Friday, April 20, 2012

Change is good...

It's Funny Friday
Well, we are working on my Blog (still) and we are getting there - slowly.  Having a problem getting rid of an old Halloween wallpaper & it has driven poor Mom over the edge, and I'm right behind her.  SATURDAY UPDATE:  Thanks to Dad, he fixed that "spooky" problem.  Yippee.

I have been under the covers weather for the last few days.  I'm old and I have just been feelin' sorta "droopy" for awhile, my neck hurts (Mom says it's bearthritis).  I don't know, I feel kinda awful and less athletic looking.  So Mom is going to help me look and feel better.  I'll tell you more about this next week.

But I do have exciting travel news, Miss Carol over at
Buttermilk Creek Farm has invited me to the farm to visit with her (Daniel & Harold too).  I am planning that trip as soon as I get home from Camp Good Bear.  Daniel & Harold will be at camp so we have lots of time to plan my trip.  Mom is thinking of sending me First Class Box and not Parcel Coach.

Heaps of Hugs ♥

by LuLu & Flora
Flora, I guess you can say Prudence is falling apar...
ENOUGH, you two.  One more word from either of you and it's time out (again) for 6 weeks, do you understand?
Yeah, we understand - psst...Flora, Prudence is such an old hag that her stuffing is smushed (giggle). comes Mom.
Whoa, did you hear "dat"?  Prudence is going to visit Daniel & Harold after camp?  We'll be "home alone" with Mom for even longer - color us happy.

Oh Mom, we don't want our own Blog page anymore, we wanna post here on the first page.
Okay girls, but once I delete your page you can't change your mind.  So, what will it be?
Scrap it, please.

LuLu & Flora


  1. Ohhh your are nearly there...I'm so curious about your new revamped blog site! Lulu & Flora if I were you I would post your babblings here too. I think we all appreciate it if you do so.
    Have a beautiful weekend, Thea x

  2. Oh yes..change is good..but also difficult..

    Bearthritis ..hmm mom has to fix you Prudence,your visit will be nice!
    And little ones,don't act like babies!!!
    Have a beary weekend!! Hugs!!

  3. Oh dear Prudence, you really are getting old and grumpy shouting at the babies like that ;o) LT's dad's kinda getting like that too, but don't tell him we told ya...


    The Clan and Jack

  4. Ola queridos,
    eu creio que as mudanças sao fantasticas e que seu capacete deu uma carregada nas suas ideias assim que tudo esta ficando maravilhoso e voce esta de parabens !!Muitos beijos e tenha um agradavel final de semana.

  5. Hi Prudence my friend, don't let those naughty kids tease you. I'm just giving you a little advice. When you are going to be re-stuffed and have a bit of botox. Just ask your mum for a big glass of brandy first. Then it won't hurt. I'm sure you will look fabulous by Bear Good Camp. By the way.... have we got a couple of guys coming. That will be good.

  6. WOO HOO!!! Mom is letting you come for a visit. We can't wait. Won't Mom just let you come home with us after camp?

    We love you!
    Harold and Daniel

  7. awww, poor prudence!! i hope you are feeling better very soon!

  8. Hi Prudence,
    Sorry to hear you aren't feeling super good. We didn't do a post today cause we're suffering from "spring fever" or "cabin fever" one of those blah things. We want to go outside and have fun but it's so icky out we can't so we're moody and bored. That's what Mom said anyway. She's been too busy making faces, that she hasn't been spending beary much time with us. We can't wait til we go to camp so we can have fun with our friends. It's still 84 days until we see everybeary.
    Get feeling better soon.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  9. Prudence we are beary sad that you are not feeling yourself. Maybe camp will help. When we spend time with our friends it can help us to feel better ever so much!
    When you visit at Buttermilk Creek Farm be sure to drink buttermilk it's quite good for you. So are buttermilk pancakes and donuts. :o)

    Sweet Pea
    and me

  10. Hello Prudence, feel better soon, please....and remind me again when we leave for camp...I know I'm a bother but I've forgotten again....

