Friday, August 2, 2013

Bearents Day

Where do I begin?
"What's that Prudence, dear?"
"Oh, thank you."
Brenda Black Bear
Well, Bearents Day was a beautiful, clear and cool day.  We had bearents from all over the world visiting our camp.  It was as sweet as honey seeing the cubs and moms and dads mingle with each other.
The activities were a huge success, the watermelon eating contest was fun, sweet and, oh so messy.  But the BEARCELORS WONVICTORY!!!
"What's that, Prudence?"
Oh, the rubber tube race over at Big Bear Lake?  Well, um, let me see....
"Oh come on Miss Brenda, tell them...."
We lost.  Cubs won.
The tube race has its own story, I will let Prudence share that with you at another time.
Miss  Bellamine, from the North Pole, did a lovely job teaching an arts and crafts project for everybear. We will have pictures for you in the Camp Good Bear Album.  
Sir Wilbur, from Australia, is our expert fisherbear, and he and the boy cubs had a very informative "paws on" demonstration for all the bearents.  And later that day we all enjoyed the most wonderful fish fry around the campfire
 and this was what we had for dessert.
 Mr. Sweet Pea, our Jr. Bearcelor from California did a fabulous job helping Wilbur so next year he will be the bear-in-charge of teaching about  native plants that surround our beautiful camp.

I will close now and wish you a beary wonderful weekend.  All the cubs are having a wonderful time so please don't worry about them.

Bear Hugs,
Welcome to our new follower.  We don't know who you are but we welcome you and thank you for joining us.  We hope we can make you laugh with our silly posts.


  1. Well that all sounds fun apart from the fish fry, that sounds like it would fill tummy space reserved for 'smores and things...


    The Clan & Jack

  2. I am sure that all the bears are have a wonderful time at camp! I imagine they will come home sun tanned with rosy cheeks and a little rounder tummies than they had here at home. Of course they will be full of funny stories to tell.

  3. Sounds lovely!! And I like the dessert!!

    Enjoy!! Happy Weekend!

  4. Helo,my sweet friends ... Enjoy the holidays.
    I like the dessert....
    hugs ,Duendes.

  5. Hey Brenda,
    Sure hope you made more of those yummy looking s'more cupcakes, to share with all of us who weren't invited to camp Good Bear! (sniff, sniff!)

  6. PS: Katie wants to know why here picture isn't on the side bar. She is feeling kind of sad that she's been left out:()

  7. Sure sounds like you all are having a great time at camp.



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