Friday, May 18, 2012

♫ Dancing In The Moonlight ♫

It's Funny Friday

Well, it wasn't exactly dancing, but more like sitting in the moonlight.  In the wee small hours Molly came and woke me up - this is very unusual so I knew it was probably a "potty" call.

We were just coming off the full moon, I believe they called it "supermoon" and the moonlight filled the family room, spilled unto the deck and cast tall shadows of the trees in the yard.  Of course Jessie had to get in on the fun too, so out we went.  It was beautiful, the girls ran down into the yard, Jessie began barking and I knew there was an animal in the woods, but what I was about to see and hear was truly a gift from Heaven.

Molly was busy poking around so I sat down on the deck steps, from there I can see up my neighbor's driveway to his mailbox column.  I saw movement, silent movement, the void of sound made this magical, and there I saw 2 deer, the one was just moving out of my range of vision but the other one, a doe, stood there looking across the yard, just staring at me.  I sat there motionless, by this time hubby came out to see what we were doing outside, Jessie went inside and Molly was very quiet just enjoying walking in the cool, wet grass.  It was chilly and I was glad I had grabbed my jacket before going outdoors.

We just enjoyed that beautiful sight, the doe was still standing watching us and hubby called my attention to the "noise" in the woods next to our house, our bedroom is situated on the west end of the house and right along the house we have a deer path, it's been their "route" for years.  It wasn't deer walking over snapping twigs, it was them munching on tender branches, it was so quiet that we could hear them eating vegetation.

In this little corner of my world we live in very quiet surroundings, there is no traffic, so I am very use to hearing nothing during daylight hours except birds singing, an occasional airplane flying overhead or a distant lawn mower - that is our "noise" and I am very spoiled. At night there is total silence.

  Oh, Molly says, "and that blasted UPS truck which I can hear long before Mom can and I have to bark, telling it to "keep the noise down".  Woof.

I don't know how long I sat in the moonlight but I just didn't even want to blink my eyes in fear of missing more of my beautiful surroundings.  We are truly blessed.

Blessings, have a wonderful weekend.

Oh, I almost forgot - this "is" Prudence's Blog....

Hi Everybear....
That's okay Mom, I love sharing with you.
Here I am counting off the days till we leave for camp.  Only 56 more sleeps and I will be there.  This waiting is "bear-strating", isn't it?  I mean it's really "fur-strating", stressing my mohair, putting a wave in my fur.  Haha.

Mom says she can tell by my "jokes" that I am growing impatient.  Growing impatient?  Heck, I'm there now, Mom.
Our new treasure box is almost finished, I think Mom will have it posted during the week.
Heaps of Hugs ♥


  1. You describe your corner of the world beautifully. You are truly blessed.

    Prudence you are such a good bear to share your blog with mom.

    Sweet Pea
    and our Mama

  2. Oh I love sittin' in the moonlight as well as you do. Must be great to have dears so close to your house. You're so lucky.
    Prudence those 50 sleeps will pass by in no time. Before you know it you can go camping!!! I'm sending you a little patience dust...!!!! Here it is.....grab it.

    Happy Weekend, Thea xoxo

  3. What a beautiful story,it must have been lovely to see those deers in the beauty of moonlight...

    Hugs to Prudence!!!
    Happy Weekend!

  4. Hi Prudence, did you go out and see the deer as well. Perhaps Mom might
    have thought you would talk too much. Tell your Mom Granny says that nature gives us the most amazing gifts. She was given some beautiful pods today that came off a tree. You should have heard her. Any one would think it was Christmas.

  5. Oh yes,
    I think it was a very special moment... I really love the picture of the moonlight.
    Prudence, you'll be starting the bearscamp soon, don't worry dear friend.
    Have a great weekend, to all of you.
    Woof, woof,


    P.S. (Hi Molly and Jessie :)

  6. Hi all,

    That sounds like a fun night. LT says the only sounds we can hear are seagulls and pigeons who are 'at it' but we don't really know what that means...

    Anyway, don't go pulling your fur out waiting Prudence, you'd hate to be bald in the camp photographs!


    The Clan and Jack

  7. I envy you your peace and quiet. It's very noisy where we are, though we hope to change that soon. I love to moon gaze too with my new telescope. A present from my sweet hubby last Christmas.

    Have a fab weekend.

    Ali x

  8. Oh wow....Prudence did you see the deer too or were you still sleeping? We have rabbits in our yard and cats sometime. I would love to see a deer eating a tree.

    beary big hug!
    Harold and Daniel

    P.S. We can't wait to see you at camp.

  9. Hi Prudence,
    It was nice of you to let your mom post on your blog. You said it's 50 more sleeps until camp? We must have counted wrong cause we counted 56. We hope it's 50 cause that's sooner and we're getting tired of waiting.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  10. Hello,
    what a beautiful experience my friends yes it is really a blessing to live close to magnificent o'que God did for us.Have a beautiful weekend.

  11. Well, Prudence..I am all packed for camp..pretty much. Just the fresh cookies which will come later..and thank you! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! I am surprised anyone visited me at all.. :( Mom means to get over there and help me post..but..sometimes I think she is running as fast as she can lately.

    Hello Betty and Prudence..
    So..deer? :( we have no little deers. None. But our evenings are very quiet. But not a single deer. Only squirrels, possum and Racoons. That's it and we feel lucky to have those. Kit Fox now and then but they are very much nocturnal as are the others.

    Thank your visiting Abby..she is just a wee upset with me.. :(
    Maybelle :)

  12. Olá amiguinhos fofos e queridos...
    Tudo bem?
    Passei para desejar a voces uma ótima semana...
    cheio de alegria e muitas brincadeiras...
    Fiquem com o Papai do Céu.
    Aus 1000 e Beijos 1000 com carinho das amigas do Brasil...

    KIPPY & Mamis LILLY

  13. What a lovely post. Have not been here in a while. Blessings.

  14. Lovely to hear about your moonlight experience, we never have anything so exciting, but then you have such a HUGE country you can space yourselves out well.

    Well Miss Prudence I'm not getting to go to camp, so you're being quite unbearable talking about it all the time. Please think of those of us who won't get to go to camp. But by then I'll have been back to Germany, where I've just been, and Ireland where I'm just going (well, in 10 days), not to mention this weekend's visit to see jack.



  15. Wow, what a magical night! How lucky you were to be able to see the deer:) And to have no noise is such a treat, isn't it? It was super quiet like that in WA. It's not exactly noisy here, but we do hear more "comings and goings" of We also get deer in our yard, as we have woods on 3 sides of the yard. I've not yet seen them since we've been home, but I see they have been busy nibbling on my hostas! Hugs to you and Prudence and the gang!


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