Friday, September 21, 2012

The Winner Is...

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence
Hi, well those of you who know me (and ♥ me, right?) know that nothing we do here is easy.  I mean LuLu & Flora are always in the middle of things, making a mess, or causing trouble.  So why should our giveaway be any different?  I'll just show you in pictures:
"Flora, you are a Block Head"
"Oh yeah, LuLu, well then you are a Dunderhead, so there...." 
"I'm prettier"
"With that nose? You Bone Head."

Okay, I have had enough of you two, the winner is
"I wanna pick"
"No, I wanna"


The winner of our Fall Giveaway is........
 Chicco e il suo Mondo
Woof-gratulations to you Chicco.
  Make sure to look in the box for a doggy treat.

**************** THE WELCOME CORNER
Rosa Piccini
Welcome Rosa, and thank you for joining us.
Family Short Stories

 Welcome Mark, our new Linky friend.  Thank you for joining us.
Tumbling Along
Welcome Jenann, thank you for joining us.


  1. Well of course to know you is to love you Prudence! Sounds like those two little ones are kind of like Blossom and Sissy.

    Lulu and Flora are so cute I think it would be hard to be mad at them. I have to tell you, they make me laugh!

    Miss Iris

  2. Good Morning,Happy Friday my Friend!!And Prudence and Flora and Lulu!!!

    And Congrats to the winner of the lovely giveaway!!!
    Big Hugs!!!

  3. I can't believe you two young ones are squabbling again. Prudence I think you will have to sit them down and give them a lesson about being ladies, and NOT squabbling.
    Hugs Wilbur

  4. Hello my friends,
    oh we're so happy...Chicco is wonderful and gave the jumps for joy...we still do not believe and we are very happy.Thank you very much.Big big hugs.

  5. Hi there, Prudence, thanks for stopping by today...yes, I know I sort of became MOA after camp Good Bear but I really had a great time with all of you bear friends.....
    Mama Bear has been busy with other things, I should have just done the posts on mine own but I need a little help.....
    Can I use your Happy Halloween button on our blog?
    No leaves on the ground, here, but it won't be long, I'm loving seeing the colors change, though.

  6. Ok Flora and LuLu, it sounds like you two have way too much time on your paws! And it sounds like you sure give your Mom a run for the money, too! Congrats to Chicco, what a cute little chien (dog!)!

    I can't believe i won!!!!!!!! Oh my, i'm very very happy thank you so so much!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend dear friends!!!!! Big hugs!!
    Woof, woof,


  8. Hi Prudence,
    Happy Autumn and happy Friday. We were going to make a post but didn't have anything blog worthy to post about. Congrats to Chicco for being the winner of your giveaway. As soon as we get our Fall decorating done we will share some photos. Mom said we might get to go to the pumpkin farm and pick out our own pumpkins to make Jack-o-lanterns and we can hardly wait. Tell Flora and LuLu and your mom we said hi.
    Bellamine, Clarissa & Wendy

  9. Congrats to the lucky winner and thanks for the fun! Have a happy weekend! Wendy is in the dollroom playing!

  10. Well Prudence, you know what they say, 'Never work with children and animals'. Aren't you glad you're back to play with the babies again? :oD


    The Clan and Jack

  11. Hi Prudence! Looks like you had all kinds of help with your giveaway. Congrats to Chicco!!!

    Hugs to all my sweet bear friends! Harold and Daniel send hugs of their own too.


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