Friday, January 24, 2014

From "The Bird"

It's Funny Friday
Vlad Vincent Vulture

Hello, my fine feathered friends, and others.  Let's set things straight, Prudence is old, cranky, her knees hurt and she is just a royal pain in the tu-kuss (butt).

I am a friendly bird, I love this family (Prudence too, very much) and am so proud to finally be in charge of something.  Now in charge of the craft room is a major honor, and I will be a good overseer of things going on up here.

"Psst, LuLu, are you hearing this bird seed chatter from Vlad?"
"Yes Flora and trust me when I say he will be getting a beak full from me."
"I want 'in' on the plan."
"Okay, first we ............................(oh come on guys, you think we're gonna tell you what we're scheming?)"

Heaps of Hugs
(LuLu, Flora, Tony, Toby, and Daisy Mae)

From Vlad, again, "don't believe everything you hear, just look at this picture, you know what Mom says....."
 "Flora, we're skunked again, Vlad got to Prissy Pants."
"Yeah, LuLu, I see that, but we can still scheme against Vlad, now we can add Prudence too."
"Um, Flora, you're on your own with the plan, I don't want to get on the ugly side of Prudence or Vlad.  Nope, not me...." 
"Okay, then I'll do somethin' all by my bearself, I'll show you...." 

(Mom & Prudence finished our Valentine Tree, they posted some ideas in our "Crafty Corner".


  1. Prudence I am catching a plane and coming right over to your house, to let that Vlad???? thing a piece of my mind. The cheek of him saying your are old and cranky and you have creaking knees. Tell him, it is what is in your heart that matters, and obviously there is not much in his.
    Hugs Wilbur

  2. You are all just having too much fun! Now I'm wondering why I can't take my seashell tree (that is still in the utility room) and make it into a Valentine tree! Wendy says LET'S TRY! HAVE FUN!

  3. Hey guys you know Valentines Day is coming up. That's supposed to be a day to know that thing called LOVE. BTW- pretty tree.

  4. Hmm, we wouldn't want to be getting on the wrong side of that big beak either!


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  5. OOhhhh Vlad é tao charmoso com certeza ele vai ser um bom diretor da sala de artesanatos.beijos de ternura meus doces amigos.

  6. Hi, Prudence. Vlad, stop teasing Prudence. Glad you are all settled in your new home. We got more snow; do you have some there?
    Miss Susan

  7. Nasty Vlad........!!! That ain't nice of him.
    I love your Valentine's tree though! It's lovely and a wonderful idea!!! Maybe it will become a trend someday, as I've never seen it before.

    Hugs, Thea x

  8. Your Mom has Her hands full I can see.I hope You all know You are equally loved in Your home.In honor of valentines and Your Mom's hard work on the pretty tree,be on Your best behavior now-Love and miss Your ramblings-Auntie Denise


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