Friday, February 17, 2012

The Linen Closet

It's Funny Friday
"Pru, it's as easy as fallin' off your bed.  You call Lu & Flo in here and I'll take it from there."
"LuLu, Flora, come here, I want you to meet Alf" .
Alf, their names are LuLu & Flora and I am Prudence
Yeah, sure...
Well,  it was a busy week.  My good buddy, Alf had a great joke to play on LuLu & Flora.  But first...let me explain somethin' - they aren't the sweet little kids that you think they are.  Oh, they look sweet but what goes on here is that they are always misbehaving.  They upset Mom's stuff, snoop around in her jewelry box, and take stuff.  They mess with my stuff, and they even go into MY bedroom and jump on my bed  because
"Yippee, Flora, let's really mess up Prudence's bed, hehehe..."

 they have to share a room, and they're so jealous.  They even look in Dad's wallet, do you believe that?  I saw them do it....

"Hey, Lu, Flo, come here & look what's in the closet."


"What da'ya mean, it's your Blog, Pru?  Hey, you asked me for help, now I take center stage.  Got it, sweet face?"
"Ya know Alf, I'm not likin' you very much right now.  You are very sarcastic."
to be continued next Friday...

Primitive Cookie Cutter Babies


 The Blythe Ghost 

A big teddy bear WELCOME and Thank you for joining us.  We are so glad to meet you.


  1. Well Prudence you might have taken on a little more than you can handle when you asked Alf to help you.

    It does sound like Lulu and Flora have been a little naughty. Try to
    be patient with them. They are just little baby bears.

    Just be glad you aren't a cat! Alf eats them. Yes he does! Mama said

    Our Mama loves Lamby!

    Sissy Bear & Blossom

  2. Just like the old saying "when the cat's away, the bears will play!" Looks like somebody is having waaaay to much fun!!

  3. Thank you for the warm welcome. It's a pleasure to stop by here and see what mischief all you bears are getting up to.

  4. OH my you are very naughty little ones!!!!
    Mom has her hands full with you...

    Love little lamby!!!
    Happy Friday!! And don't be so bad,little bears!!!

  5. Wow thing are hotting up in your house Prudence, I wouldn't take being spoken to like that from Alf.
    I will be glued to the puter to see if you are still OK next week.Just tell him Wilbur said bullying is NOT ON.
    Hugs Wilbur.

  6. Well Prudence we think it serves you right for playing tricks on Lulu and Flora, and trying to get them into trouble all the time.

    Lamby's very sweet though.


    The Clan and Jack

  7. I don't much like that "Alf", how long is he staying....he'll get you into trouble with your bearants.
    Thanks for coming to the party.

  8. Gulp! You asked ALF for help? Ohhhh noooo, we heard he can be really mean...hopefully he still only eats cats and not little bears!!! But, we can see why Lulu and Flora need a lesson, they are spoiled rotten...we would NEVER do the things they do, would we:-)

    Guess what, Prudence? We're thinking that Mama Pea is gonna let us go to Camp Good Bear because she says you would be a good influence on us...whatever that means! Anyway, we'll keep working on her:-)

    Note to ALF...if you hurt any of our friends, man, we're gonna get you back!!

    Lots of bear hugs, Misty & Tiffany xoxoxo

  9. Hi Prudence,

    We don't like the looks of this Alf character. He doesn't look trustworthy!! Did you let LuLu & Flora out of the linen closet? That can be a very scary place indeed!! We know what pest those two can be but they are your little sisters and you need to love and protect them.

    We'll be here next Friday to see what happens.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  10. What a crew of scamps your bears are!

    Happy Friday,
    Ali x

  11. Don't worry about the babies Pru, it's just the mischief of youth. You have to rise above it and be the better bear.

    Oh, and Alf... you are not the boss of Pru so don't even go there!!

    Big hugs, Nicki and Little Ted, xx

  12. Your bear and stories are adorable! Have a wonderfully delightful day :)

  13. My little Dear.Dancing is the best.I don't dance very good anymore but when I was young I loved to dance.My fave color has to be lavender so that's the color ribbon I would wear out dancing.So nice to meet all your friends-including the famous Alf.Your lucky to know Him.Ask Him for a dance :) Auntie Denise

  14. Dear Prudence:
    I'd watch my back with LuLu and Flora if I were you. Alf used to live at my house with my Ashley when she was teeny tiny like you. But he was sweet to Ashley, he's kinda bossy with you.
    I hope when the babies get out they don't lock YOU and Alf in the closet, oh my heart. I'm a scaird of the dark, are you?
    I am in love with Lamby!!
    Welcome 'The Blythe Ghost'.
    Hugs, Miss Susan

  15. we'll have to see how this turns out!! hope your bedroom isn't too messy now!

  16. hi my friends,
    these little ones are doing a lot of mischief...but surely you will find a way to educate them...Alf I think a good boy I like your long nose it could be a great help!!
    happy weekend .hugs.

  17. They are always up to something! I bet they are buddy buddy when we aren't looking! Hugs! ♥

  18. Oooooooooo THAT'S who that is....we here in Nowhere are self-contained and don't know much about the outside world; must pick up that bear book and read chum here TEA RAT could learn some manners!!!!

    THANK YOU FOR VISITING US! And your bears are just SWEET AS HONEY! Anita

  19. What a mischievous couple!
    But i love them so much, they always make me smile!
    Happy Carnival dear friends.
    Woof, woof,


  20. Hi, dear Prudence, we're testing the blog for Mom...

  21. Ihr habt wirklich eine Menge arbeit mit den Kleinen. Aber, Prudence, sei geduldig, irgend wann werden sie älter und machen nicht mehr so viel Blödsinn. LOL
    Liebe Grüße
    Heike & Henry

  22. Dearest Prudence,No worries. I'm fine.I'm having elective surgery soon to get SKINNY my dear.Skinny so I can keep having good times with family and friends like you.

  23. Ya have to keep your eyes wide open when it comes to that Alf...he lived here with our Social Butterfly and he's a trickster, that one!!!

    God bless and have a terrific day sweetie!!!

    Fun post!!! :o)

  24. Olá amiguinhos queridos...
    Gostei da visita de voces, sempre gosto de voces lá.
    Viram que legal, eu sei dirigir carro, e um dia, levo todos voces para passear comigo de carro, que tal? Voces vão amar passear aqui em São Paulo.
    Ótima noite amiguinhos.
    Fiquem com o Papai do Céu.
    Aus 1000 e Beijos 1000 de mamis a todos voces com carinho...



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