Friday, July 26, 2013

In their absence....

It's Funny Friday
by LuLu  & Flora

Hello, dear friends.  Mom, Dad and the baby bears are at Camp Good Bear for Bearents Day so we decided to write while they are away.
We are just finishing up finishing (giggle) school and will be home shortly, and wanted to tell you that it has been a very pleasant and learning experience.  We are very different from when we left home.  We have learned to appreciate the ones whom we love and how to show our respect to everyone.  
We also have loved the 3 p.m. Tea Time every afternoon.  During that time we enjoy being with our friends, sharing stories and exchange ideas on how to live each day the best way we can.  How to be little ladies at all times, impeccable manners are a must, and always to remember our "please" and "thank you", although we must be honest, Mom and Prudence always use those words - always.
We have missed you all very much and are looking forward to sharing Prudence's "It's Funny Friday" posts.  Of course we will always ask her permission and ask her to read our post before it is published, after all, it is her post and not ours.  We must earn her respect.

"Hey, LuLu, do you think they are buying this?"
"Yeah, Flora, I think we have them fooled."
"Oh, this is way too much fun, can you imagine the look on Mom's face when she reads this  stuff, it will be priceless."
"Yeah, and then when we start in again with all our pranks, (my tummy hurts from laughing, ouch), her guard will be down and ZAP."

Dearest friends we wish you a most wonderful weekend, ("what does that old bag Prudence say?") filled with sunshine and love.

Heaps of Hugs
LuLu & Flora
"Flora, you're laughing so hard  you're spitting on me." 
"Live with it, stupid." 

"A spot of tea, my dear?"
"Yes, please."
"Get it yourself!"
"Yeah, well you're a dopey dummy!"


  1. Enjoy tea time Lula and Flora :)

  2. Sounds like you two might need a brush up course already:) Just wait til mom and dad and Prudence get home!!

  3. now now girls, remember finishing school.


  4. You two are so funny, naughty but very funny! I wouldn't be too sure about putting one over on your mom or Prudence.

  5. Phew, we were getting rather worried there Lulu ;o)


    The Clan & Jack

  6. Dear Auntie Joyce,
    I love my picture on your sidebar! I am so excited I think my tail will wiggle off (giggle!)!!
    hugs and kisses,
    Katie Bug

  7. That's my girls, you show 'em when you get back together. Sorry, we've not been commenting, life has got in the way.


    Jock and Alan


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