Friday, February 13, 2015

Almost Heart's Day

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence
I received a special Valentine card, that's all I'm sayin'
Thank are beary special to me too "W".  Sigh...

Oh boy, gosh, gee whiz, not fair, - I have my new sled all ready for the snow but NO SNOW.  Come on guys, let the flurries fall.

Hi Everybeary,
Guess you can tell I'm in a grumpy mood (I was until I got my special Valentine's Day card) - well, I'm ready to sled but I can't race down the driveway (Prudence, please don't even think about sledding down our driveway, it would be suicide) 
on concrete!
Okay, let LuLu & Flora go first.

It's Friday the 13th - no biggie here, yesterday was the 12th and tomorrow will be the 14th - WAIT- the 14th?  Valentine's Day?  Oh, I know what my surprise will be - SNOW! Or not! sure is bitter cold...brr....
Mom won't let Daisy Mae, Tony or Toby go farther down the driveway, she treats them like lil kids!

But, anyway, I wish you all a very Happy Valentine's Day, with lots of love and puppy kisses (here's your kisses from our Jessie and Molly Brown). 

Heaps of Hugs
Prudence ♥
I call this "view at the top".

For those of you who are new to my Blog, yes - it is unusual, but remember, my Mom marches to a very different, whimsical beat.  Lots of people don't really understand her - but I do and that's what counts. We want this to be a happy, silly place where friends can escape from the real world. (Sometimes I want to escape to the real world!)  Love you bunches


  1. HI Prudence. A card from W.... Hmm I am wondering if it came on a plane????
    I do hope you have a special Valentines day and DON'T break your neck or skin your fur going down that hill with no snow.
    It would melt in Australia, we are having a very hot spell at the moment, I am melting.

  2. Hi Prudence! Hope you get snow to use that fab sled and don't you look cute in your snow clothes!
    Sending Valentine's love and hugs to all!

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  4. I'd rather live in 'our own world' of fun! You might get some snow today! Let me know if you do. Dollie hugs, Wendy and the dolls and bears in the doll room. (Wendy is actually on the sofa right now! teehee)

  5. Yeah, yeah, WE know who it is that sent it! We also know that if you head up to New England you can have piles and piles of snow, maybe mum would be up for a move again... ;o)


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  6. Todos lindos ...feliz carnaval meus doces amigos.abraços.


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