Friday, August 8, 2014

Camp News

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Hi everybear, it's me, Prudence.  WOW, are we havin' a great time at camp.  Nobeary is homesick or crying for their bearents, bearents on the other hand,  are really missing their cubs but so happy that they don't want to go home early.

Bearents Day was busy, not as busy as last year though.  We bears that come every year decided that our bearents don't have to come up every year.  So we spread out and are guides for the new bearents, here for the first time.
Wilbur has a huge following, he is teaching fishing (he is THE pro),  how to build a campfire, build a raft, and lots more.  After a LONG day we meet at our oak tree and share the day's adventures, and ideas for the next few days.  It is SO beary wonderful to spend these weeks with him.
I've been talkin' your ears off, so here are some pictures.
Raft Race
(Team Wilbur is in the lead)
Team Wilbur

 vs. Team Prudence 
Team Prudence, we are not showing our "star rower", but he is quite a hunk. 
(Cousin Jackson is taking the picture) 

Heaps of Summer Hugs,
 Building A Birdhouse
Buster, Tony, Violet, and Toby and  of course Little Miss Bluebird 


  1. Hi Prudence, I think we have Bearents day just for the bearents because they are missing their kids. I'm sure all the Campers would not mind one bit if they didn't see their bearents until they went home. Did you like the afternoon tea we gave them. I thought we did a good job.
    Hugs Wilbur

  2. Well it sounds like you're all having lots of fun. We're just getting used to the quiet again around here now the Games are over!


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  3. Looks like fun, and I hope the terrible two are misbehaving like good uns. Have they set off the stick bombs yet. Tee hee,


  4. Hi my friends,
    what wonderful pictures...Wish you a beautiful summer and have a lot of fun!!I hope you come back recharged many new adventures.kisses and blessings.


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