Friday, November 8, 2013

We'll see you soon...

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Hi, it's me saying "we'll see you soon".  Moving is next week and we will be out of sight (hopefully not out of mind), well, Mom is out of HER mind (giggle) but that is understandable right now.
Dad says we will be back up and running a few days after arriving in NC, he will get us hooked up with the new Internet server, and we will have a new e-address too, but I am going to miss you, even for just a few days.
Mom has a BIG problem asking for a favor or anything for that matter, so I am asking for safe travel prayers on November 16th.  Thank you.
See you in a few.....
Heaps of Hugs

Toby, Tony and Daisy Mae think they have to get packed in a box too, so they climbed in and now don't know how to seal up the box with tape.  Little bear cubs are, well, dumb!  And quite funny to watch! 

We love you and we appreciate you.

"Yes Prudence"
What box did you pack my funny bone in?" 
"Not now Prudence"
"Go ask your mother" 


  1. Prudence Don't you hop in a box. You need to go in the front seat of the car. So you will be the first one to see your new home. I will be thinking of you all on the 16th.

  2. Dear Prudence, stay buckled in your seatbelt and watch all the sites go by. Help Mom and Dad from going crazy by helping with the cubs. I am going to miss seeing you on here for however long it takes to get running again, but praying every day from now until then that you all stay safe and healthy. Play the alphabet game with M & D while you're riding! Tell them I am thinking of them, too.
    Miss Susan

  3. Happy travels Prudence...and please...try to stay out of Mom and Dad's way!

  4. I sure hope that Mom isn't making you guys stay in that box during the move! It sure would be dark and scary and cold in the back of the moving van! Sending lots of prayers for a safe trip and move:)

  5. Prudence I picture you as being an excellent back seat driver. :o) We are sending lots of prayers your way for a safe and happy trip to your beautiful new home. You are in are thoughts as always and will miss you even if it's just for a few days!
    and all her bears

  6. Safe travels to all! We think your mum may have lost her mind a while ago with you lot around ;o)


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  7. Oh Yes! Best wishes in Your new adventure. I sure to hope all goes well. I've said a prayer for all of You.Please get in contact after You settle down.Be good for Mommy prudence-Love Auntie Denise

  8. safe travels and many prayers to you Prudence.


  9. Hi Prudence and all the other bears,
    Have a safe journey bears and humings too. We're looking forward to hearing all about your new home.


    Jock and the rest of the hug.

  10. Vamos orar para que meus doces amigos tenham uma viajem segura .beijos.

  11. I hope you both will have a nice trip to your new home. I´m going to think of you on 16 th November.


  12. My email just got returned so I thought I would leave it here and hope you get it!
    Dear Prudence, Wendy is happy that we are back in Florida but she has lots of warm
    clothes so she would LOVE to come and visit your new mountain home! We
    just talked to family there and they said the wind was blowing snow
    flurries around there this afternoon. You'll be there soon sharing your
    photos and fun!

    Sweet hugs, Diane and dollie hugs from Wendy

  13. Hope the move has gone well! Its an upheaval, but worth it in the end.

    Ali x

  14. Hope the move has gone well and is done!! It is a lot of work!!

    Hope to see you soon,Hugs


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