Friday, October 19, 2012

Cheap or Sentimental?

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence
Hi Everybear, hope you are having a wonderful day, with loads of love and kisses.

LuLu, Mom is so cheap.
She is, Flora?
Yeah, her pin cushion is so old (from the 1980's when she first started making bears)
the material started to rip and get all mushy.
 Instead of just buying a new one she spent hours fixing that stupid teddy bear pin cushion.
Maybe she just loves it, and doesn't want a new one.
How stupid is that, LuLu?

Okay you two little nut jobs, let me clue you in here....Mom loves her pin cushion, it has special meaning to her and you both know Mom's stuff never wears out cause she takes such good care of everything, and she is very sentimental.  And...did you know that very pin cushion is the one she used to make me? 
What do you say to that?
"LuLu & Flora signing out....bye."

Heaps of Hugs
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"Woof" from Frosty

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  1. Hi girls, You Mom's pin cushion is very smart compared to Granny's. She as bend needles pins, beads the have a pin stuck through them bits of thread. Safety pins. You name it. Plus a bit of dust and grim. I think she needs a new one at the end of the year.
    Big Hugs

  2. Ohhh yes ,than pin cushion is so special and precious!!! I can understand!!

    Happy Friday Hugs,

  3. Hello there Prudence and The Gang! I see you are all doing your usual thing ... youngsters being stroppy and you putting them in their place and doing a great job of it too.

    I'm sorry you miss me so much, but remember I am only an email away and although I'm not posting like I was, I'm still around in cyberspace!

    Have a great weekend and give Mom a big squeeze for me.
    Warmest hugs,

  4. Hello sweet friends,
    oh yes sometimes the appearance does not count but the sentimental meaning is lovely seems pretty even with old age ... laughter
    and his mother is a special woman ...
    big hugs and blessings.

  5. M..M..M..MADE YOU. WHAT! Weren't you found under the rhubarb just like me?
    No, on second thoughts, I remember LT's horror show, so maybe, just maybe.....
    But you don't have to remind us all about pins and needles and bradawls and sharp things. S'not fair, it makes me shudder.
    Nonetheless, if your Mum wants to tidy up the pincushion, then that's fine, just keep her pins away from me please.

  6. I just ♥ momma's pincushion. It's BEARY special! And sentimental pincushions are worth every single update. They just deserve it.

    Happy weekend, Thea x

  7. That pincushion is cutie patootie!

  8. Hi Prudence: We don't know much about pincushions but our Mom said that she loves that little bear cushion. Guess we do too. I mean, after all, it is a bear, right!

    hugs, Harold and Daniel

  9. Things that have sentimental value are always so special. We think the pincushion is very pretty!

    from Blossom, Sissy and Sweet Pea

  10. I can see why she'd repair this beary special pin cute and old things are best...loved a lot.
    Mama Bear

  11. What a pretty pincushion ;o)

    Have a nice weekend


  12. Hi Flora & LuLu,
    Our mom's pin cushion is nearly 50 years old and it's ugly. It's a plain old royal blue hard pillow thingy and has fuzz and thread and pins and gunk sticking out and hanging off all over it. Your mom's pin cushion is bee-u-tee-full and it's a bear. How special is that?
    Are you getting excited for Halloween? We are going to have a party and play games and do other fun stuff. You're all invited.
    Bellamine & Wendy

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  14. Aww, mom did a great job refurbishing (get it? ;o) ) her pincushion, she's very cute.



  15. Hello dear friends,

    Even if it's old it will be always a special pin cushion for your mom :)
    Have a nice weekend.
    Woof, woof,


  16. Well, Prudence, I think you've taught Lulu and Flora a very good lesson...not to assume things when they don't know the whole story!! I think it's so heartwarming that your mom still has the very same pin cushion that she used when she made you. Very special indeed!!

    Guess what...Tiffany and Misty are making a comeback this coming Friday:-) xoxo


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