Friday, February 24, 2012

Revenge of The Bears...

It's Funny Friday
I don't think I have to explain what happened to Alf...a picture is worth...

Ralph, who's Ralph?
Girls, I said ALF, where's Alf?
Alf who?
Okay, enough of this, I want answers NOW!
Okey dokey...
What's the question?  (Giggle)
(Mom is crying)

Mom, is it true that Alf eats kitty cats?
Oh dear, Prudence, a long time ago Alf had his own television show and it was said that he did eat cats, but his television family did have a kitty and he never, ever even took a bite.  I think it was just part of his television character, it was just pretend, honey.

Where are the babies?
 Um, they are in your bedroom looking in Dad's dresser drawer where he keeps his money.

"Wait till your father gets home...."

Mom has been busy, here is our little kangaroo and her joey.  Hope you like her.

Etsy Shop
Our little "EllieNor"
THANK YOU, Miss Lavender Dreams over at Diane's Dream Designs
I bought a bee-u-tee-ful purse by Diane for Mom for Easter ('s a secret) and there was a prezzie in the package just for me.

 And in this little "Prudence Purse" there is a treasure - seashells! And see the purr-tee sunshine card?  Oh, thank you beary much Miss Lavender Dreams.
Heaps of Hugs


  1. Hey Prudence! Did you happen to see the Mom made trying to spruce up my blog??
    She says she is learning but I sure wish she would hurry up! :(
    So...anyway...just dropped in to say Hi..and got your Mom one of those neat purses that Miss Diane makes over at Lavendar Dreams??? Really?? Oh..almost forgot! Shhhhhh..sorry. Best go before I get into more trouble.
    Abby (Blabby sure fits me!)

  2. Sounds like Daddy better get a new place to hide all of his money:) I am in love with your mom's new creations, the kangaroo is beyond adorable! Oh, Miss Prudence you look so cute with your new purse and matching bow in your hair!!

  3. Ahh Prudence you are such a good little bear, buying a lovely purse for your very talented mom, I guess that's why you were rewarded with the little pressie of your own...lots of kindness going around today.

  4. Hi Guy's could Alf breath in that cupboard!!! I hope so, or else you will be up to your necks in hot water. I think Granny would be hopping made if I went to her money, although I don't think there would be much, because she wouldn't but me a lolly pizza.

  5. Hello my friends,
    Prudence congratulate you for having prepared a delightful surprise her mommy ...she will be very happy and moved.the babies are doing a lot of mischief lately!!I think they have spoken with my Simon... laughs...big hugs.

  6. Oh well..You have been naughty again bears!!!

    I love those new creations!!!
    Happy Friday Hugs!!!

  7. I saw the purses too and how very, very sweet of you to buy one for Mom's present! That's where Dad's money is going!!
    Sweet as can be new creations!

  8. EllieNor and Katie & Lil Roo are sooo sweet ;o) I love your new creations.
    Have a nice weekend


  9. Hi Prudence,
    So, Alf doesn't really eat kittens? Boy that's a relief! Would you believe the nerve of those two baby brats? Going into your dad's drawer where he keeps his money. No wonder they don't get to go to camp like the rest of us. It pays to be good LuLu & Flora. We've been good and for a reward we get to go to summer camp.
    Tell your mom we love her kangaroo and joey and the sweet eli is so adorable. We could kiss them all. Love the pretty purse, it's so you.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  10. OH MY! Mom has made so very sweet creations! Isn't that little kangaroo the sweetest! And LOOK at all that MONEY! I have more bags for sale...does Dad need one! heeheehee! Thanks for mentioning me on your sweet post! I'm having fun with BAGS! Hugs to you, Prudence! ♥♥♥

  11. Lulu and Flora it looks like there is no end to your mischief. That's what mama said. Between us bears we think mischief is what makes each day fun!!

    Prudence you are such a beary good girl to surprise you mom with the purse. We give surprises to our mama too, but so far they haven't been ones that make her smile, except for when we did everything nice when she was sick!

    We love your mom's elephant and kangaroo with little Joey.

    Hannah said to say hi. She sure eats a lot of carrots.

    Sissy Bear
    Sweet Pea

  12. Hi Prudence, isn't it exciting that we'll all be going to Camp Good Bear together?? It will be so much FUN!!!

    Yikes, I hope you guys made sure that Alf doesn't get out of that closet cuz he'll be really, really, really mad when he does get out! Just tell him that Lulu & Flora did it:-)

    Tsk, tsk, tsk, just like those two to take your dad's money, hopefully they don't spend it all at once! hehe

    Ooooh you're so lucky to get that cool purse, we love it! Won't your mom be surprised when you give her the one you bought for her:-)

    Mama Pea said to tell your mom that the critters she makes are always so adorable....not as adorable as us, though, right? :-)

    Bye for now, Prudence, see ya next week! Lots of kisses and hugs, Misty & Tiffany xoxoxo

  13. Oooh boy, sounds like Alf's had it! Maybe Flora and Lulu are trying to buy themselves out of trouble ;o)

    We love little Katie and her wee roo, and of course EllieNor, sure they'll be off on new adventures really soon!


    The Clan and Jack

  14. Hi, dear Prudence:
    Oh the Babies are in so much trouble, but did they go for the money to help you get Mom's new purse? Oh, doggone it, that slipped. I'm such a blabbermouth.
    Hey, I thought the Babies were locked in the linen closet. Thank Goodness you let them out.
    Are you keeping Alf in there?
    Miss Susan

  15. Your photos always make me smile. Happy Friday!


  16. I just love your stories. They always bring a smile to my face even when the little ones are getting into mischief.

    I just love EllieNor, Katie and Lil' Roo. Awesome!!!!


  17. I love stories, I do. But I get really, really, really scared when I think of something eating little kitties. I was glad to hear he didn't..but still..
    (can't sleep so am up with that. :)

  18. I leave just a ronronzinho's friend
    Kika ♥ ♥ ♥

  19. Dear Prudence:
    I updated my photo flip book on my blog and I added the picture of Puffy that you framed for me. Puffy and I love it and we love you.
    Miss Susan

  20. Dear Prudence,
    GGG...your little stories make me smile! I just love them ♥ see keep 'em rollin' will ya!!! Your mums'kangaroo is beautiful. She did a wonderful job. Hugs, Thea x

  21. Dear Prudence and lovely family,

    You are all so cute that I´m sure your mom won´t get angry with you even though you have been naughty!!! :) Love reading about your adventures!! And the new cuties are so adorable!!

    Have a wonderful day, a big hug for all of you from Barcelona.

  22. Dear Prudence,
    your story is lovely!! And I love your new EllieNor and Katie & Lil Roo, what fantastic sweeties!!
    have a wonderful week
    big hugs


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