Friday, June 1, 2012

Birthday Girl

It's Funny Friday

♫ Happy Birthday dear Jessie,
Happy Birthday to you ♫
Look at the size of that tongue

(Molly has a birthday next month)

Well, Jessie's birthday is on Sunday, June 3, she will be 4 years old,  but we celebrate the doggone whole weekend - yippee!

Tonight they have their Frosty Paws® after their 8 o'clock potty, Mom takes them out of the freezer for 20 minutes, and as soon as the timer goes off - zoom - it's a race to the kitchen, dogs vs. humans (the girls always win).  Dad holds Molly's for her and Mom has Jessie's, they are so funny, they lick until its all gone.

Saturday morning they have an egg on their dry food and as soon as it's light M & D take them for a walk.  Back home Mom makes breakfast and there is always a little something for them.  (o:

On Sunday, since it's Jessie's birthday we are planning a nice dinner that we can share with them. (I don't think M&D will eat out of bowls though, giggle.)  I think Dad is bringing home vanilla ice cream to "share".


We have a new sucky baby for her and of course Molly gets a new toy too.

♫ Happy Birthday dear Jessie,
Happy Birthday to you ♫

Thank you for dropping by...we love your visits.
Heaps of Hugs


  1. Sweet Jessie, have a very
    Happy Birthday!!
    M&D and Prudence, you sure spoil your dog babies!
    Have a really great
    Miss Susan

  2. Hello,
    Happy Birthday dear Jessie!!
    will surely be a great fun...
    I hope to see your picture with these new gifts.
    Many years of life and many caresses.

  3. That is going to be a great weekend!!

    Happy Birthday sweet Jessie,

    Hugs,Leny X

  4. Dear friends,

    You're still very young!!
    I love your big tongue :)
    I hope you have great time with your humans and Molly and also all the bears!
    Kisses and hugs from your little friend


  5. Happy Birthday Jessie....I would love to see a photo of both dogs eating Ice Cream. I bet you lick every little drop.I hope you get lots of Pats and smooches.
    Hugs Wilbur.

  6. Happy Birthday Jessie ;o)
    Very nice photos.

    Have a nice weekend

  7. Happy birthday Jessie. Hugs and smooches you sweet little girl. We wish you a wonderful birthday week. It sounds like M&D and Prudence have great things in store for you.

    Hi Prudence,
    Does your family always have birthday weeks? We only get one special day for our birthday. We're telling M that one day isn't enough and we want a whole week too. Back us up on this, OK? M will listen to you.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  8. Happy Birthday Jessie! Looks like it's going to be a good one for you so ENJOY to the depths of your little doggie heart. I can see you live a really great life. Lucky you!

    Happy Happy Birthday!

    ~ginger & Sebastian

  9. Happy Birthday Jessie! It sounds like you are going to have a very special weekend.
    It warms my heart to see what a wonderful life you and Molly have. We need to wish for more dogs and cats to have such loving homes.

    and of course the Bears

  10. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Jessie
    Happy Birthday to youuuuuu!!!

    Hey, Prudence, you guys sure have a fun weekend to look forward to. Make sure Jessie shares her birthday goodies with you:-)

    We have been "missing in action" again but Mama Pea says we can make a post again next Friday. Yippee! Have to get ready for Camp Good Bear!!! Lots of bear hugs, Misty & Tiffany xoxo

  11. Happy Birthday, Jessie!! Have a great weekend, all!!

  12. Happy Birthday Baby Jessie - Enjoy your new baby and have lots of blessings. :o)

  13. Happy 4th birthday Jessie!!! WOO HOO!!! A celebration....we love birthday parties!!! Prezzies and ice cream. Yum!

    Harold and Daniel

  14. Happy Birthday sweet Jessie! What a pretty girl you are! I'll help you blow out the candles on your cake if you need some help:) Have a great weekend!!

  15. Good Morning, and thanks for stopping by Saturday Scribbles....I wanted to clear up that it was my grandson graduating and his mother is my daughter.
    Mama Bear

  16. Happy Birthday to your sweet Jessie. Your Jessie and my Jessie could be twins....same name...same looks. Only my Jessie has a couple years on yours...blessings

  17. Wait!!! When is my birthday Prudence?? I want a birthday too and since I was borned at your house..when is my birthday..hmmmmmmm ..

  18. aaaa...did I wish Jessie a Happy Birthday? OH NO! I forgot..I'm sorry. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSIE!!

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JESSIE ♥ and many returns of it too.....!!!!!
    I hope you had a great weekend and that you've been spoiled very much. Dogs deserved to be spoiled wha ha ha....!
    Heaps of Hugs, Thea

  20. Sorry we're a bit late, my sea-lion hasn't been too great - oops off he goes again. He says he's getting better though.

    I hope you all had a great weekend and that you dressed up for the party.

    Jock and Alan

  21. Happy Birthday Jessie! I hope you had a fabulous fourth birthday.

    Ali xx

  22. Happy birthday Jessie, hope you were totally spoiled on Sunday. We were off being fondled by strange women in London for the weekend...


    The Clan and Jack


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