Friday, January 27, 2012

Molly Brown

It' Funny Friday

We would like to share pictures of our Molly Brown.  We have to be fair and we wrote about Jessie last week so without further's Molly.

Again, I don't remember when it happened but Dad calls Molly LBD (Little Brown Dog).  Molly spent the first months of her puppy hood in a shelter, they are feed, sheltered and safe and that is the best that can be done and we appreciate all the work and volunteers that are part of animal rescue.

Molly is very sweet, just like Jessie, and gentle.  She is very timid and has many fears, one being thunder and lightning.  After having her for 6 years (her anniversary was January 19) she finally comes to us and lets us cuddle her during storms, we also have pills to help her relax.  Her other serious fear is riding in the car.  Mom says she has never heard of a doggy not loving car rides.  But she also knows that with a rescue there is always baggage, so we deal with that and hope we can change her fears with an abundance of love - and it works.

Molly & Jessie are great together, there is no Alpha and they just love to play, sleep & eat together.  IF we had to say one thing negative about Molly it would be that she chews on Jessie's whiskers - Jessie just sits there and seems to enjoy the "grooming" but....she doesn't have those long, black "bee-u-tee-ful" wickers, she has little stubs.

Have a "doggone" wonderful weekend, and give big hugs to your precious pets.
See ya,
Next Friday I finally threatened convinced Mom to post our little Primitive Cookie Cutter Bunny.
Shh....while Mom wasn't looking I went ahead and added a bunny picture.  Don't tell her that you saw it, okay?  Act surprised next Friday, okay?

by LuLu & Flora

"Not a word from you two, or I'll lock you up in the linen closet!"
"Huh, we weren't gonna say anything, honest, Prudence.  Really."
"Oh, Mom, we wanna show you somethin' that Prudence're gonna be REALLY mad!"


  1. I love your Molly ♥♥♥ She is very sweet and altough shelter volunteers are the best animal keepers, she has a wonderful life at your place together with her big friend Jessie. I pretty sure they have a lot of fun together. Now you leave me here wondering what Prudence did....hmmm.... Have a nice weekend. Big hugs from Holland, Thea xxxx

  2. Love Molly and Jessie! Such sweet dogs!

    Love that secret Bunny picture!!!

    Love and Hugs!!!

  3. Now you girls don't fight, you remind me of scrapping cats!!!!
    Have big hugs before bed, then you can sleep knowing you are still all loved.
    Prudence, I loved you post of your doggies. I must be awful feeling frightened of thunder. I hope you don't ding the saucepan lids too much.

  4. Molly und Jessie are so sweet ;o)

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Hugs Andrea

  5. My boss was just telling me this morning about their rescue dog, who they've had for 11 years, and who still shakes in fear at the idea of going in the car. Maybe they're related somehow!

    Prudence, we won't tell if you won't...


    The Clan & Jack

  6. Mom has a very big heart to love all of you so much. Rescue dogs are the best. Ours is afraid of the thunder, too, but I just love on him and tell him it will be alright.

    Thank you for sharing your sweet dog pictures with us. I think you love Molly and Jessie a lot.

    I adore the bunny. Have a special weekend full of joy.

  7. Hi Prudence,
    We love the pictures of Molly Brown and Jessie. We're big lovers of anything furry at our house too which is a good thing since there's so much fur around here. Mom still tells stories about Waldo who was a hamster who used to live here before our time. Guess he was quite the funny guy. Would you really put LuLu and Flora in the linen closet? Have a great weekend.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  8. Olá amiguinhos ursinhos...
    realmente mel é muito bom, docinho... Mas mamãe não me deu nunca, acho que eu não posso comer muito doce, mas sorte que voces podem né?
    Maça também é muito gostoso.
    Obrigada pela visita em meu bloguinho, voces são muito queridos e fofos. Voltem sempre, são BEM VINDOS!!!
    Ótimo final de semana.
    aus 1000 e beijos 1000 de mamãe para todos voces...


