Friday, April 13, 2012

Under Construction?

 It's Funny Friday
the 13th

Warning:  Hard heads hats needed before reading.
After much thought we have decided to "just do it" and make some much wanted changes to my Blog.  It's not that we don't know what we want - it's pure FEAR, fear of the dreaded D word (deleted).  I mean, really, this could bring me down to my fiberfill bent knees.  I know we aren't alone out there in "Blogville", we have read so many posts of this happening to friends, but it's time to "just do it"  (we think).

First we are going to add pages up by my header, one at a time - slowly, slowly, one page at a time.  Do you think I can do it?  Mom would like to have pictures of her miniature projects, maybe an "adoption room", & Molly & Jessie would like their own "The Wag of 2 Tails" page, and a few more pages. 

So, having said that, and now knowing what we are doing, or trying, if one day you come over to visit and we are gone - it's because we have been DELETED.  Lost in cyberspace.  Zapped.  Ka-put.  Gone. Vanished.
Whistle while we work ♪....Mom says to forget the whistle while we work - we need to remember to breathe (she's a hoot, isn't she).

Breathing while we work.......(giggle)

Heaps of Hugs

         BABY BABBLINGS           
                 by LuLu & Flora                        
Doesn't Prudence look stupid with that bowl on her head?  They are such an embarrassment to us.
Remember everybear WE ARE ADOPTED.  Giggle.  (Prudence is the "real deal mess", Mom created her.) WE WERE ADOPTED INTO THIS CRAZY, WEIRD FAMILY. (But we love 'em just the way they are, shh...don't tell 'em we said that.)
We want a page too.
Yeah, our own page, we don't want to share with "Miss Bossy Pants" anymore.

Елена Ригина, welcome to our happy little teddy bear family.  It is a pleasure to meet you.
Carol Parsons.  Thank you for joining us.  We welcome you and are so happy that you joined our teddy bear family.
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  1. Dear Prudence, Granny says it would be her that went into cyber space if something went wrong, because she wouldn't know what to do to fix it.
    On the other hand, I'm sure I could ,you just play around until something works. Is that what you do Prudence.
    As for those giggly girts, tell em you are doing serious business.

  2. Sounds like neat things are going to happen on your blog. Prudence you look pretty silly but as always very cute with your construction hat (bowl) on.

    Lulu and Flora Hooray! you will maybe have a page of your own. Way to go sweeties.

    We love that you are going to have a page for Molly and Jessie love the name you have chosen for it too.

    and good luck with the blog changes.

    Sweet Pea
    sissy and me (their mama)

  3. Hi Prudence,
    Adding those pages is a pretty good idea!! And I think you should add them. I'm really looking forward.......

    Happy weekend, Thea x

  4. Hello my friends,
    oh yes it is natural that everybody wants to have its own page within the blog ...I think a fantastic're very focused with his new helmet he makes you think better?have a nice weekend with sunshine and smiles.HUgs.

  5. Don't worry about the blog, you'll be fine Prudence - if Little Ted can add pages, anybear can!!

    Hugs, Nicki, xx

  6. LOL are you finished with changing everything or will it be different again next time...??

    Have to say Prudence looks a little stupid with that bowl...haha.made me laugh!!
    Friday Hugs...

  7. Hold on tight for the ride girls, it may be a bumpy on...


    The Clan and Jack

  8. Dear Prudence and Babies:
    I hope you are all happy bears today. Don't worry about making any changes, I was a-scaird too, Prudence but I was just real careful and made sure I backed up my template and blog first. I added some pages recently, it was easy. Have a good time.
    Miss Susan

  9. Hi Prudence, we sure hope you don't get DELETED, that's a really scary word, isn't it!! When Mama Pea told us you were "under construction", we put on our hard hats (pots) right away too! hehe

    It's so much fun visiting with you again, we really missed being part of the fun the last few Fridays. We keep bugging Mama Pea if it's time to go to Camp Good Bear but she says not yet. Sigh. We can't wait to be with all our bear friends:-)

    Lotsa love & hugs, Misty & Tiffany xoxoxoxo

  10. No greater fear than fear itself Prudence ... it's easier than you think, just dive in at the deepend!

    Hope you and the gang had a lovely Easter.

  11. running around in cyberspace! Carefully, slowly make your changes so we don't lose anyone. Ha! I am sure your blog will be the envy of blogland when you are finished with your changes. Help Mom! She is going to need it till things are done.

    hugs to you sweet Prudence.

    Harold, Daniel and Carol

  12. Dearest Prudence,
    Did you just finish eating popcorn out of that bowl that's on your head or what?? Good luck with your blog changes. I know that whenever my mom tries to change anything on her blog, it usually ends up being a mess! One day a few weeks ago, she discovered that her blog was totally missing! thank goodness she was able to quickly get it restored, but I heard her say more than a few choice words that were not music to my ears!

  13. Dearest Prudence,Thank you for your cograts.I wouldn't have noticed I won without You.This is fun playing in this strange computer land,don't you think?Your Mommy is very brave to make such big changes on her computer.But I'm glad I can still find you.You and your family take care and God continue to bless you.Hugs to all Auntie Denise

  14. Hello dear friends,

    Prudence i love your original hat :)
    And don't worry about the blogs' changes, everything will be fine!
    I'm so happy to know that Lulu and Flora could have a personal blog, even if this blog is FANTASTIC!
    Have a nice weekend.
    Woof, woof,


  15. A change is as good as a rest, or so they say. "They" obviously didn't lose comments, widgets etc.. when changing "their" blog. LOL!

    Hope all goes well. I'm sure the new look will be great.

    Ali x

  16. Lulu and Flora..this is Abby's mom speaking..and you have to NOT say things like that! Abby wears her bow ..and sometimes I have a terrible time making her keep it on. She says it "iches" her..but so far she has kept it on lately. You do know, don't you that Prudence WILL hear about this and then your tiny behinds best look OUT!~! Prudence is NOT to be triffled with.. ok? Got it?? As cute as you are, I just don't think Prudence would give a moments thought before she dumped you two into the honey pot...and I DON'T want to go there!
    Abby's mom

  17. Já voltamos com muiiiiitas saudades e com 4 pedidos a fazer ,vão lá aos blogs ver
    Ronrons da sempre amiguinha


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