Friday, February 15, 2013

Tulips & Paper Piecing in Miniature

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Isn't that a bee-u-tee-ful picture?  Oh wait, (giggle) that's me. is a bee-u-tee-ful picture but I meant this one

Mom was at the store yesterday and I wanted to surprise her with a spring picture on her puter screen.  She came home and saw that bright yellow and just stood there and smiled.  She likes.

Heaps of Hugs

Hello, it's me - The Mom
I wanted to share my mini quilts with you.  A year ago my dear friend Cindy sent me a little quilt kit.  A little background.... Cindy started me on miniatures and taught me most of what I know today.
I suspect that she loves to challenge me with different aspects of minis -  QUILTS.
So, about that package, it was this adorable quilt kit - but what was "paper-piecing"?  I looked at it and thought "oh, I can't do that" and away it went.   Several months ago I was reading Katy's Blog ( ) and there she had a tutorial on paper-piecing. (FYI, Katy is the teddy bear artist who created LuLu.)  Reading it I was very interested but didn't think about that little kit.
(3.75" square)
Another package from Cindy, a second quilt kit.  Gosh, I hadn't even done the first one...what to do?  I challenged myself, opened, read the instructions - LIGHT BULB MOMENT...oh, this paper-piecing is fun.
 This is the one Cindy sent me before Christmas
(5.5" square)
Have a wonderful weekend.

From The Naughty Twosome
"Hello, Mr. Po-lizeman?"

"Yes, it's me - LuLu."
"I want you to come and arrest Mom and Prudence and take them to jail."
"Why, you ask?"
"They are mean and nasty and like to punish us."
"No, we are very good bears! "
"Hey Flora, they got to the po-lize, they don't believe us"
"On to Plan B."  SANTA!!!
I'll dial up Bellamine and Wendy at
Santa And The Mrs. 
They will be able to help us.

(to be continued)

 Welcome Kayzy and thank you for joining us.
Kayzy's Critters in the Hills 


  1. Hi beautiful Prudence !! Yes you are and so are the tulips..maybe they are from the Netherlands..??
    Ohh and I love those quilts!!I really hope Mom and Prudence don't get arrested...what do you have to do without them Lulu..??
    Big hugs,Leny

  2. You two trouble makers. My dear Prudence would do Nothing wrong she is an Angel. She sent me a card for Valentines Day that bought a tear to a bears eye.I received it today so I will put it under my pillow and sleep on it.
    Now go and take a cold shower,and learn to be kind to Prudence and your Mom.
    Hugs Wilbur

  3. Hello dear friends,

    Prudence, i loved those yellow tulips! And the quilts are so beautiful!! What a great job!
    What, what? The po-lizeman? Oh!! What will happen??
    Have a nice weekend.
    Woof, woof,


  4. You two little ones are so funny! Mom and Prudence probably don't think so though!!

    Prudence you are such a help to mom. That was so nice to put a pretty picture on Mom's puter screen.

    We love the little quilts. Why can't our mom do these things? Doesn't have a brain we guess.

    Sissy, Blossom
    Jason and Sweet Pea

  5. Hi Prudence,
    Yes, you are a pretty bear, but you knew that already, didn't you? Pretty quilts, too! Sounds like mom needs to hide the telephone:)

  6. Lovely spring picture! I've never tried paper piecing - enjoy!
    Those naughty bears - clever though to know how to use the phone!

  7. Hi Prudence,

    You will never guess who called and tried to get us on their side in this on going battle of wills. That's what M calls it, a battle of wills. Well you know what we said to them, right? Those two really do need to get a clue. Tell the little rug rats that although we love 'em they're never going to win. Who's going to believe Prudence and Miss Joyce can ever be mean?

    Yellow is our mom's happy color and Tulips are one of her favorites. Maybe we should put a picture like that on our mom's computer too.

    Happy Friday and happy weekend.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  8. Hi Joyce,
    The little quilts are lovely and I never want to hear you say that you can't sew ever again. I've been putting off trying paper piecing because quite truthfully it scares me just a little. You did great and now that you've finished two why not go for three?
    Have a great weekend.

  9. Ok, what IS paper piecing? It sounds familiar. Oh, Prudence, you are right, those two babies can be really, really BAD! Calling the police, naughty!!

  10. Prudence did good when she put that pretty pic on your puter.

    I've never done paper piecing...sounds hard.


  11. I put some tulips on my mama's puter screen too...she also likes! :) Love those sweet little quilts....bear blessings to all

  12. Hi Prudence and Mom: Love the tulips and love the paper piecing. You miniature quilts came out beautiful!!! Ok, you do you keep LuLu and Flora in line? My goodness....the cops and Santa and the Mrs. lol!!!

    Carol Mouse, Harold and Daniel

  13. Dear Prudence, you know that as a Dutch girl I'm a big tulip fan. It is so nice of you to upload a new puter screen.
    I love momma's paper piecings very much. It's good to challenge yourself. You really rock!

    Uh naughty two....Make it up to Prudence and mom, they are so good to both of you. Life's to short, don't mess up things.

    Happy weekend, Thea x

  14. As tulipas sao lindas e as mini colchas um encanto tao charmosas e coloridas...Eu amei as fotos de Molly e Jessie na barra lateral estao tao bonitas as meninas.Prudence e mamae nao devem ir para a cadeia elas sao preciosas .Beijos e abraços.

  15. Hi Joyce,
    I am enjoying your blog thoroughly. I'd not heard of paper piecing - you've given me something to investigate. As for Lulu and Flora - sounds like you have handful of trouble there - just as well you're bigger than they are!
    Hugs, Kayzy

  16. Hi Prudence and Mom, Love the beautiful paper piecing quilts. Never heard of them and now will have to check it you sparked my interest :)What a beary nice surprise Prudence to leave for mom...such a sweet and thoughtful bearkin'...and now for those other two youngins' oh my gosh....those two are always up to something...and they wonder way they are always unbeary believable!
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead....
    Hugs Mary

  17. Those are just darling sweet quilts. Hope your week is wonderful. Hugs, Kim


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