Friday, January 6, 2012

I wanted a puppy...

It's Funny Friday

I wanted a puppy for Christmas - nope, no puppy.  But wait, am I disappointed? No.  Being  a bearbrat? No.  Pouting?  Nope, ya know why....
I got my puppy, just not on Christmas Day.  Mom adopted Weenie (pronounced Winnie) Girl from
Mellisea's Creations  She hasn't arrived from the Netherlands yet, but she is on her way,
I can't wait for her to get here.  Mom is tracking her coming across the ocean and said she is very safe and anxious to get to her new family.  Color me happy - my very own puppy.

Big, happy hugs....
by LuLu & Flora
(Oh boy, here it comes....)

Why can't we have a pet?
How come Prudence gets everything?
She has Molly Brown & Jessie.
I want a mouse.
Well I want a bunny.
I was adopted first Flora.
So what, I'm the youngest, and did I ever tell you your nose is too big? 
Yeah, well you have big, smelly feet!

Say goodbye, girls.
"Goodbye girls"

to be continued next week....


  1. A puppy pet for Prudence, You lucky dog....ha ha.... You will have a puppy all of your own. Will you have to train it to go out side to twinkle. May be????
    When He comes I want to find out all about him.

  2. Dear Prudence, your very own puppy! And all the way from the Netherlands. Can Flora and LuLu play with Weenie, too? It sounds like they need a pet, too.
    Miss Susan

  3. Hi Prudence,
    WOW! You're getting a puppy all the way from the Netherlands. How wonderful is that!?! We have a puppy named Vinny and he's a sweet boy and ever so friendly. Weenie looks like a sweet little girl. We think Vinny and Weenie would like each other. Have a good weekend.
    Heaps of hugs,
    Bellamine & Wendy

  4. hehe - you guys... I expect Weenie will share herself around. Pups are like that. They share the love and make more of it. Yeah! Happy New Year to you all. Love from us.

  5. What a sweet puppy you will have Prudence,you have to take good care of this little one!!!

    And Lulu and Flora don't fight...maybe you two are just a little bit to little yourself!

    Hugs to Mom!!!!

  6. Well, Prudence I think it's wonderful that you are going to have your very own puppy. I think Weenie will have enough love to give to Lulu and Flora too.

    Now comes the job of potty training. Lots of trips outside Prudence.

    Lulu and Flora if you're good girls I think someday you will have your mouse and bunny.

    Someone here whose name is Sissy sends all of you hugs and kisses.


  7. What a sweet, sweet little puppy! Enjoy!!!


  8. Wow, Prudence, Du bekommst einen Welpen. Das finde ich gut und schön aussehen tut er auch.

  9. Well that's torn it! We had a confab, and came to the consensus that the babies need a pet too. Being babies though, we reckon a baby sized bunny or mouse would both work - maybe they each need one, otherwise there will be even MORE battles!


    The Clan and Jack

  10. So chewed carpets and wet spots on the floors won't be a problem? LOL!

    Happy weekend!

    Ali x

  11. Oh wow, Prudence, you're going to have your very own puppy? How wonderful and what a lucky pet Winnie will be, making her home with you:-) Just make sure you bring her for plenty of walks and lots of scratches behind the ears, they like that.

    As for you two, Lulu and Flora, quit your whining or Prudence will sic Winnie after you!!!! hehe What's that? You'll be good girls for mommy? That's better:-) xoxo

  12. Thank you!Your blog is a new joy I love.

  13. Hallo Prudence, you`ll get your own pup. I´m happy for you ;o)


  14. Olá... Lindo seu blog. Estou seguindo. Venha me conhecer, espero que goste de mim, e siga meu blog também.
    Te espero com muita alegria.
    Boa semana da amiga doguinha do Brasil....


  15. How very sweet. You'll have to snap some picks of Prudence and her new puppy!

    Too cute!

    God bless ya and have an awesome week!!!

  16. Hello my friends,
    I guess he already running and playing with you...will be great fun to read your adventures with new friend...I can not wait. seems to me that you are more beautiful with the new year!!hugs.

  17. Hello sweetest friends!!!!
    How are you??
    I hope this 2012 is started so good!
    I really love Weenie the puppy, she's so pretty, i'm happy for you Prudence.
    Have a happy week, dear friends.
    Woof, woof,


  18. You all need more pets! How about a kitten? Would that make you happy? Have fun and thanks for the neat idea of making my quilt into a bear blankie! Great idea...only you would think of it! Sweet hugs! ♥


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