Saturday, November 2, 2013


Good Morning, and WELCOME to our 2nd Annual Online Craft Show.
Please come in and enjoy looking around, Fall Harvest and Christmas have arrived at BEARS...just b-claws. And at Carol's over at Buttermilk Creek Farm
If you see a little sweetie that you must take home please know that we accept PayPal, personal checks and layaway.  These little ones are OOAK except for Charlie,  Fall Harvest is #2/3.
Here are the little ones

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
This little mouser is all dressed for snow in her little red hat/scarf.  She is standing by the gate waiting for the postman, she made a wee little Christmas wreath just for him.
Merry is made of mohair, felt, with glass eyes, wrapped wire arms, rusted flat nails for her feet, and a curly wire tail with a rusty bell, and stands 5- 1/2" tall.
Merry is OOAK
This little guy is all  rough and tumble, he just came back from the forest where he found his perfect little Christmas tree.  Along the way he could not resist picking some red berries for Mrs. Mouse who owns the forest where Sticky loves to play and cut down his tree.
Sticky is made from a brown w/white tips mohair, he stands 5- 1/2" tall, has felt ears, wire wrapped arms, rusty nails for his feet and a curly "mouse tail" with a rusty jingle bell on its tip.
He is OOAK and offered at $54.00 + $6.00 shipping.
This cutie is my very first Prim Cookie Cutter Baby made from osnaburg fabric.
Maddy made her Christmas outfit and when I told her that she was quite the little seamstress she gathered up her sewing supplies in her basket and headed over to Granny Mouse's cottage to see if Granny would like her to make a Christmas dress just for her.  Maddy always carries a wee little clothespin in her basket just in case she finds a little piece of choice fabric that needs to be laundered.
MaddyRose is 5- 1/2" tall, with wire wrapped arms, rusty nail feet, her little perky tail is curly wire with a jingle bell on its tip.  She is OOAK
(a Cheswick Company (Cathy Pendleton) pattern)
This guy is quite different from what I make, I enjoyed making him and learned several new techniques.
Charlie stands 8" tall (including his crown) he is made from wool felt, wrapped wire arms and legs, little gold beads adorn his jacket.  He has thread whiskers, thread nose with a little "bling" stick to hold his crown.
Charlie is offered at 48.95 + $6.00 shipping

Martha Mouse 
Miss Martha delights her little woodland friends with her amazing talent for baking.  Her kitchen is always filled with wonderful aroma's, like spiced pumpkin, cinnamon-apple, pungent allspice, cloves and her famous Banana Bread.  Martha is another Cookie Cutter Baby,  5-1/2" tall and is made from wool felt. 
Fall Harvest #2/3
 This little boy has been out in the pumpkin field gathering sticks and berries for holiday decorating.  He is 5- 1/2" tall, made from sparse mohair.  As with all my Cookie Cutter Babies, he has glass eyes, rusty nail feet and wire wrapped arms.  This is #2 of 3 pieces.
Fall Harvest is offered at $54.00 + $6.00 shipping
This little elephant is another Cookie Cutter of mine.  She stand 5- 1/2"tall, made of  a golden color sparse mohair.  She has felt ears, a little braided tail, wrapped wire arms and rusty nails for feet.
Ellie is offered at $35.00 + $6.00 shipping


  1. They are each one so perfect. I wouldn't be able to choose a favorite..they are all so sweet! Looks like there will be some happy shoppers today! Sweet hugs!

  2. OOoh how sweet they all look. Mice hold a special place in my heart when they are not in my pantry eating or in the barn eating the grain. Every one is different with it's own personality. Wonderful.

  3. Essas pequenas criaturas sao todas maravilhosas e eu amo cada um....beijos meus queridos amigos.

  4. I love all of your creations, Joyce! How did you find time to make everything when you are in the middle of moving? I think you must be wonder woman:)

  5. Just beautiful and so petite. Don't know how you sew things so small.


  6. Awwww what a wonderful pieces! I just love them.
    Love the mouse with the Christmas tree! He's gorgeous!

    Thea x


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