Friday, September 28, 2012

Wendi's Pumpkin House

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence
Last year Mom was introduced to Carol over at
and we fell in love with her mousers.  Mom "adopted" Wendi and when she arrived she looked sad.  Sooo, taking matters into my paws I suggested that we make a house for her.  Here is what we created:
Dad cut the front out of the pumpkin, then installed the chandelier.  Mom laid the flooring next.
The little table is made from a little cardboard box and draped with fall fabric.
Wallpaper & moulding next (we used quilling paper for the trim work). We made the wreath, and the little stool is a wine cork.  Mom bought several of the pumpkins and goodies from artists on Etsy, and friends.

Miss Carol  sent us that great print of witches and we made a frame for it.
We put rice lights in the 3 pumpkins on the table and made the "water" in the tub for bobbing for apples.  That little mouser can't wait to bob.
  Mr. Bones (from Cindy in Colorado) is jointed and made to hang on a wee miniature door but we like him sitting on a bale of hay. And of course, the "witch of the house" Wendi.
My Little Witches Collection by
Right now....I'm just hangin' around.
Heaps of Hugs

Miss Carol, over at,
Buttermilk Creek Farm
& Mom are having an online craft show together on November 3rd.
More to come....


  1. Well done everyone, you made a lovely house for Wendi, we're sure she'll be very comfortable in it


    The Clan & Jack

  2. Prudence did you help your Mon make that grand pumpkin house. It is wonderful, and Mrs. Mouse looks right at home in there.
    Tell me what are you hanging around on. The ceiling....
    Hugs Wilbur.

  3. Oh it's fantastic. You are all so clever!

  4. Wendi...with an 'i' has a beautiful Fall home and lots of Halloween fun with her pals. I like that big ole punkin...I wonder if I could find one big enough for ME! teehee Wendy...with a 'y'!

  5. Wendi has a bee-u-tee-full home. We know she is happy she came to live with you. We're trying to talk Mom into getting a pumpkin like that and making a house for our little bears.
    We're all hanging around too.
    Bellamine, Clarissa & Wendy

  6. Love it! You and your Mom are sooo crafty Prudence!

  7. What a very nice little pumpkin house - cozy and sweet. Just right for fall nand Halloween too!


  8. I love it....I remember from last year....
    Mama Bear said to tell your Mom, she was unable to use the button, it either came out too big or two small. We tried saving it several ways. Sometimes we get so frustrated with Blogger.

  9. Now if we could enlarge that pumpkin home a bit, I do think I could be quite happy living in a pumpkin.

    Wendi's little pumpkin home is wonderful. Mr. Bones sitting on the bale of hay is the perfect place for him. The Hocus Pocus sisters are adorable.

    Prudence you and your Mom are sure a creative and crafty pair.


  10. Wow Prudence, you and Mum are very clever aren't you. Did LuLu and Flora "help" or did you banish them? I expect that they would have covered themselves with wallpaper glue, and lots else besides. :-)
    P.S. I'd love to go bobbing for apples too.

  11. I just love your miniatures and am glad to see that the girls are behaving. Thanks for sharing your wonderful display.


  12. Hello my friends,
    a house is so cozy...I love your decoration and the chandelier is so chic.Wendi is very lucky to have a house so beautiful and good friends,big hugs.

  13. Now that is just the cutest pumpkin I ever did see! How fun and so creative, such attention to detail! I can't say that I've ever seen a pumpkin outfitted with a chandelier, I love it!!!

  14. That is so sweet! I would love to hang out there. :)

  15. Prudence,You and Mom are amazingly talented.That is so beautiful.That is My kind of home.Love Auntie Denise

  16. Oh Prudence, your Mom did a wonderful job. Anyone would LOVE to live in that little pumpkin house! I had to stop my Mom from packing her suitcase...she looked a "wee" disappointed when she found out that "Wee" wouln't fit! heehee!
    I'm being silly..but then you know that....

  17. That is the cutest little home I've ever seen Prudence. And I love that my favourite season, Autumn, has broken out all over your blog!

    Ali x

  18. Omigosh, the pumpkin house you made for Wendi is sooooo darling! I wonder if she wants a roommate?? lol Everything is so adorable and I have no doubt Wendi is loving her new home:-) xoxo

  19. Wow, what a nice house. We think, Wendy is very happy about this.
    Hugs from
    Heike & Henry

  20. Dearest Prudence,
    Missing you awful!
    Happy Autumn~
    Miss Susan


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