Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day

It's Friday

 In Honor of all our men and women who gave their lives to defend and protect our great
 United States of America.  For their families and friends....we will not forget you.

For all our Military who continue to protect and defend us.  May God Bless You and keep you safe.

Happy Memorial Day everybear, I wish you a wonderful & safe holiday.
"Out Takes"
 It was just "all about me", and then Jessie barged into my photo shoot - "stop sniffing my head, Jessie", now I have dog spit on my bee-u-tee-ful fur.

"Wait, Molly & Jessie are in the picture."

Oh, I have some news, Mom added a "mailing list" to my Blog.  Now you can be the first to know what she is putting in our Shabby Chic Shop and in our future Teddy Bear Shop (coming in the fall).  When she adds something new she will send out a little newsy ♫ (note, giggle).

Heaps of Hugs
(only 43 more sleeps till Camp Good Bear)


  1. Happy Memorial Day to you!

    Happy Friday!!

  2. Hiya Prudence,
    We have a Memorial Day in Holland too, it's on the 5th of May.And I wish you a happy Memorial Day as well. Don't mind the spit, it's an act of LOVE....!!! I think that Molly & Jessie love you so much as you are so beautiful with your lovely flag and ribbon bow. I ♥ it!!!
    Your Mum is brilliant. It's a good thing to add the mailing list.
    Heaps of hugssssssss, Thea xoxo

  3. Hi Prudence, DOG SLOBBER, uggg. on your head. I hope it didn't dribble down to your mouth!!!!Ha Ha. Oh well the dogs need to get into the lime light a bit, because they won't be going to CAMP.... Getting closer..... I'm trying to act cool,although I am really excited.
    Hugs Wilbur

  4. Happy Memorial Day to all of you, Prudence and the gang! Love the neat eagle (miss the ones at our old house, but they didn't have flags tattooed on their faces!). Oh, and I almost feel like a movie star, since your mom put my photograph her your blog:)

  5. Oh Prudence!!! You look so beautiful with your Red/white/blue bow and your flag. Silly ole Jessie and Molly trying to steal the show from you. Never!!!

    Harold and Daniel

  6. Hi Prudence,
    We do love your photos, even though you had to share your shoot with the dogs. We aren't so sure about the dog drool. We sure hope it wasn't right after they had their morning sardines! :o)

    Bear hugs
    from Sissy & Sweet Pea & Blossom

  7. Prudence e amiguinhos ursos queridos...
    Linda as fotos da homenagem.
    Voces são muito fofos...
    Tenham um ótimo final de semana.
    Fique com o Papai do Céu.
    Aus 1000 e Beijos 1000...


  8. Good morning, Prudence
    I see I'm not the only one displaying the Red, White and look so cute there on the porch with your legs crossed...sorry the four legged critters had to get in on the photo shoot. Have a fabulous weekend.
    Tell your Mom, we read last week's Funny Friday, too....Only a week late...we love seeing the wildlife, too.
    Mama Bear

  9. Prudence are you with your beautiful kerchief on her head ... and the licking Jessie's a good shampoo will help ... kisses.

  10. Eeewww, nothing worse than dog drool matting up your fur! We hope they've left you alone since then!


    The Clan and Jack

  11. Oh, happy Memorial day to all of you!!!
    You're so beautiful Prudence even with some spit-dog on your head :)
    Have a nice weekend.
    Woof, woof,


  12. Beautiful tribute from both of you for The brave people who fight for us.Good Bear! So glad you visit Me Love Auntie Denise

  13. Hi Prudence,
    We didn't forget about you. We would have been here sooner but our puter has been acting up so it's been in 'time out'.
    You look so pretty with the bee-u-tee-full red, white and blue bow. Did you ever get the doggy spit out of your fur? Molly and Jessie must really love you.
    It won't be long now and we'll be hugging you for real.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  14. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Over here in England it's busting out everywhere with Union Jacks for the Queen's 60th Jubilee.

    Ali x

  15. What a cute picture! All decked out in patriotic red, white and blue! Our memorial day was quiet. Very quiet!
    Hugs and love,
    Mona and Abby


Thank you for writing, I love to receive mail and comments on my posts. Thank you for dropping by and have a most blessed day. Hugs, Prudence