Friday, September 25, 2015


It's Funny Friday
by Prudence
Flora and LuLu
Oh boy, Dumb and Dumber are at it again....this is what happened.
"What, stupid."
Look, Mom's little Pumpkin Girl,
oh, yeah, it's that online class she took over at
Terra De Duendes
yeah, they have been friends for years."
"I want her, but Mom won't let us play with her, so here's the plan...
okay, Flora, you climb up on the shelf and get her and toss her to me."
"Hey, do I look dumb?  Why don't you climb up there?"
"Because, glue for brains, I'm the oldest, now get up there."
"Geez, LuLu, I'm killin' myself, I'm too little."
"Are you ready to catch her, LuLu?  Once this baby starts sliding she'll be SPLAT on the floor."

Suddenly Mom walked in and they aborted the plan until later.

To be continued next week

Heaps of Hugs

You remember my bud, Rizzo the Rat, don't you?
Well, he says "hi". 

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  1. Oh no girls, don't tell Me ,Auntie thought You never had a naughty bone in Your bodies.Looks like Mom hasn't even had a chance to name Her and You're going to knock er off the shelf? She will be Your sweet friend if You're nice to her-Love no matter-Auntie Denise


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