Friday, November 30, 2012

Welcome, little brother...

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

My little baby brother is here!  Please meet
Photo courtesy of  bearbits
Mom surprised me with Toby, he is all the way from North Carolina, you know, "bearbits", and I know that you follow Sebastian's blog over there, don't you?

Here is how his arrival unfolded:

LuLu screaming; "Prudence, Flora, Mom, the mailman is bringing a package to our house, come quick!"
Prudence; "It's got to be Toby, it just has to be...."

Mom takes the package upstairs to our craft room.
Toby!  "Look Prudence, he's all snuggled in a blue blankie!"
"Prudence, I don't need any help, I'm a boy and can climb out by my bearself."
"Guess you can say I'm hangin' on by a thread an arm (giggle)."
"It's okay, girls, I meant to do that."
"I love my new family & home."
 "and to all a goodnight..."
"Yes, Toby..."
"Is Sebastian sad cause he misses me?"
"He misses you but I think he is very happy that you have a new forever home here with us.  And you know that you can go and visit him anytime, and he can come here to visit with you, and you can write to each other, e-mail, and talk on the telephone."
"Thank you, Prudence, you are a beary wonderful sister and I love you."
"I love you too, Toby."

Good night.

Prudence, Toby, LuLu & Flora

"LuLu, did you notice HIS name is next to Prudence's?"
"Yep, we are gonna have to do somethin' about that."
"Well, Flora, I have an idea..."


  1. Nice addition! Toby is a cute and good little bear boy. :)

  2. I just get so tickled at you little bear family. After a bit I start thinking are are actually alive. I'm afraid
    Abby and Mele have been soaked with tears lately. What would we do with our little dog buddies and sweet bears?
    I love our world to disappear into now and then.

  3. What a sweet new baby bear brother!!!Congrats!!!

    Happy Weekend!!!Hugs,Leny

  4. Toby, You are very small, Tell purdence to let us know how big you are, next time she posts. I know you will love living at their house.
    Big Hugs

  5. Awww what an adorable addition to your family! Hugs to all!

  6. Oh my gosh!!!! Prudence you are so lucky to have two sisters and now a new brother. Toby is just the cutest!!!I bet he will grow up to be your beartector. He will never let anything happen to you girls.

    Harold and Daniel

  7. What a sweet little Baby Bear ;o)
    Have a nice weekend.


  8. Welcome Toby!!! George Alvin of Bearbits lives here, perhaps they may enjoy the occasional conversation.

    Heaps of Hugs,

  9. This is just precious! Welcome Toby! We know you are going to love your new forever home.

    Uh OH, Lulu has an idea, could this mean trouble??

    Mama said to tell you Prudence, you look simply adorable in the cozy little bed with Toby and Lulu and Flora.

    and the rest of us at Honeypot Lane

  10. Hi Prudence, Toby, Lulu & Flora,

    Thank you for letting me know that Toby is happy and in good company. Not that I had any doubts of course. I am fairly certain you will all have a rollicking good time!

    Tell your Mom I said hello and thank you for giving a very good home to Toby. Have a very Merry Christmas!


  11. What a little cutie you are Toby

  12. He's so tiny and perfect! So your family gets a new bear and ours gets a new dollie. Life is good! We're all happy now...says Wendy!

  13. Dear Toby,
    I think you are just about the cutest bear ever! But don't tell Prudence I said so, or she'll be really, really mad at me! I think you will love your new forever home!

    Miss Emily

  14. Thinking of you all...Toby is a cutie and I bet thrilled to be there! Hugs and Happy weekend,Kim B

  15. Well we're not sure what's scarier, that you have to deal with more babies Prudence, or that Flora and Lulu are now big sisters! We're sure it'll all work out in the end though...


    The Clan and Jack

  16. Thank you Prudence,I don't know why I didn't think of it,I must ask Santa for a camera now because I've spent enough money on Christmas.Santa's the only one that can do it now.I'm so happy for your new addition to your beautiful family.Mom takes such good care of you.Your all so well kept and beautiful.Tell Mom it's funny to Me that sometimes I almost forget She lives with you-TeHe-Isn't that the silliest thing you ever heard of.Auntie must be getting a little strange in her old age.oxox Auntie Denise

  17. Hi Prudence,
    How wonderful it is that you have a new little brother. He's so tiny and so cute. Give him a hug for us.
    Our mom says we're to tell you thanks for putting her Santa giveaway on your side bar. She would have come to thank you herself but she's real sick and we've been taking care of her or we would have been here yesterday to say welcome to Toby.
    When are you going to show photos of your Christmas decorations?
    BIg HUgS to aLL,
    Bellamine & Wendy

  18. Toby is luck to have Prudence and the girls as sisters. I know they will take good care of their little bear.

  19. Ohhhh Toby is wonderful...e voce juntos formam uma linda familia certamente esse natal vai ser mais feliz com o novo membro na familia...beijos e bençaos para todos.

  20. ohhhhh what a sweetness!!
    Your new brother Toby is so so cute, he found a very special family and i know that you, Prudence, will care of him as better as possible. Lulu and Flora, don't be jealous! :)
    Have a nice day.
    Woof, woof,


  21. OMG what a cutie pie your little Toby is. It's wonderful that he came into your lives.
    He has a great family who will take care of him. You'll be a great family.

    Hugs, Thea xoxo

  22. Oh, dear Prudence and Babies, I'm so happy for you getting a baby brother! He sure is a cutie pie.
    Miss Susan

  23. Hi everbeary, I'm sorry I haven't commented recently, but Alan and I have been whizzing about. At the moment we're in Colorado Springs, though between you and me it doesn't seem very springy. Rocky yes, springy no. Do you get it? Rocky - no, oh well I am a bit jet lagged.
    It's great to see that Toby has joined you and I'm sure you'll make him very happy.


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