  11. Entrei no sorteio do Tigre meu amigo e se gostares da minha foto vai votar em mim vou fazer a postagem com a fotografia que entrei e por o link do Tigre é só carregares e vais logo lá ter .
    Bom fim de semana
    Ronons da amiga que não se esquece nunca de ti

  12. Dear Prudence,
    Sorry to hear that you have been under the weather! And I can totally understand your blogging frustration! Every time I try and make a change, it seems as if something goes wrong! And how fun for your invite! Geez, even teddy bears have a more active social life than I do!! Have a great weekend, Miss Emily sends her love!

  13. Hi, Prudence:
    Poor dear friend, I didn't know you were hurting. I am so sad tonight reading this. Ask Mom to give you bear rubs like Mr. Oaks gives me. It will help you feel better again. I hope you can feel better by the time you go to camp and now you have a visit to Buttermilk Creek Farm too! So much excitement for one little girl bear.
    Heaps of Hugs,
    Miss Susan

  14. Amiguinhos queridos e fofinhos...
    Obrigada por sempre estarem em meu bloguinho. É muito bom ver voces lá. São amigos especiais que eu e mamis gostamos muito de voces.

    ÓTIMO FINAL DE SEMANA A TODOS VOCES. Muita alegria, diversão e passeios e coisas boas.
    Fiquem com o Papai do Céu.
    Aus 1000 e Beijos 1000 com amor e carinho das amiguinhas do Brasil ...


  15. Hello dear friends,

    Oh Prudence don't tire yourself too much, please! Even if you're not old, for us you're always a little and young girl :)
    I like the new blog changes!
    Have a nice weekend.
    Woof, woof,


  16. Well,at least we can keep each other company.When were not on meds. we can talk.Auntie doesn't type too good when she sleepy.Sometimes I get up too early in the morning and try to type, when I look back at it,it looks like a different language,cuase I fall asleep while typing.Did you know that happens a lot to nurses that work on the night shift.It's really funny to read.

  17. OH MY! Is this something else I need to worry about? Psalm 91 Just what I needed today!

  18. I'm sorry your not feeling well. Its a funny old time of year for ailments, isn't it. I hope your feeling better soon.

    Happy St. George's Day from England

    Ali x

  19. Well first, I am NOT speaking to the bratty babies! GRRRRR Grumble, grumble.. long will you be gone? Do they have a phone? Do you think you should? I don't trust the mail..I mean they could drop you, throw you, lose you, STEAL you! I just don't know about this...

  20. Hi Everyone,
    I'm sorry I haven't been around for a while because I took wee Jock to India. He said he wanted to live up to his name so he had a ball seeing loads of people and cows and water buffalos and goats dogs 'n stuff out of our bus, and putting his paws over his eyes quite often too when he saw the way they drive in India - scary isn't the word I can tell you.

    Maybe you can tell Mom to take down the current link to my photos and put up my website instead. it's at You'll be able to follow all the things Jock saw and he'll update his blog too to cover the missing bits.

    I hope you're feeling better soon and the wee bears aren't being too nasty.


  21. adoro a Lulu...adoro a Flora...adoro a todas tus criaturitas!!! un besote gordo desde Asturias!!

  22. Prudence e amiguinhos ursos queridos...
    AMEI o recado em meu blog pelo meu aniversário, com música e tudo de PARABÉNS!
    Muito obrigada pelo carinho que voces sempre dão a mim e a Kippy.
    Voces são muito especiais.
    Fiquem com o Papai do Céu.
    Aus 1000 e Beijos 1000 com amor e carinho das amigas....


  23. Oh darlin' Prudence...please do go first class all the way and be safe out there!!! We're talkin' Post Office here.

    God bless and tell your Mom to have a perfectly blessed day!!!

    Have fun Lulu and Flora!!! :o)


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