Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm back...

It's Funny Friday

Gosh, do you remember me?
Hi.  Boy have I missed posting the last week or so.  I was busy helping Mom at two craft shows last weekend and I'm beat!  We had lots of fun.  At Good Shepherd we were out in the bee-u-tee-ful weather and boy did that make me sleepy.  Whew...then we came home and had to catch up on our online craft show.  What would Mom do without me?  (I don't want to know.)
 I did have one scare though.  I was sitting minding my own business (sure) and 2 ladies wanted to buy me.  YIKES, I jumped off the stool and dived into my cozy travel bag.  And that is where I stayed till Dad came to help M pack up and take us home.  Whew.....but those ladies "reeeeee-ally" loved me.  (o:
Being such a good bear and helping M so much I had a real special treat - I went on a mini vacation to the beach.
Goin' over the bridge

I could sit here all day

Comin' back over the bridge on the way home

LuLu & Flora had to stay home with the bearsitter.  Do you know what they did?  LuLu talked Flora into climbing into one of the packing boxes that was being mailed from our craft show.  Mom got to the post office and heard a kicking sound.  Oh boy, did the "fur" fly when she ripped open the box and out jumped Flora.  It wasn't a pretty sight.  Long story short - IN TIME OUT (again), I mean how stupid was that?  So, it was all about me at the beach  (o:  and I loved every minute.
Heaps of Hugs,
by LuLu & Flora

"Girls, I said you were in TIME OUT so there will be no posting from you this week."
"Maybe Prudence will help us?"
"After the names we called her?  Not a chance in mohair."
"Ma, not even our picture?"
(mumble, grumble, mean Mom, stupid, stupid, stupid. Doors slamming, pawfeet thumping on the floor, lots of drama going on upstairs,  oops, one of them threw something at the closed door).  CRASH.
"We'll show much more trouble could we get into?"
"Flora, I got our picture posted, yippee."
"So there, who needs you or Prudence????"

Welcome Faye
Scrappin' For Fun
Thank you for joining us.  WELCOME.
Thank you for joining our little family, and WELCOME.


  1. Hi Prudence and Mom
    we are happy to see you back cause we really missed you.

    Mama has a bad cold so we are taking good care of her and doing her comments.
    Mama wants to know if Prudence got sunburned at the beach? :0)

    We named our bunny that used to live with you, Betsy Bunny.
    She is very happy here cause we give her lots of carrots and greens. snuggles too.

    Hugs to you
    from all of us.
    and of course our

  2. How can we forget you,sweet Prudence!!!You helped Mom so good!!
    Glad those ladies did not buy you,what do we have to do without you and your adventures??
    Tell Flora and Lulu not to be so dumb again...they get lost in a box at the po!!
    Big hugs to Mom!xxx

  3. Hiya little Prudence I'm glad you're back. I missed ya!!!
    I love your story :o) and I'm glad to hear hear that you decided not to be adopted! Like you said: YIKE!!
    Give your momma a big hug from Holland, Thea xxxx

  4. Dear Prudence,
    You need to be your mum's official secretary when she goes to shows.
    I'm sure you would be good at counting the money!!!!!
    Lucky you going to the beach.
    I wanted to take my fur off today it was so hot. 38deg. A cool dip would have done the trick.

    Now what is all this tantrum bit about Lulu and Flora. No peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for you tonight.

  5. Good to hear from you again! And looks like a great mini vacation!
    Have fun everyone!

  6. Hi Prudence,
    It's good to see you back and blogging. You deserved a vacation after all the work you did helping your mom at the craft shows. We've been busy helping our mom with a craft show and with painting ornaments. It's been a lot of work but fun too. It gets really busy here at this time of year. Everyone has work to do but we get breaks and treats so it's not all work. Next weekend we get to start decorating for Christmas. Christmas is only a little over a month away so we're all making our wish lists to give to Santa. Have a beary nice weekend.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  7. I hope you are behaving yourself. I am thankful you were not sold. Tell Mom and the rest of your family hello.

  8. Hello Prudence,
    It's nice to see you back. I see you had a good time and I also am happy you were not sold.

    Hugs from Lithuania

  9. Oh dear sweet friend,
    great danger that you spent!!!!!
    but it is impossible not to love you and want to take you home.....
    I missed you
    big hugs.

  10. Uh oh, Flora and Lulu are gonna be in biggggg trouble again! hehe They were determined to be in this post, weren't they:-)

    Ah, Prudence, my dear, what a busy time you've had of it, helping M with the craft fairs...such a good little bear helper you are!! I would have wanted to buy you too if I had seen you sitting there so pretty:-) Then you got a vacation on the beach, I sure wish I could have joined you!! xoxo

  11. So nice to hear from you! And again with a lovely story!
    have a wonderful weekend

  12. Wow, that was scary...I was afraid that would happen when I saw you sitting on that table...
    Glad you got to go on a road trip...

  13. ooohh...sounds like a wee bit o'trouble in paradise. Arrrgggg..wish I was there. The dollies are SOOOO boring!
    Abigail Ingalls

  14. What a delightful blog you have!!
    I collect bears so A Bears BLog is just the thing for me :-))
    I'm your newest follower and have to stick around for a bit and read some more!
    Thanks for the Sunday Morning Smiles :-)))
    Sweet Bear Hugs,

  15. You are all so busy having fun! I'm glad you came to visit me today. It gets boring without you! ♥♥♥

  16. Oh my, lots of bear scares all round there! Prudence, they really wouldn't have wanted your ornery old self, but it was a wise move diving into the bag like that. As for Lulu and Flora, are you trying to say they're too young for air travel? They've been on lots of planes before you know... WTG Lulu on figuring out the photo thing too, even if you did miss out on the beach trip

  17. HI all, I haven't commented for a long time, but I have been watching you. The youngsters seem to be getting up to all sorts of trouble, and I'm glad Prudence didn't get bought and that you had a good day at the beach.


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