Friday, December 28, 2012

"and all through the house...."

It's Funny Friday

Prudence, LuLu, Flora, Toby and Tony are up in my craft room playing with their Christmas presents so I decided to sit and share some quiet time with you, I don't do this very often.

I love December, the shorter, cloudy days (sometimes not often enough here in the south), the house all decorated and cozy, and quiet time. Now that the rush is over,
no post office runs, crowds everywhere, traffic - it has quieted down and this is when I am the happiest.  QUIET.  

I am always homesick, but I think this year it has intensified and I miss my parents, someone told me it gets easier as time goes doesn't.  It has changed for me, it's worse, maybe because I am older and realize how precious and short our time on earth really is.  I miss my Grandfather telling me when he and my Grandmother came to this country from Hungry, not able to speak English and my Mom telling me stories of when she and my Dad first met.  I have such wonderful memories of my childhood and having my parents'
unconditional love, I am so blessed.

In a few days we will begin taking down the decorations and each year my head is full of thoughts of where I will be at this time next year.  Most years this is a sad time for me....the house looks so cold and empty without all the decorations, there is no puttering in the craft room with last minute ideas.....and of course not a prayer that it will be a snowy January.  Here I pray that it will be a "colder" January with no thunderstorms.  Did I tell you that I am homesick?  Yes, you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl. 

I said "most years" in the above paragraph.....I do have exciting news but it will have to wait for another post.

I wish you all  a very happy and healthy 2013.  May you and your loved ones be blessed in abundance, may your dreams come true and thank you all for your lovely visits and friendship.  I am blessed in abundance.
Hug each other as often as you can, and tell each other how much they are loved.

Happy New Year


  1. I think you have expressed your feelings beautifully.I think December brings to a lot of us happiness, sadness, longing for times that have past. the older we get the more we realize how precious our time on earth is.

    You have been such a huge blessing to me. I am forever grateful for your friendship.


  2. Well I hope you get your snowy winter within the next 12 months ;o)

    This is my cleaning time, and when I usually make a pilgrimage to Ikea to stock up on storage and replacement furniture (in this case a new computer desk and some shelves for the craft area) If I'm a good girl, I'll hopefully have it all done by tomorrow and then I can play, play, play until I'm due back at work on the 7th.

    Speaking of playing, you'd better go and check your craft room, who knows what's going on in there right now!



  3. A beautiful post Joyce! I agree ... missing loved ones seems to get worse, not better, as we get older & makes us realize how short & precious our time on earth really is. The time after Christmas, once the decorations are taken down & the hubbub is done, is indeed a sad time. I am already looking forward to next Christmas : ) I wish you a very happy, very blessed new year!

  4. Homesickness strikes most of us from time to time, doesn't it? I LOVE where I live but there is one, rather silly comedy programme on TV that makes me a little homesick for my native Yorkshire hills. It's mainly filmed outside and the scenery and strong Yorkshire accents fill me with bitter-sweet feelings of longing for home mixed with wonderful memories. My brother has no such feelings, but lacks any real memories of childhood. I wouldn't trade my homesick moments for his faded memories though as I'd lose a great source of joy - the ability to recall the lovely people and wonderful scenery that made my early years so happy.

  5. Good morning Joyce,
    I know exactly how you feel because it's how I'm feeling however, I am unable to find the words to express myself as well as you have done. I'm not homesick for a place but for a time. I would love to be able to turn back the clock to Christmas past where my children were small and live it all over again. Even though at that time in my life we lived in Florida and there was never a chance of snow.
    Happy New Year my dear friend.

  6. Glad to know I'm not the only one who finds themselves looking back more often than forward. I think the time of year affects my outlook. I take comfort in knowing we will all meet again one day.

    Ali xx

  7. I don't know as if we ever get over losing loved ones. The holidays makes us all the more aware of longings, it seems. At least it does to me. Last Christmas I was missing home. This Christmas for me is different, missing...something. I hope that you are enjoying the peace and quiet. And I also hope that next year you and your family will be happily living in your dream home! Sending you extra big hugs!

  8. I love the cold nights we've been having but I like the sunshine and warm temps. I grew up in the South and love mild weather. I would never say it gets easier...missing those you've loved and lost. You will always have a part of you that feels sad. It's part of life...the hard part. Sending you some extra hugs! Wendy says her blankie feels good today! We're watching big flocks of goldfinches on our feeders today! Hugs!

  9. Happy New Year to you and mama...sweet bears :)

  10. That was a sweet and wonderful, heartfelt story. Big Hugs for a Happy New Year!! Kim B

  11. Happy New Year Dear Friend!!


  12. I love your Wendy!
    Yes, Christmas time does change. I miss my parents and the times we had as a family at Christmas. I always get a little sad after the holidays, too. We've had several days now without sunshine so it is easy to get down. I plan on going out Monday to swap a gift and pick up some Champagne to toast the new year. Can't start on any projects until I finish my room switcheroo. Waiting on Honey Bear to get some of his "stuff" out of the room.
    Happy New Year....Wil says to Prudence....he is anxious to start posting again after the new year.
    Mama Bear

  13. Hello there sweet bear maker!!!!! Thank you so much for visiting; I made my post in haste, not having much time these days, but I appreciate your comments! Anita

  14. Thanks for sharing your late December thoughts. Our memories of our childhood are indeed precious.

    Have a very Happy 2013. I hope it brings you closer toNew Emgland.


  15. Feliz ano novo minha querida amiga que o "Pai Celestial" abençoe a tua familia e voce.
    Beijo grande.

  16. Ich wünsche euch einen Guten Rutsch, in ein gesundes und erfolgreiches neue Jahr.

    Liebe Grüße

  17. A Happy New Year to all of you. Keep on blogging the way you do, bearcause I love your posts so much!!!

    Love ya, Thea xoxo

  18. What a lovely post, Joyce. I've found myself feeling rather wistful this year, as well. I still have my parents, but I feel more intensely each year how limited my time on earth with them is. I remind myself that with love there is always going to be loss and therefore pain. But I truly wouldn't want a life without deep love, so I'm trying very hard to accept that the pain is inevitable but the result of something wonderful.

    Heaps of Hugs,

  19. Happy New Year to you! I am going to try SO HARD to be a better blogger this year.... Yours is beautiful:)


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