Friday, November 16, 2012

Craft Show Drama

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Hi Gang.
As promised, here are some pictures from our craft show last Saturday.  The bee-u-tee-ful teddy bear in the pictures is ME (of course).  (o:

Oh, there was drama.  It was a bee-u-tee-ful day, chilly, deep blue sky, no wind and then it happened.  Mom was helping a lady adopt Sam and all of a sudden whoosh....Mom saw a brown fur blur fly past her on the left, it was ME - I was being bear-napped.  A lady picked me up and wanted to know if I was for sale, I mean like she reached in back of our booth and took me.  "Excuse me, madam, I'm Prudence Clearwater and I am not taking likely to you grabbing me". 
Sam's about to be new Mom was shouting that I was not for sale, I was screaming, and ya know what Mom was doing?  Crying?  Nope.....she was laughing.  Oh, the drama....

"Prudence, you were going to show our pictures?"
Yes, of course, but I had to explain the trauma that I suffered.

That's Dad's reflection
Watchin' the cash box

Heaps of Hugs
Happy Thanksgiving
Prudence ♥

"LuLu, is it Thanksgiving next week?"
"Yes, Flora, why?"
"Um, wellll, I was going to scare Mom and make believe I ran away from home."
"Boy, Flora, you have a stupid brain."
"If you run away you won't be here for Thanksgiving, or Christmas or New Year's, and why would you be so mean to Mom, she loves us so much."
"Yeah, but she loves you better."
"No, Flora, she loves us all equally, she loves us for our different ways, our different looks, but it's always unconditional."
"Yes, if you were to run away we would be heartbroken, Mom would never recover, she would be so sad, we all would."
Okey-dokey, I'll stay!"
"Am I gettin' lots of prezzies for Christmas?" 
"Say Happy Thanksgiving, Flora."
"Happy Thanksgiving Flora." 
"I should have known better....."

From our family to your family


  1. Oh boy...that was a drama...poor Prudence!! But ended all good! :)

    Wish you a Happy and blessed "Thanksgiving"


  2. How great the Friday Funny was dedicated to Prudence :)

  3. Bearnapped! my goodness. That sort of thing goes on at your craft fairs then? LOL!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Ali x

  4. A bear napper what next. I hope the Bear police were around very quickly...... Prudence the world would not be the same with out you.
    I hope you all have a wonderful Thanks giving., and you are thankful that you were not napped for good.
    Hugs Wilbur

  5. Well really, you never know the minute when someone will try and bearnap you! I see Mama was as sympathetic as LT was about Jack's wedding - honestly, the staff these days!


    The Clan and Jack

  6. Hi Prudence,
    We sure hope your mom set that bearnapper straight!! The nerve of some people! Aside from the bearnapping we bet the craft show was loads of fun. We wish there were craft shows here so we could go and help and met lots of nice people but if there are bearnappers maybe it's a good thing we don't have them. Tell Flora and Lulu we say Hi.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  7. Whew!!! What a close call, Prudence! I'm so glad that it all turned out fine.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Heaps of Hugs,

  8. Oh man, a bear-napper in the group. Get out the handcuffs! You had a close call, sweet Prudence. You were looking kind of movie star like in your sunglasses. We miss you. You are beary wonderful campin friend!

    biggest bear huggins!
    Harold and Daniel

  9. You have to be very careful of bear nappers. Glad you are safe. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mom.

  10. Bear nappers! Well if I had been at the craft show I might have been tempted to whisk you away. :o)You are so charming that you would be very hard to resist.

    Those sunglasses look so perfect on you Prudence. What a cute picture!!

    Miss Iris and all the bears at Honeypot Lane

  11. You were almost bear-napped??? GASP!! Imagine if that had happened and your mom would have had to pay million and million of dollars to get you back?? We're sure she would have paid that for you:-)

    My tummy isn't as sore anymore but thank goodness Tiff got rid of the evidence before Mama Pea saw all the candy I ate!! I've learned a really good lesson...maybe! hehe

    We really enjoyed looking at the pictures...such beautiful crafts your mom makes. Hope she sold everything!!!!

    Big hugs and kisses, Misty & Tiffany xoxoxoxoxo

    Mama Pea says she loves you too:-) xo

  12. Oh gosh, Prudence! That is really traumatic! I would have been screaming too :( Glad it all got sorted! You look adorable, Prudence! I love the little ones on the display that look like stuffies with no arms...not sure how to describe them but they are adorable!!

  13. The booth looks very nice and I'm sure you met a lot of nice people but I'm still stuck on the near bear napping incident. I don't dear tell Wendy or any of the dollies or bears here...they would be traumatized! Maybe some of YOU need to come here and live in the dollie room for awhile! Is it safe there? heehee!

  14. Poor Prudence, I hope you were not permanently frightened of strangers
    Looks like a lot of beautiful crafts that Mom makes. Hugs, Kim

  15. Dear Prudence,
    To think you were almost bear-napped, it gave me chills! I wouldn't know what to do if I was Mom. No wonder all the screaming...
    Don't eat too much turkey (do you eat turkey?).
    Miss Susan

  16. Poor Prudence! I bet you were more than a bit scared! I hope you will still want to go and help your Mom at shows! Her work is beautiful, by the way. Hey, if you ran away from home at Thanksgiving, you would miss out on pumpkin pie and whipped cream!!!!

  17. Minha querida Prudence ,
    como voce esta bonita ...parece uma atriz de espero que voce esteja se divertindo muito no seu bazar.Beijocas e sorrisos para todos.

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  19. Oh Prudence, i'm so sorry for that.. but at the end all was good, right? love the craft show and all the beautiful things!!!
    Have a nice day,
    Woof, woof,


  20. My what a DRAMA. I can imagine the indignity and the panic something like that would cause. Mind you, you had dressed up specially well and you did look pretty, so no wonder people thought they might want to take you home.
    I hope that you've recovered now - a couple of big spoons of honey does the trick I find.


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