Friday, March 18, 2016

An Ornament Girl's Finish

It's Funny Friday
by Prudence

Hi Everybeary.  I wanted to show you Mom's April ornament from The Ornament Girl, here is the link to Staci Ann.
Each month "we" (yes, I help, I hand Mom the pins) make a bee-u-tee-ful ornie.  Miss Staci sends out our packages with all the materials to make that months ornament and also sends an EBook via e-mail with the very detailed instructions.  It is a club and on the first day of each month Miss Staci opens membership, there is a limited number of openings available each month so if you are thinking about joining us please make  "bear tracks" over to Staci.

It's a wonderful group of members, they share where to buy supplies, tips on how they make their ornaments, post their finished ornament, lots of fun chit-chat, encouragement, support, they really stick together. They even have a private website, only for members, with how to tutorials and much more.  Miss Staci is always there to answer questions, and joins in the fun back and forth stuff.  No teddy bears have joined but that could change.  Giggle.  Wouldn't that be a growl of a funny?

Heaps of Hugs


  1. Well done, girls you have made such pretty, adorable ornaments for Easter!
    Have a sweet day,

  2. Is it an exchange or You just make and keep ? Very nice egg : )


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