Friday, February 8, 2013

My Prim Trees

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

That's Andrew (he was adopted).  Since we love snow we thought a winter picture would be fun.

I'm posting a tree or two of Moms, and the big question is where do we want to try and sell them?  I thought Bear's Gift Shoppe would be the most likely place but Mom is wondering if our Etsy Shop would be the better idea.  I don't know.... they will be available in  Bear's Gift Shoppe.  Eastertime is available today.
They will be all OOAK.
It's Funny Friday and I don't want to make any more decisions today.  (o: 

Heaps of Funny Friday Hugs

Toby & Tony
want to send you
Two Tiny Teddy Hugs
♥ ♥ 

LuLu & Flora are still "shelved" and aren't allowed to send a greeting. 

"Yeah, what do you want, stupid?"
"Shut up Flora, I'm not stupid, why do you always say that to me?"
"Ouch, my bee-hind hurts from all this nasty shelf sittin', man, she is mean!"

"Get Prudence to take our picture so everybear can see what she is doing to us."
"Okay, then I'm climbing down

 and callin' the po-lise, maybe they'll come and arrest both of 'em."
"Hey, good idea, here let me push you down, LuLu."
"One of these days, Flora, ZOOM - to the moon"


  1. Hugs to all our beary sweet friends...even the naughty ones :0). Just love all the trees! They are bea-u-ti-ful!!! Thanks for giving us a look-see, Miss Prudence!

    hugs and snowy smiles!
    Carol Mouse, Harold and Daniel

  2. Love those trees - great idea for Easter decorating!
    somehow I can't believe those bears were naughty! They're too nice!

  3. Don't fall little ones..... :) Love those little trees mommy made....Bear blessings

  4. Prudence, you old meanie. You're just a big bully, just 'cos you're bigger then Lulu and Flora you think you can boss them around. I'm going to start a petition - Free the Florida Two. Have you ever thought that they may be badly behaved because you keep grounding them? They need positive reinforcement - and I don't mean thicker bars to keep them behind.
    Nya nya ne nya na again, so there! Hugs for LuLu, Flora, Tony and Toby, but none for Miss Grumpy.

  5. Hi LuLu and Flora,
    I know that you've been grounded by mean old Prudence, but you'll have to stop fighting each other if you want to beat the old girl and take over the hug.
    Rope in Toby and Tony, get them working on her. She thinks they'll do anything she wants, so you'll have to get them to exasperate her by having little accidents - like falling in a muddy puddle and splashing all her fur. Then apologise and run to her for a cuddle getting mud on that ribbon. Time miss goodie two shoes got taken down a peg.
    Go to it.
    Heaps of hugs,
    Jock, Louie and the crew over here.

  6. Que arvores tao bonitas e simpaticas ,tambem gostei do Andrew ele com certeza vai ser muito feliz na sua nova casa.Abraços para Prudence que é a estrela dessa familia.

  7. Prudence, I'm right there with you on the big decissions! It's my very last day in the office at my 'old' job, and I keep getting asked to make really big decisions (and unfortunately not 'what drink would I like' or 'what cakes would I like' at the moment) 1 1/2 hours to go...



  8. Good mornin' lil' bearkins....Just stopping by to wish all a wonderful weekend and to get my Friday smile :) I'm so luving the new tree! I received it yesterday and Oooooh my dear Prudence it is bearylious.....I am so loving it and it is now one of my beary special Valentine pieces! I knew I was going to love it when I saw it on your blog, but I have to say when I opened the box and had it in front of me......Oh my gosh...I was doing the Happy dance for sure! It is even more awesome in person!!!Miss Prudence you really out did yourself with creating and putting all that love into my lil' tree! Anyone who purchases them is going to have a beary special treasure for sure!!
    Big, Big Hugs
    Mary :)

  9. Good morning Prudence,

    We love the new Easter trees and don't think it matters where you decide to sell them because they're so BEE-U-TEE-FULL!!!
    Don't look now but it seems that Flora and Lulu are gaining a bunch of nut jobs who are siding with them against you. You've got to act fast and nip this in the bud before they take over your hug. We're on your side and you can count on us for moral support and if it gets to be too much send for us and we'll be in the next package out.

    Supportive hugs,
    Bellamine & Wendy

  10. Lovely!!! Happy Weekend!!


  11. Tell mom her trees are so cute! Good luck with Flora and Lulu...or should I say good luck to them with you? Hmmmmmm
    Either way I do hope you all have a loving weekend!
    Be blessed,

  12. We love your Mums trees, they could be decorated for Easter with tiny eggs. You 2 Girls need to chill out for awhile. I would love to make snow balls with Andrew.
    Hugs Wilbur

  13. Mom should try her selling luck in Etsy, too. The trees are so pretty.
    Oh, the kids musta' been REALLY bad this time.
    Miss Susan

  14. Love those trees!! Mama was sick and then the wild little human came to stay with us for we don't know how long. No posting for us.


  15. Those are lovely trees. I've seen some similar for Christmas. I think Etsy would be a great place to set up shop. I have some friends who sell their crafts on it with good results.

    Ali x

  16. Beautiful trees!! Oh Lulu and Flora you always make me smile with your disputes,but I know that in truth you are good bears
    Have a nice weekend.
    Woof, woof,



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