Friday, February 3, 2012

Hoppin Down The Bunny Trail

It's Funny Friday
Hm,  Mom is so weird.  She has been working on "our" little Primitive Cookie Cutter Babies and as she finishes them she is packing them away.  
"Sweetheart, I am just storing them until the fall, then we can put them up for adoption."
"Okay, but I just want to show our bunny, after all it is almost spring and that means Easter."
"Go ahead, honey, but just the bunny for now."
 Here's Hannah...

(Hannah is in our Etsy Shop)
Hannah M. Hare

Hannah M. Hare is made from a rather fluffy gray felt, Ultrasuede ears, with stained wooden feet and wrapped wire arms.  Hannah is 5 1/2" tall.
Let me explain what we mean by "primitive" (Primitive Cookie Cutter Babies), they are just 2 sided, and the "primitive" part is that there are no disc joints, everything is made from natural materials.  And they smell like cookies, like fresh baked cookies.  Mom makes a special oops, that's a secret.  Oh, they smell so good.

If you are interested in adopting Hannah please e-mail us.  Because this is our very first Primitive Cookie Cutter Baby up for adoption we are offering FREE shipping in the USA.  Adoption fee is $45.
Merrideth M. Mouse
Shh...Merrideth will be is our next baby up for adoption.  Don't tell that I showed you.  (o:  This time we dyed the mohair and felt ears.  Merrideth has a curly wire tail with a rusty little bell at the tip, & is 5 1/2" tall. Her adoption is $45. with free shipping.  PLEASE don't tell Mom!  You can e-mail me directly (yup, I have my very own e-address).

Heaps of Hugs
by LuLu & Flora
"Boy, Prudence never does bearything wrong in Mom's eyes.  It's always, Prudence this, and Prudence did this, Prudence is such a good girl.  Yeah, well we're plannin' somethin'  BIG and Miss Perfect Big Butt's gonna get it." Just wait, Prudence!

"Okay you dumb little dummies, BRING IT ON!"
Did you know that if I lock you in the linen closet those big, fluffy towels will eat ya?  They feed on little teddy bears, how do you think they stay so fluffy? 
Do not!
Wanna bet, here let me close you in that closet, LuLu.
Here, put Flora in there......

We want our own e-mail "addressee" thingy too!


  1. Ohhhh I love those little Hare's ♥♥♥ in a primitive way. I think that coockie cutter did a very good job!!! Can I have one too, please? I think Lulu & Flora have a point, don't they. Bunny hugs from a super cold Holland, Thea xxxx

  2. Those cookie cutter bunnies are really sweet. Oh Prudence, that was a bit mean of you, scaring the babies with your teddy-eating towel tale. Little Ted says everyone knows that towels get so fluffy by eating clouds when they're hanging outside on the washing line!

    Big hugs, Nicki and Little Ted, xx

  3. Lovely Bunny!!! What a creative idea!! Like it!

    And you babies don't close eachother up in that closet!!! Naughty little ones!!!

    Happy Friday!!!Hugs!

  4. what interesting and oroginal Primitive Cookie Cutter Animals you did!
    I like them :)


  5. Prudence you amaze me I didn't think you could be so mean to your sisters. Can you remember when you were little how terrible it was to be frightened. Now they probably will have night mares and wake you up. Please, Please go and tell them how sorry you are.

  6. Packed away?! What, no easter bunnies? Your mum is certainly weird... We do like Hannah though.

    Prudence, We'd watch our for Lulu if we were you, she's a very smart wee bear (after all, we all trained her)


    The Clan and Jack

  7. I Love Hannah.M.Hare and Merredith.M.Mouse :o)They are so sweet.

    Have a nice weekend

  8. Hi Prudence,
    We really like little Hannah M Hare and Merredtith M Mouse a lot, especially if they smell like cookies. Flora and LuLu are little rascals but you shouldn't try to scare them. It's just going to make them want to pay you back and with those two you just never know. Tell M that she shouldn't pack Hannah away until after Easter cause that's a bunny's special time of year.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  9. What a lovely bunny! Easter will be here before you know it. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Ali x

  10. Hi little bear friends and of course to Prudence. Prudence we understand that little ones can be a pain. We hope Flora and Lulu weren't too frightened though. You should probably apologize and hope you are not in too much trouble with mom.
    You never know what the little ones will have planned next time!

    Mom's rabbit is so sweet! Mom is very creative with her needle! Hannah Hare is the perfect name.

    Well guys, I've got to rush. My power is going off at 8 AM.

    Hugs to all
    from all of us at
    Honeypot Lane

  11. Fab bunny!

    Fab story about how towels get to be fluffy!


  12. Hiya Prudence, Flora and Lulu! That teeny tiny bunny is just so cute, we're sure you're gonna miss her when she goes to her new home. Oh, Prudence, what will your mama say when she finds out that you showed us Merrideth're in biggggg trouble! But don't worry, me and Tiff will pretend we didn't see her at all:-) mean those big fluffy towels can eat us???? Hmmm...ohhhhhh Tiff, come see what Mama Pea keeps in the linen closet! hehe

    Hey, that's so cool that you gots your own email address. Mama Pea says we're not responsible enough to get our own...but you, Prudence, you're just the coolest bear we know:-) Love ya! Misty & Tiffany xoxo

  13. Hello my friends,
    They are adorable and are perfect for guys are always sweeter and is always a pleasure to visit this beautiful family.have a nice weekend here has been so cold I want you guys have a little more heat.hugs and blessings.

  14. Dear Joyce: I adore the Prim Cookie Cutter Babies. However did you think of them? They're wonderful!
    My dear sweet Prudence, you are teasing the Babies again! Please let them out of the linen closet.
    Did you help Mom think of the design for the Cookie Cutter Babies? I'm so proud of you. And your own e-mail, how about that?
    Miss Susan

  15. I love your bunny and mouser! I am not surprised that bunny already warmed someone's heart.

    Cutest cookie cutters I ever did see!


  16. I love this hare! What is he sweet!!! A great idea for easter! FANSTASTIC!
    have a wonderful weekend

  17. Now that is just the cutest little bunny I have ever seen! Just look at that sweet face! And while I am scared to death of mice, Meredith is just a doll, and oh so cute! BTW, Miss Emily is jealous, too!

  18. What a sweet bunny!!!!!
    I really love them!
    Have a nice weekend, dear friends.
    Woof, woof,


  19. Oh they're all so adorable!!! I hope you're having a happy Sunday!

  20. P.S. Tomorrow I am having a blog party and you're invited to link up if you have time!!

  21. Olá amiguinhos... Gosto que voces me visitam em meu blog.
    Gostaram do meu hipo roxo? Ele é fofo mesmo... eu amo.
    Apareçam sempre. É ótimo ver voces lá e ser amiguinha de voces.
    Até sempre.
    Fiquem com o Papai do Céu.
    Aus da amiga do Brasil...

    KIPPY & LILLY (minha mamãe)

  22. Tell your Mommy she does amazing work.You must be very proud of her :)Thanks for visiting ,You and your friends come over any time.Auntie Denise

  23. Dear lovely bears (and mum, of course!!)

    I see the family is even bigger and cuter!! Ooohhh I love the fact the new members smell of...cookies!! They are so sweet!!

    A big hug for all of you!!!



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