prattle on. Abby ditched the jammies. I found her with her pretty collar hanging over one ear. (she's not great at dressing herself yet.)
    What a sweet picture (drawing.)
    Gotta run! I hear racket in the dolly corner...and that means trouble again!
    Hugs... *jumps up yelling "don't make me come IN THERE!!!"... *

  13. We were on vacation so it's not the vieemos visit, but now we come home and want a good week
    Turrinhas girlfriend

  14. I like the drawing, too and all of your fun stories! You make me SMILE...and all of the dolls and bears here in Florida! ♥

  15. I know I'm late but congratulations to Miss Iris and a super pat on the back to everyone involved for making such a wonderful pumpkin's superb!

    Prudence is lucky to have received such a lovely painting and it sounds like you are all going to have fun eating mum's pumkin pie.

    Snood's were very popular with the ladies during the II world war...I have seen photos of my mum wearing one.

    I hope you are all having a terrific week! Stay safe and healthy.

  16. what a pretty drawing, that's a very nice gift :)

  17. Awwwww I'm so sorry to have scared off Prudence with my recent post...I should have warned her that there was some spooky content in it! hehe

    Love the drawing of Prudence. Lulu and Flora, I wish I knew how to draw, I'd make one of both of you but alas, stick figures are about the only things I know how to draw! lol

    The mini roadside stand is so darn cute! Absolutely delightful!!

    That is too funny about wondering what a "snood" was! To tell you the truth, I remember hearing that word on White Christmas and also wondered what it was!!! Now we both know:-) xoxo

  18. me encanta pasearme por tu de lo más entrañable...entrar en tu cocina y tomarme mi porción de tarta de calabaza...gracias por hacerlo posible...

  19. Hello sweet friends,
    I love the painting, Prudence was so lucky! Oh and the pumpkin pie is a very good idea.
    I think it'll be so funny to have a nice fox as a friend :)
    have a nice day.
    Woof, woof,


  20. Ok Prudence, now you just need to get your mom to crochet you a snood, and you will be all set! Then you could tuck little snacks in there, 'cause you never know when you're tummy is going to start growling! Or is it you that I hear growling?:)


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