Friday, October 26, 2012

Vlad, a baby birdie?

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence
Howdy Do Everybear.

Well, I must say it's fun surprising Mom with prezzies, she is so easy to fool.  A few weeks ago I was on the my puter reading Miss Wendy's Blog and there he was - the perfect prezzie for Mom, she would love him.
So, without further ado, here is Vlad Vincent Vulture...or just "Vlad" for short.
Ravenwood Whimzies

That is Miss Wendy's bee-u-tee-ful portrait of him, but here are pictures of Vlad after he came to live with us.
Just hangin' out...takin' in all the fall decorations and lights.
Vlad likes veggie burgers and veggie pizza, and let's not forget the dog biscuits too.

There are house rules about flying in the house, which is only allowed when Mom is supervising.  And, he does have a smidge of a "gas" problem.  Whew...that is an understatement, actually when Mom walks in and sees me and LuLu and Flora passed out on the floor she knows exactly what happened....vulture farts.

"Prudence, what are you writing?"
"Nothin' Mom, just talking about Vlad."
"Okay, but don't you dare mention his little gas problem."
"I would never do that, gee, give me some credit." 
"Shhh", (giggle)

"Yes, LuLu, what is it?"
"Prudence used the fart word."


"The 3 Bears" are in time out.
Prudence's Current Giveaway Wins
milly-me-Teddy Bears
Thank you, Miss Thea, my tags are beautiful & smell so nice.
Miss Carol over at Buttermilk Creek Farm had a giveaway for this wonderful pumpkin to the first person (or teddy bear) who commented on her post, and Prudence was right there).
Thank you Miss Carol, we collect prim pumpkins & this is our favorite.


Happy weekend everyone
The Mom

Online Craft Show
November 3, 2012 @ 9 a.m.

 Drakestone Primatives Country Cabin 
 Simple Things In Life

Welcome, and thank you for joining us.


  1. Hihi ...very funny..poor Lulu and Flora and Prudence... are they Ok again...

    Big Hugs,Leny

  2. Hallo Prudence,
    Vlad ist schon etwas aussergewöhnliches. Er gefällt uns.
    Wir wünschen Euch ein schönes Wochende und Happy Halloween.
    Liebe Grüße
    Heike & Henry

  3. Ohhhh Vlad é maravilhoso!!!parece ser um bom rapaz ....e quanto ao seu problema de "gazes" ninguem é perfeito!!!
    Tenham um final de semana muito feliz.

  4. Hi Vlad! Glad to see you have fit right into your new home! Pets from your creator and hugs for Prudence.
    How funny you are Joyce.
    Warm blessings

  5. Welcome, Vlad!! He's wonderful--and, you know, we all have our little things we have to deal with. Enjoy! Oh, and congratulations on your lovely giveaway wins!

    Heaps of Hugs,

  6. Haaaaaa! Haaaaaaaaaaaaa! Haaaaaa!

    I think you had better give some thought to an air purifier....heeheehee!

    Harold and Daniel

  7. Now that's a very cute vulture!! vulture farts? We can't imagine that! We run for cover when the dogs squash a duck. Squash a duck is our way of saying fart. :O)

    from Sweet Pea, Sissy & Blossom

  8. I just found your blog and what fun it was to read about Vlad Vincent Vulture. I never thought I would see a cute vulture but he is. You had me laughing about the vulture farts too

  9. I'm so glad the whole bunch of you could come out to My party.It was so good seeing you there.Oh My, what fun you all seem to be having this Halloween season.I'm so glad to meet Vlad.At first I was scared of Him but when I realized His grimace was do to some powerful gas problems, I wasn't scared any more.I love all the beautiful lucky gifts your Mom received.I'll be seeing you all real soon again I hope.Hugs Auntie Denise

  10. There's always lots of mischief...I mean FUN at your house! Looks like you have some nice new things for Fall! Wendy says HELLO! We are still in the mountains but hope to travel back to FL next week! It's going to get COLD here soon! Wendy didn't bring her blankie! Sweet weekend hugs!

  11. Love coming and reading this blog, really brightens my day!
    Be blessed,

  12. Hi Prudence,
    Are vulture farts really that bad??? We've never seen a vulture before but now that we've seen Vlad Vincent Vulture we want one to come live with us. If vulture farts are that awful Mom might not let us have a vulture in the house. Maybe Vlad is the only farting vulture. What do you think? Do vultures get along well with kitties? We just got two new kitties. Are vultures fond of bears? We mean in a friendly way not in a dinner way. As you can probably tell, we L-U-V Vlad Vincent Vulture.
    Happy Halloween!

    Bellamine, Clarissa & Wendy

  13. Ohhh...we LOVE her. She is sooo sweet. Does she have a sister? :) Brother? I see the gang is gathered to welcome her..and we think that is so nice.
    They were raised well..manners and all that.
    Hugs and love to everyone,
    Mona, Abigail and Mele

  14. Hi Prudence,
    I like your new friend, he seems like fun, but I know just what you mean about gas problems. Sometimes a bear has to tell it like it is, and if Vlad has a fart problem, well that's what you've got to call it. I mean calling it something else won't take it away. It's the veggie burgers, he's a vulture for goodness sake! He eats meat, and the more stinky it is the better. Maybe if you got him a quarter pounder you'd do him and the rest of the world a favour.

  15. Hiya Prudence!!!! We finally made Mama Pea give us the computer so that we could visit our friends. She was so busy all week making costumes for everybody for her party.

    Wow, Vlad is pretty gassy, eh? What does he eat...beans??? hehehehe Mama Pea won't let us use the F.A.R.T. word either, we have to use "TOOT"! haha

    Here's a poem Mama Pea is sharing with everyone today...

    This is Halloween

    Goblins on the doorstep,
    Phantoms in the air,
    Owls on witches' gate posts,
    Giving stare for stare.

    Cats on flying broomsticks,
    Bats against the moon,
    Stirring round of fate-cakes,
    With a solemn spoon.

    Whirling apple parings,
    Figures draped in sheets,
    Dodging, disappearing,
    Up and down the streets.

    Jack-o'-lanterns grinning,
    Shadows on a screen,
    Shrieks and starts and laughter--
    This is Halloween!

    Happy Halloween to all of you over there from all of us over here:-) We're so glad you were able to make it to the party and liked your costume.

    Lots of beary hugs and kisses, Misty & Tiffany xoxoxoxo

  16. Love your new friend, very funny!! Even with his little problem..
    woof, woof,


  17. Happy Spooky Halloween too ;o)

    Hugs Andrea

  18. Hi, Prudence and Babies:
    I love Vlad! What nice bears you are thinking of Mom!!
    Happy Halloweenie!
    Miss Susan

  19. Love your new friend ♥
    Yesterday I saw the birth of a little baby boy ellifont in a Dutch zoo. So precious!

    Hugs and love, Thea x


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