Friday, June 5, 2015

Back From Vacation

It's Funny Friday
by Jackson and Prudence
(oops, we forgot to set the time for midnight)

We're back.  Jackson has been so interested in writing that I decided that he needs to get in on the fun.  Even though I was away that didn't stop Mom from being..........just Mom.
Last Friday Dad took her to Green Tea, a wonderful, very popular sushi restaurant for lunch.  I'm not sure but I think ALL sushi restaurants have tropical fish tanks, and trust me, over the years it has caused Mom much stress, and for those with her - EMBARRASSMENT.  I did a post a few years ago about her really bad and genuine fear of fish (all fish, from little to BIG), she doesn't go in the water, no ocean, no lake, now not even a pool - bathtub? "well, there could be water pipe sharks" is what she says.
Getting back - so they walk in and it was very pretty, a clear glass welcome mat and a water fall on the wall.  That was the entrance.  This is what Dad told me:
"Prudence, we walked in and in 3 seconds she had the dining room scanned - you could see it on her face, she was looking for "tropical fish tanks", not a one!  She instantly relaxed and we had a wonderful sushi lunch.
It was time to leave, and I blew it, we were just reaching for the door and she mentioned how wonderful it was with no tropical fish tanks.  I BLEW IT -  I told her the fish were under the glass floor that she was just about to step on.  She jumped away, her face drained of all color and her eyes were the size of dinner plates, BIG dinner plates.  She managed to slide (yes slide) along the wall opposite the water fall and grabbed the door handle hard, like almost tearing the hinges off the door.
Once we were outside she was back to normal, she got in the car and was mumbling that they should have an area over the glass next time we dine there."
I kid you not, I am not making this up, or trying to get laughs, she is 100%, bonified terrified of fish.  But, oh, it's so funny.  Friends make fun (yes, sadly) watching her trying to get past a tank if there is no other way......Dad has almost lost it a dozen or so times, but she will never change.
In PetSmart she can't walk down the aisles with the tanks of fish, if you look at her arms the little hairs are standing up, she is a case, I tell ya.
One thing though, (Dad says the same) not once, ever, have we heard her make fun on somebody's fear, not even a friend who is frightened of butterflies.
Do you have a fear of something?  I would think that we all do, maybe not to that extreme, but fear is real, it can cripple you, cause you great stress, but here, lots and lots of laughs.
I am so glad to be back, I did miss you.  Jackson and I are making plans for summer camp in a few weeks, and he is so excited that he is posting with me.

Heaps of Hugs
Jackson & Prudence

Mom's latest pull toy.  This time Mom needle felted over the wool felt body. Lamb-Bea can be seen at

 BEARS...just b-claws, by joyce


  1. I sympathise with Moms fear as mine involves snakes, ugh! I can hardly write it or think of them!
    What a cute lamb pull toy! Well made Mom!

  2. Look at those sweet kisses! Are they fish lip kisses...hahaha...couldn't resist a tiny joke! But I don't think I ever knew anyone afraid of fish. I'm scared of heights. Glad everyone is home and getting along so well. No teasing now! Have FUN! Dollie hugs, Diane and Wendy


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