Friday, May 10, 2013

LuLu & Flora

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Well, the mystery of these two disappearing unfolds....Nothing like flushing them (oh, I wish) out with adopting a new little baby.

Proof is in the pictures
 It seems the Sebastian pin is more important.....
"LuLu, stop staring at me."
"Give me that pin, Flora."
"Give it to me or I'll rip your head off!"
"Ha, it's MINE!!! "
Or not...
"Ouch, you doo-doo head, get off!"
"LuLu, if you had asked to wear the pin I would have given it to you, but you must learn that asking, manners and being respectful of each other is very important."
"Yeah, sure Prudence, whatever you say."  HA! (I'll get that pin if it's the last thing I do)

Oh, sometimes it gets wild around here, and this is one of those times.
With that I leave you saying,
Heaps of Hugs
Prudence ♥


  1. Hi Prudence,

    I'm glad that you have sorted things out. It might have been easier with two pins but then you might not have had as much fun. Glad Daisy Mae got initiated into the family in a rousing way. Toby can show her the ropes by now, I expect.

    Happy Friday to you!

  2. Lesson learned! This is the right way Prudence. It must be a crime to raise those two...phew.

    Have a happy weekend, Thea x

  3. Happy Friday, Prudence.
    Mama Bear has been under the weather for a bit, doing a breathing treatment even while I type this but we're going to catch up on some of everyone's posts and maybe get back in action soon.

  4. Ok you guys, I think it's high time your mom called a time out. She does have a time out chair for you all, doesn't she???

  5. Hi Prudence,

    It looks like everything is going along as normal as it can with those two in the house. Good thing they don't live here because with that kind of behavior they would be spending a lot of time mucking out the reindeer stalls. Happy Friday.

    Big hug,
    Bellamine & Wendy

  6. I think Friday's wouldn't be nearly as interesting without the little ones
    always stirring up some mischief. Perhaps they are a little wound up from too much honey. You think?

    Sissy Bear

  7. Whoa. I think you guys need to chill a little. LOL.


  8. ohhhh my friends,
    Lesson learned! This is the right way playing better than fighting ... you guys are so cute become more should be paid for.Kisses and blessings.

  9. Isn't it typical of you too. You almost pull it off and then you start fighting. Then of course big Miss Perfect comes and sits on you. She likes throwing her (considerable) weight around and you need to learn the lesson. I'm not convinced though that she would really let you wear the pin if you asked, but maybe you should try it, you might be surprised.

  10. I am shocked that Jock is calling my friend Miss Princess,perfect, Prudence. I will stand up for you prudence through thick and thin.


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