  9. Hi Prudence...this is Misty & Tiffany, Mama Pea adopted us years ago and she let us join your Funny Fridays so make sure to come over and see what we've been up to:-)

    Molly and Jessie sure are beautiful dogs and very lucky to have such a loving home:-) Hmmm, I wonder if Mama Pea would let us have a dog, or even a cat? I'm gonna go ask her now!! xoxo

  10. Awe....I just love your story about Molly and your story about Jessie from last week. What a wonderful pair! (Thought I would mention Jessie too as last week I had trouble leaving a comment. Blogger can be frustrating at times.)

    AND I love the sweet little face of your cookie cutter bunny.

    Big bear hugs,

  11. Molly has the sweetest face. Her face tells me what a loving dog she is. I laughed when I read about her whisker chewing. It's so sweet that Jessie doesn't mind. Jessie and Molly are so fortunate to have a home where they are so loved. They are both precious.

    I like the little sneak preview of the bunny. She is adorable!

    Happy weekend
    and hugs to all

  12. Good morning, Prudence...
    Our Smokey Bear (four legged furry animal)is a rescue, also..He was really fearful of strangers for so-o long but now comes out to say hello occasionally...he doesn't much care for children, though. We adopted him in January of 2006. He was about 6 months old so we celebrate his Birthday in June.
    Enjoy the weekend,

  13. A dog gone wonderful last weekend of January to you too!

    Ali x

  14. Hello my friends,
    Yes without a doubt Molly is lovely and we love its color and its sweet face...
    Hugs and blessings.

  15. awww!! that's ok that she's afraid sometimes :)

    the bunny is very cute!

  16. Hi, dear Prudence. I adore Molly and Jessie too. I won't say a word
    about the Bunny picture, but I think you better do something about Flora and LuLu, one of them spilled the beans to Mom!

  17. Molly and Jessie are very sweet, I love both. The picture with your bunny is lovely
    have a good start in the new week
    warmest hugs

  18. I hope you didn't tell her about the bunnies you saw on my blog! Have fun! ♥

  19. Hello dear friends,

    Molly you're very special dog like Jessie, you are together a beautiful couple!!!
    I really love the little bunny.
    Woof, woof,


  20. Prudence and Mom,Thank you for visiting me.We call our Lola little brown dog too sometimes.She's not Royal like her sister.Enjoyed My visit.I'll be back soon-Bye for now.

  21. Molly es adorable!! tengo que decirte que a mi westie "gaspar" tampoco le gusta nada el subirse en el pone supernervioso...y las tormentas tampoco...y el batirse de las ventanas y puertas cuando hay corrientes de aire....nos han salido miedicas qué le vamos a hacer!!! jejeje
    un beso y feliz semana

  22. Awww, thank you for sharing Molly's story. I see Molly was adopted from a shelter, how wonderful that you have given her a second change. You are very blessed to have each other!
    Hugs, Janice

  23. Dear Prudence,

    Ohhh...Molly is so lovely!
    I love her beautiful face...

    I wishing you love,

  24. Olá amiguinhos...
    Amei as fotinhos. voces são muito especiais.
    Obrigada por sempre participar de meu blog com lindos comentários.
    Ótima semana amiguinhos...
    Aus da amiga do Brasil ...


  25. Hmmm..I think Abby and I smell a surprise about to happy... :):)
    tap, tap, tapping toe..hard for me to wait for surprises and Abby is about to bust! A bunny?? Did I see a ...bunny?

  26. Dearest Prudence and the gang ... please don't cry, I am still here and you can always email me when you miss me too much to bear ('scuse the pun) I will always be happy to hear from you all.

    I enjoyed your doggy stories of Molly and Jessie, my old buddy was a "found dog" too and we love him to bits, even though he now has doggy dementure!

    Warmest hugs,
    Sandi XXX

  27. Awwwww, nothin' better than havin' a pair of doggie friends! That Molly is a sweetheart!!!

    If ya ask me, that Lulu and Flora look like there up to somethin'.

    God bless ya and have a grand kinda day my friend!!! :o)

  28. What a lovely girl, Molly is!!! Hugs and high-paws from us to you all!


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