Friday, January 4, 2013

Some miniatures, or not!

It's Funny Friday
Mom  LuLu & Flora
Well, I can only bore you with teddy bear adventures for so long and then we need a break.  So, for the lack of something interesting to write about I decided to bore you with pictures.  (Yawning is allowed and encouraged, taking a short nap may be necessary too.  Snoring?  Go for it!)
Here are some of my miniature projects

"We don't think so,
  what's with her, who wants to see her stupid miniatures anyway?  NOT US!  Now here is something to gaze upon, our loveliness."

"LuLu, we are in so much trouble.  But that "delete" key is to die for."

"Yeah Flora but by the time "dim wit" sees what we have done it will be too late to change this post."
"You're right and besides, who cares, Prudence?"
"Yeah, Miss Priss Pants never does anything wrong."
"Oh, I think it's off to Private Bad Bear School for us, goodbye world."
"Like I just said, who cares, we had lots of fun."  (o:
Hi, Everybeary,  it's just me...Prudence.
  I am working on a special giveaway.  You see, Mom's b-day is February 1 and I want to have a Valentine themed giveaway.  I'm makin' it all my bearself, it's gonna be a Prim Valentine Tree.  I'm not tellin' you anymore but next Friday I will post a picture.  It's difficult working in Mom's craft room on a secret, she is so nosey.....

And I'm not going to make you jump through a hoop upside down, standing on your left hand - nope - it's gonna be easy-peasy, just be my follower.  (o:

See ya....


  1. Not Boring at all....:)

    Happy Friday!!!


  2. Oh yes, that 'Delete' key is fab isn't it? It whizzes along eating up words :oD


    The Clan & Jack

  3. WOO HOO!!! You are beary sweet to make a giveaway prezzie to celebrate your Mom's birthday. She will be sooooooo surprised! Maybe Flora and LuLu would want to help....NOT!! (They would help alright...heehee!) Thanks for sharing Prudence.

    bear hugs,
    Carol Mouser

  4. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHOOPTIDOO!!!....a give away is always great and what a fabulous idea too.

    Using a DELETE key can also be a nightmare!!!! So you better whatch out when to use it. It's a beary special key!!!

    Happy weekend, Thea xoxo

  5. I'm excited about a Valentine whatchama callit.....was afraid she'd read the comments.....
    Wil posted today, yes I did so shocking isn't it.
    Are you ready for Spring? I am.
    Mama Bear

  6. Hi Prudence,

    We cannot believe those two little stinkers used the delete key. That's only to be used by the MOM not the cubs. Their little heads must be filled with moldy fiberfill! They'd better find a good place to hide so Miss Joyce doesn't send them off to that Private Bad Bear School we've been hearing about.
    Are you really going to have a giveaway to celebrate your mom's birthday?? How wonderful! She's going to think you're the best bear there ever was. We can't wait to see the BEE-U-TEE-FULL prim Valentine tree.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  7. Rugh roe! Looks like somebody is gonna be in trouble with that delete key!!! Prudence, you are such a sweetheart making your mom a birthday gift! I Lulu and Flora don't spill the beans and tell her what you are up to! Emily says to give you a big puppy hug!!

  8. Lulu and Flora you are quite the spunky little bears! We would hate to see you shipped off to private bear school though.We would sure miss hearing about your mischievous deeds! Prudence you are just the sweetest bear to do such a nice thing for your mom. I am anxious to see the Valentine tree. I know it will be just perfect. Prudence I think you should have your very own craft blog.

    Miss Iris

  9. You are always having the beary best fun at your house! We are too...we have the doll room torn apart playing and redecorating! You know how dollies are...always primping and changing things around! The giveaway sounds like fun! I can help if you need my decorating advice! Sweet dollie hugs, Wendy

  10. Ohhh meus amigos queridos cuidado com essa tecla ela pode ser muito perigosa.....Desejamos um feliz final de semana .Muitos beijos

  11. Hello dear friends,

    and a happy new year to all of you.
    What beautiful the idea of the giveaway!
    Have a great time.

    Woof, woof to Molly and Jessie :)


  12. Not boring and adorable pictures of adorable bears! I cant wait to see the Valentines tree. I think I want one too. Hope all is well with you. Hugs, Kim B

  13. I love to see pictures of you girls. What a great idea with a Valentine's tree? Looking forward to seeing it and wishing Mom a happy birthday.

    Big hugs and lots of love to all.

  14. Big things come in small packages, says I!

    Happy New Year to all of you.

    Ali x

  15. Oooooh, noooooo - the dreaded delete key in action...... (Hope they didn't get in too much trouble...)

  16. Yee Hah, Way to go Lulu and Flora, that's my kind of fun. I like the delete key and the back space key too 'cos it gobbles backwards for a bit of added fun,




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