Friday, January 17, 2014

"Leader of The Pack"

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Mom says she is too young to remember that song, oh yeah - well if I remember it then we know who isn't tellin' the truth, huh?

You know that we moved, me 'n Mom have been putting our new craft room together, I have always been in charge of the craft room.....well it's "move over Prudence" time.
I got replaced by a bird....
 Vlad Vincent Vulture 
Artist Wendy at Ravenwood Whimzies created Vlad.
He is the new "leader of the pack", go figure - a bird?  I mean, think about it, they poop in the bottom of their condo cage.
This is gonna be v e r y interesting.

"Yes, LuLu."
"Me 'n Flora 'n the little kids are ascared he will pick us up and carry us off where you can't find us, is that true, huh?"
"Nope, I have plans for "Big Bird".

See ya next time.....
The 5 Bears


  1. Dear Prudence and you the little tin lids. I would watch that big bird very closely, He looks as though he might be up to no good. Does he screech. If he does, bird pie sounds good.
    Just be careful.
    Hugs Wilbur

  2. Hi, really nice!!! very great! have a nice w.e.! BYE. NI

  3. Hi Pru, maybe it's time for you to work with the Florida two. Maybe you should bury the hatchet (in the bird's head perhaps?) Keep on trucking' BEARS RULE OK!
    Hugs and support across the waves,
    Jock and all the bears over here.

  4. Now is nice to share the limelight once in a while...and Vlad is not as cute as you, so cut him a little slack and let him enjoy his time as leader of the pack.

  5. Dear Prudence,
    You just tell that bird brained Vincent Vladd whateverhisname is that he'd better be on his best bird behavior, or he's gonna end up as bird stew!!

  6. Yikes, let's hope he's tame!


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  7. Ut Oh. I'm sorry you've been replaced as leader. Maybe Mom will change here mind.

    In the good.

  8. New Kids in town should move to the back of the line, the bottom rung on the ladder, so get that bad boy.

  9. Ohhh meus amigos que saudades...estive um pouco ausente mas nao me esqueço de voces...Vlad Vincent me parece um otimo amigo e de boa compania .Nao vejo a hora de ver mais aventuras sobre ele.beijos com ternura.

  10. Big bird better watch out. Wendy wants to know if you need for her to come and scratch his eyes out! haha! I don't think so....I think he wants to make friends with everyone in the mountains! He's a mountain bird! Have fun! Dollie hugs from Wendy..hugs from ME!


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