Friday, November 25, 2011

Let there be Christmas trees...

"It's the most wonderful time of the weekend"

Here we go again, Mom a/k/a The Christmas Decorating Elf is making life difficult for us.  She is shouting orders, giving everybear a special task and the house is a mess,  a total wreck, I tell you.

Let's see, I counted 3 Christmas trees up for Thanksgiving, Dad is working on putting the lights on the HUGE living room tree, my craft room wee tree is up and the it looks so beary sweet.

  The little tree in the kitchen is done, the one in the laundry room (easy, peasy cause it just has lights).  Now she is working on the tree in the entry way, "how many is that Dad?"  "TOO MANY, Prudence."  Eight, no wait I must have miscounted - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 - nope, I didn't make a mistake.

I need a turkey sandwich.  BREAK TIME!  NAPPY TIME!  Where's my blankie?  What?  We can quit for the day?  Honest? job is done.  Tomorrow Dad has to decorate the outside and then help M with the greenery on the banisters (we have 3, in the entry way, & upstairs) then he gets to work alone  putting the lights on that.  He looks tired,  M has dark circles under her eyes but she won't quit.  Molly Brown & Jessie are stretched out on the bed sound asleep with visions of doggy treats dancing in their heads (giggle), I just made that up.

Tonight we get to watch a Christmas movie, and I get to pick one.  Yippee.  I have a wonderful life, a good M&D, sweet puppies, and LuLu & Flora.  They didn't even lift a paw to help us.  They say they need to stand guard over our wee tree.  Huh?  Like who lives here that would even dare to think about touching that tree?

by LuLu & Flora
We're standing guard over our wee tree.
"Okay, LuLu, if anybear dares touch our wee tree you grab their hand and I'll bite it.  Nobeary messes with our wee tree."

a BIG welcome to C. Joy, and thank you for joining us.  We hope that you enjoy our adventures and sometimes "trouble making".  WELCOME.
Thank you for joining us.  We love to share our "adventures" with you.  WELCOME.
WELCOME Charitina
Angel in Art
Thank you for joining us, and a big WELCOME to you.  We look forward to your visits.
Thank you.


  1. Prudence you beat me to it. Granny has a market this week end and then she says, I can get into all those boxes stored up in the linen press.
    I can't wait, although Granny is saying she still remembers the mess from last year. Hm Hm...... Not me.
    We don't have any where near as many tree's as you. Although I can never remember WHAT is up in that cupboard.
    Have you got Misseltoe hee heee.

  2. Awwww!!Love those sweet Christmas trees!! Well done!
    You all have helped Mom and Dad so well!

    It beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
    Big Hugs My dear Friends,

  3. Hi Prudence and Co! Tell the Christmas Decorating Elf, the house sure looks festive ... three trees eh? You are very spoilt, I have enought trouble getting motivated to put up ONE!!

    Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.
    Warmest hugs,

  4. Oh Prudence, just love your 'beary sweet tree'!
    How many? Eight and all the garlands? It's a wonder it doesn't take a week to put them all up!
    Best wishes

  5. Prudence,
    When you're finished there, you can come help us...Mama Bear hasn't even started yet....but I saw her thinking about it...she's wondering where to put the kitchen tree and the one in the main living area...she got the Christmas dishes out yesterday and we ate Thanksgiving dinner on them...yum it was a feast...

  6. Oh goodness Prudence, you are such a good bear to be so helpful. Sounds like mom needs to slow down. Your little tree is very pretty. Eight trees! We can't believe it! You must have a lovely BIG home.

    Lulu and Flora be sure you do a good job of guarding the tree.
    It sounds to us like Molly Brown and Jessie are doing what Mom and Dad should be doing.

    Enjoy that movie tonight.

    Hugs, Purrs and Woofs
    from all of us.

  7. Phew, there's nothing worse than a bossy Christmas elf! Still, we reckon you probably gave her a run for her money ;o) With that many trees we think it was wise that the babies stood guard over your wee one, if you weren't careful it could have ended up as a decoration on the big tree!

    Lots of hugs and sticky, honey covered kisses

    The Clan and Jack

  8. Wow you bears have been busy and beary sweet trees indeed....blessings...enjoy the season.

  9. Hello dear friends, how are you?
    Yes, i know, i'm disappeared. But now I'm back!!
    I love your Christmas trees, yes december is near and i smell air of celebration here too.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Woof, woof,


  10. You made everything fun at your house! I watched the Elf on the Shelf last was cute! I didn't see any bears in it could have been cuter! Hugs! ♥

  11. Awe...wonderful trees, Prudence! Harold thinks they look beary nice too!!!

    bear paw hugs!

  12. Wow, you are such lucky bears to live in a house with so many Christmas trees - it must look really magical and festive!

    Hugs, Nicki and Little Ted, xx

  13. Love your X-mas Tree. It's fabulous. Enjoy the X-mas countdown....Bearhugssss Thea xxxx

  14. Oh dear. Abby's going to be so jealous..I tried to put something over on her but she caught on right away...I think.
    She's been hiding all know...
    (Abby's Mom)

  15. Hi,
    Just me, your friend Abby. You know, over at Abby's Blabby Blog..and I see you have your very own tree. *sniff* I'm so *sniff* happy for you...
    :( I mean :)
    I'm going home now, I want my Mama! *sniff, sniff*

  16. p.s. I have my Christmas clothes on. So there!!!
    Abby Bear

  17. I'm a long time teddy bear fan. I have some stuffed bears, including a Russ bear called "Chips" who I've had for ten years. I also collect Tatty Teddies.

    I'm so pleased to have found your blog via Welcome to Lavender Dreams.

    Ali x

  18. me encanta la navidad ( I love the Christmas :) ) tu arbolito se ve divino con esos maravillosos vigilantes!! me encanta visitarte...un besito!!

  19. Hi, you have a real forest in your house don't you. Well no climbing up trees and jumping out in front of people - well only a few times and just for fun.


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