Friday, February 1, 2013

What did I forget?

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence
 FYI - the 2 naughty rug rats, LuLu and Flora, are in punishment, they are very quiet and trying to get to Mom by crying and whining - too late! 
Is my Blog silly?  Maybe, but if we can make one person smile, forget for a few minutes their problems, then this isn't silly, not one bit.

  WAIT, am I forgetting something?  Wasn't I suppose to have a special announcement?  Oh, gosh, my fiberbrain just isn't what it use to be.....(giggle, I didn't forget, I'm just teasin' ya).


over at
Marmmies, Mammys and More...

Congratulations Miss Mary.  We will be sending your Prim Tree on Monday.  We are so excited, hope you like the tree.

Heaps of Hugs


  1. Ohhhhhh my goodness...whooohoo!
    Doing a little Happy Dance here :)I can't think of any better way to celebrate Valentines day...than with your wonderful Valentines tree to display in my home.... especially knowing it was created with so much LOVE! I thank you so much and I wanted you to know that I think that all you lil' bearkins' are just as special as your sweet mom....always bringing smiles to others through your awesome blog!
    Big Hugs Mary

  2. Your blog always brings me smiles! Thanks for that. Thanks for visiting my blog too! Congrats to Mary!
    Have a great Friday!
    Be blessed,

  3. What did you do little naughty bears...Mom will not give you punishment for nothing....

    Congrats to the winner!!!

    Happy Friday!!

  4. Congrats to Miss Mary. This is a lovely gift :)

  5. Thanks for hosting and well done to Miss Mary!
    Keep on making us smile, Prudence!

  6. I love your blog very very much and many many times I've smiled while reading your posts!

    Uh ohhhhhhh Lulu and Flora what did you do to get punished...????

    Congrats to the lucky winner!

    Bearhugs, Thea x

  7. What fun! Congrats to Mary! Now Prudence, you be a good girl this weekend and keep those other ones in line!

  8. Smiles are such a very good thing...thanks for making them :) Congrats to your winner of that lovely tree....blessings

  9. Hi Miss Joyce,
    We came to wish you a beary happy birthday and to see if Flora and Lulu are still in the naughty corner. Mom sends happy birthday wishes too and says she hopes you have plans to do something special today.
    Miss Mary is so lucky to have won the BEE-U-TEE-FULL Valentine tree.
    Happy Birthday & happy Friday.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  10. Congratulaçao a vencedora...certamente sera uma alegria receber um presente tao bonito.Muitos beijos para Prudence e toda familia de ursos.

  11. We're wondering what those little bears did! Congratulations to Mary in winning the Valentine tree.

    We agree, your blog brings smiles and that is always a good thing.

    Happy Birthday to mom.

    From Honeypot Lane

  12. Congrats to Miss Mary! It's a little quiet around here since we got back, too! But quiet can be nice, too! haha! Enjoy your cool day!

  13. Well first Miss Joyce, I want sing to you happy birthday. Happy Birthday to you........ can you hear me.I do hope prudence made you a cake.
    You gave Granny smiles today, and she sends her best wishes also.

  14. Happy Birthday, Miss Joyce!! Thanks to you and Prudence for the wonderful giveaway. Congrats to Miss Mary....she's one lucky gal.

    Carol Mouse, Harold and Daniel

  15. Thinking of you yesterday as Mama Bear dressed me in my Valentine Sweater and took out the card I got from you last year to display on the hutch.....Sweet memories of my Tea Party and all the guests....
    Lucky Winner!

  16. What a beautiful prize! Congratulations Mary! And I hope Lulu and Flora are out of the dog house soon.

    Ali x

  17. Oh Prudence you do make me smile

    congrats to Mary
    Have a wonderful week

  18. Dear Prudence,
    Heloo!!I miss you sweet bear.
    Congrats to Mary for winning Mom's spectacular tree.
    I hope the babies get out of time out soon. I used to hate putting my little girl in time out, but she could be a stinker sometimes.
    We're getting 2 feet of snow tomorrow. I bet M&D are glad they aren't moving up North now!
    Miss Susan


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