Friday, November 23, 2012

Flower Rescue?

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

This may be a first...there are all kinds of rescue, but here is a new one - flower rescue.  Let me explain, M&D  were in the grocery store parking lot and all of a sudden Mom stoops down and picks up ------are you ready for this?  FLOWERS.  No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you.  FLOWERS.  There was this little stem of carnations, light green ones, and she said that if she didn't pick them up some mean, old tires would run over them.  Gulp!
Dad had questions, but Mom was TALKING to the flowers - honest.  She was telling them how bee-u-tee-ful they were and that they were coming home with her and will have a nice big drink of water.
What can I say?  We love her just b-claws (giggle), but you have to agree she is just a little bit "daffy".  They came home and it was all about the flowers, and they sit in the kitchen just as purtty as can be, M says that they are happy.  Okay........let's all agree with her.  (Going to dial up the man with the BIG butterfly net.)


And then there's.........Christmas decorating.  I always write about this on the day after Thanksgiving.  It's the day that Mom is transformed from a gentle, loving person to a SUPER MOM-STER.  I'm serious, her eyes are glazed over, she is drooling out the side of her mouth, her teeth are all snarly, she has boxes in every room, yes EVERY room - potty rooms don't stand a chance.  She is shouting orders to me and Dad, LuLu & Flora are hiding in a closet someplace, Molly & Jessie won't come near her.....ah, the loving, peaceful season of Christmas.  Yeah, maybe at your house, but here?  NOT!  I just told you she rescues thrown away flowers and look at her now!!!
We don't dare ask for a turkey sandwich, Dad just goes in the kitchen and makes one for us, I suggested that we put Mom's on a stick and push it at her from a distance.
It's going to be a  l-o-n-g  weekend, but hopefully on Monday our real Mom will be back.  Sunday night she will just pass out in front of the telly, so maybe I will pick out one of her favorite Christmas DVD's and Dad will set it up and we all will snuggle with her and watch together.  But once again she turns the whole house into a bee-u-tee-ful Christmas wonderland.  Thanks Mom for all that you do.

See ya next week....
Heaps of Hugs
Santa is coming early with a "special delivery" just for me. 
Cozy Blanket 
 A big, cozy welcome and thank you for joining us.


  1. You Momma ROCKS!!! She did a good job saving those bee-u-tee-ful carnations. They derserved to live.
    And now they look very pretty.
    Woohoo, soo many boxes in every room with X-mas that's pretty amazing.
    I think you'd better stay away until she finishes all the decorations. It is very stressful for her. She needs to think a lot about where to put all those deco's.
    And when everything is at the right place, your home will look bee-u-tee-ful and I'm sure you will enjoy this last December month.
    In Holland we can start to decorate for Christmas after Dec. 5th. On that they we have a kind of Santa Clause festivity. It's kind of similar to your Christmas Eve, but slightly different as adults give presents with poems. We have lotsa fun on that day. With delicious food & drinks too. Mmmmmm.....

    Have a happy weekend, Thea xoxo

  2. Ha, ha, Granny is nearly wetting herself laughing. I think your mum must be just like my granny. Oh well we just have to put up with it until it is all finished. Then every one is happy until it is time to pack it all away again....ha ha
    Hugs Wilbur

  3. Oh boy Prudence, we sure understand what all this decorating stuff does to our Mom's.

    Rescuing flowers? Mama plays music for our flowers. Silly! Right?

    Sweet Pea, Blossom, Sissy Bear, & Jason

  4. Prudence! So good to hear from you.Your Mom did the poor sweet flower orphans a good deed.Hope you all had a good day yesterday.Now, off and decorating, fun for all.

