Friday, September 14, 2012


It's Funny Friday
by Prudence
A very big hug to our friends over at
Land Of Elves
The elves made this bee-u-tee-ful banner for me, thank you.  Please drop in on them and visit.
 And while you are there sign up for the online sewing class, we will be making SAL.
♫ When autumn leaves begin to fall ♫
we decorate (giggle)
Oops, I said "hot dog" and Jessie ran over and stuck her head in my picture.
Yuck...Jessie licked the camera lens as Mom was taking the picture.  Dog spit....
"Camera lens?, I thought it was a doggy treat"

I'll take you on the .50 cent tour.
My Mouser from Carol
More of Carol's artistry

Family Room
My friends over at

The Bears Who Live At Honeypot Lane
have been decorating for autumn, please drop in for a visit and tell them I send hugs.  They post "Funny Friday" too.
Fall Giveaway
Next Friday
Heaps of Hugs
Welcome and thank you to Marta for joining us.
 My Country Corner
Welcome Shirlee and thank you for joining us.

The Easily Influenced Stitcher
Welcome Myrna, it's a pleasure to meet you.

My Enchanted Home

 As Adventuras de Billy
Welcome and thank you for joining us.  WOOF!


  1. Love love your Autumn decoration!!!!

    Happy Friday my friend!! xx

  2. Wow I see that Halloween is coming closer....we do not have Halloween in Holland! Such a shame!
    Cause I really love the fall decorations. Makes the house so cosy looking.

    Prudence, I'm also having a give-away on my milly-me-teddybears blog too. You are invited to join!!!

    Hugssss, Thea

  3. LOL! Send a "thank you" to Jessie from me for the giggle!!!

    And your house looks absolutely lovely! I've never decorated for the fall, but I must admit that now you have me thinking.

    Heaps of Hugs,

  4. You've all done a grand job decorating the house, and the new header looks wonderful. We don't think we're going to ask about the Hot Dog...


    The Clan and Jack

  5. We think your Fall decorating is lovely. Jessie deserves some extra loving for cleaning mom's camera lens.

    The Bears and their Mama
    who live at Honeypot Lane

  6. I love your beautiful Fall decorations...especially the mice! Wendy thinks she needs to find her Fall wardrobe and have an update! Sweet hugs from our dollie world to your beary world!

  7. Hi Prudence & Prudence's Mom,
    Oh! Your Fall decorations are so Bee-u-tee-full!!! Mom hasn't even started decorating our house for fall. She says it still feels too much like summer. It seems Jack has forgotten to adjust the climate control on the dome.
    Jessie is such a good helper. hehehe Happy Friday.

    Bellamine, Clarissa & Wendy

  8. Hello friends,
    everything is wonderful here ...A Halloween decoration waiting...Jessie you're beautiful!!
    I love visiting my friends in this piece of place full of kindness.
    a big hug like a mountain.

  9. Beautiful fall decor! I really need to get all of my items out now...all those wonderful colors! Have a great day!


  10. Love all your Autumn decorating...and I love seeing know I have her twin,don't you? Same name too :) Blessings

  11. Hi Prudence and friends, I be'd away so I didn't get much chance to comment on your blogs. You look like you be'd having fun decomerating, but what will you do when Halloween comes? You haven't any room for more things have you?

  12. Love autumn too!! Your decoración beautiful

  13. Hi Prudence, can you believe it is Sunday before I was aloud to go any where near the puter. Granny said we were too busy Friday and Saturday.
    I'm so glad I am reading about your lovely Fall decorations now. I would love to live at your house.Your mum makes it look so pretty.

  14. Dear Prudence, I hurried this morning before mommy got on the 'puter and started hogging it to see my new picture! I DO look beeeeutiful with all the pretty falling leaves on your blog! Thank you, beary friend! Your dollie buddy, Wendy

  15. Thanks for entered me in your welcome corner ^_^
    I love how you decorated your house for the's so cosy!!!


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