Friday, May 8, 2015

Fuchsia Plant

It's Fly Over Friday
by Vlad
Greetings to you, my lovelies. 
Oh, parakeets, I'm a lovin' this author thingy.
I looked around for something of interest to report on and there it was, Mom's
Fuchsia Plant swaying in the breeze.
Last year (2014)
 Actually he was purchased last spring and was just beautiful all summer and then it was time to dispose of him. "NO", Dad said, "you paid $24. for a plant you are throwing away?"
Internet to the rescue.  Yes, my little chickadee, DON'T THROW A FUCHSIA PLANT AWAY, winter it over. Here is their site
Tips For Wintering Fuchsias

This is what our plants looks  like as of yesterday, he is healthy, growing, and looks really good considering he spent the winter in the garage but even then he continued to produce new leaves.

Have a wonderful day and a glorious weekend, filled with sunshine, hugs, and love.  Go and find a Fuchsia plant.



  1. I did not know you could winter them over. Thanks for the wonderful tip Vlad...your doing a great job reporting :)

  2. Glad you could post Vlad, and very pretty fuchsia! You did well caring for it!

  3. These are gorgeous plants and the humming birds really love them. When I lived up there, Spring Creek cafe and store had them all across the long front porch...a dozen or more. They bloomed all summer long! Thanks for encouraging me this week. You are ALL my Bestest friends. Hugs, Diane and Wendy


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