  5. Hi Prudence,

    We think our moms must be from the same tin of nuts. She talks to her plants and we're sure she would pick up a stray flower off of the pavement and bring it home to save it.
    Yikes! Our mom is in Christmas decorating mode this weekend too. She'll be getting the guys to haul down all of the many boxes of decorations and she won't stop to eat or rest until every square inch of the house is decorated inside and out. She's been talking about a new color combination for outside lights and can't decide if she wants wreaths or swags on the new wood fence. We know just what you mean about moms not being their normal sweet selves during this hectic time. But, you have to admit it does turn out magical.
    Hang in there Prudence. It's all going to be so BEE-U-TEE-FULL real soon.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  6. Yikes, your mom sounds scary when she has her mind set on somethin'...Mama Pea just goes into a world of her own and ignores everyone else as she decorates the house! hehe As you can see by our post this morning, we tried to help her but she finally told us to go up in our rooms and play. somethin' about working best alone.

    HAHA your mom rescued thrown away flowers...we have to say they sure look purty, though! When our mama acts strange like that, we just roll our eyes.

    Sending you lots of hugs and kisses....Misty & Tiffany xoxoxoxoxo

  7. Ohhh Prudence que coração sensivel tem a sua mamãe...tenha paciencia com ela...todas as mães tem seus dias de "nervos agitados"!!
    mas ela voltara a ser doce e gentil como sempre.
    abraços de mel.

  8. Hi Prudence,
    I like your name so much - it sounds very Thanksgivingy to me. Sometimes I wish I was a girl bear.
    You know, my Mammy used to go round the big office blocks in London rescuing the sad ficus plants etc that had been put out as junk. Silly people in offices put them in dark corners, forget to water them and then throw them away and spend about £20 for a new one every month or so. Mammy used to get the kids in her class to look after them and they were back to shiny, healthy-leaved beauties in a couple of months. The school was really green and it didn't cost anything at all! Rescue plants and flowers seem to be as grateful as rescue bears and pets.
    Christmas isn't allowed to be mentioned in our house until December 1st, so shhh! don't let Mammy hear me. We clean up one room a day for the first week. Then we buy and wrap gifts the next week. Next we concentrate on baking and on giving Granny a nice birthday. Then, on the 23rd, we put up decorations and any cards that have arrived. Then I hibernate for two days until Santa leaves me something nice to eat, something warm to wear and a game to share with my friends. I love Christmas, but shhh!
    Happy holidays from Trumble Gardener-Bear

  9. Hey dear friends,

    fortunately your mom saved those cute flowers!! Oh, and do not blame her, you know that near the Christmas time, humans are all a little more anxious :)
    Woof, woof,


  10. Your mom has a kind heart to rescue flowers in distress. We always started the decorating here the day after Thanksgiving but the last few years it's more like when we get around to it.

  11. Dear Prudence,
    I would want to rescue those flowers, too! Well, actually I would rather rescue some milk bones, or some of my favorite jerky treats for dogs. Who are we to explain why our nutty parents do what they do?

  12. Hi, dear Prudence. Poor Mom, I guess no one dares to help her? She must love
    you all a lot to make such a pretty home for Christmas!
    I'm glad you didn't write and say you ate too much turkey!
    Miss Susan

  13. Dear Prudence,
    I think mom is wonderful for all of the hard work she puts in decorating. I know you all appreciate her. I'm glad you didn't write and say you ate too much turkey yesterday!
    The flowers look sweet at your house.
    Miss Susan

  14. Oh wow..happy flower!!!

    Good luck with the Christmas deco!!! I start next week....I know how much work( lovely work) it is!!!


  15. Ha, we were about to say we couldn't think of a way to describe LT with flowers, and then we found the description of your Mom and the decorations and it fit perfectly ;o) (Except she sneezes too)


    The Clan and Jack

  16. Is it safe to come by for a visit now? Is the house a beeeeautiful Wonderland ready for Christmas? My dollie Mom decorated all weekend but she will not stop until after Christmas. She will just keep adding things every day! teehee! I have 2 Raggedy Anns AND a reindeer in my lap right now...I am not kidding!I can't even hold my book to read. Sweet dollie hugs, Wendy PS Will you read to me?

  17. You can never have too many helpers with Christmas decorating! I hope that turkey sandwich was good.

    Ali x


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