Friday, July 20, 2012

"Whoa... what's dat?

It's Funny LuLu & Flora's 
Funny Friday
us, the little kids.

Prudence is at Camp Good Bear and we're bored - BORED!  There's nothin' to do around here.  So, being the cute little "monsters" that we are we decided to sneak into the craft room and see what is going on.
Eeeeek.........what the bear is this, Flora?
I dunno, LuLu.
Do you think it's an alien?
I dunno.
It's got all these antenna thingy's stickin' up, do you think it's talkin' to its mother ship?

Hello, do you come in peace?  Hello?
Here comes Mom, quick, hide -

 maybe she will talk to it and we will know what it is.

See ya next week....
LuLu & Flora

"dat thingy is spooky" 

P.S.  Mom is uploading pictures from Camp Good Bear, you can see them on our "Camp Good Bear" page. 



  1. Hi Lulu & Flora,

    Prudence maybe away to Camp Good Bear, but you both seem to enjoy curious bears!
    Mum will tell ya what that thing was also needed to let you both come to live!!!!!

    See ya next week, Thea x

  2. You little ones are naughty...take care or you might fall ....awww you must miss Prudence...

    Happy Friday!!

  3. Dear Lulu and Flora, don't press any buttons or it might suck you right up to space. It sure looks spooky.
    You both are king of the castle now Prudence is away. Be good.
    Hugs Granny

  4. Oh I see it already....Prudence is at camp and you two are looking for mischief. Be careful and don't get too close to the big thingy with all the antenna. It may bite back.

    Harold and Daniels Mom

  5. Yikes! I hear that some ufos had been spotted down there! I would stay away from that monster if I were you two! You never know what could happen if you get too close! I wish that Prudence was there to protect you:)

  6. Hi girls,
    It seems you're having an adventure of your own. Aliens? Who would have guessed you'd find one in the craft room? I've been hearing how boring it is all week from my bears who were left at home. I'm sure there's plenty for you to do at your house just like there is plenty to do here. Maybe you're just not looking hard enough. Whatever you find to do have fun and be careful.

    Thanks Joyce for mentioning my giveaway on your side bar. You're a dear friend. Hugs

  7. Whatever that thingy is, it looks very complicated! Don't get in too much mischief today.

    I know what the two of you can do, mess up Prudence's room while she's away. :0)

    Miss Iris

  8. Oh, oh, we have one of those here! Big Brother's Little Brother LT calls it. No idea what it does, but boy does that thing make a noise!


    The Clan and Jack

  9. Now you two, Didn't you know you should NEVER EVER get bored. There are lots of new things to be learning and doing and seeing, and of course you're doing it. I can't wait to find out what the "Thingy" is.



  10. Well, I told Abby what you said..and she glowered at me.
    She has been banging on the piano for the past hour. I wonder if that means anything? LOL
    You may be right. We wouldn't want to upset the other bears..not for a moment. I never thought of that when I began showing our little scenario. No harm meant.
    Abby's Mom

  11. My goodness, it's Summer! How can anyone be bored?

    Ali x

  12. amigos fofos...
    É sempre muito bom ver voces em meu blog. OBRIGADA!!!
    Ótima semana com muito amor e carinho...
    Aus 1000 e Beijos 1000 das sempre amigas...



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